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Dumb Things Script Readers Say #1 “Don’t Use Flashback”

Yes, we’re script readers. But we also notice how many writers come to us with tales of being told by previous readers or script readers not to put certain things in their script. At all costs. Which is just dumb. In fact, there are certain devices that can greatly enhance your script — if you know Read More

10 Things Smart Writers Do To Build A Screenwriting Career

Building a successful screenwriting career is determined by two primary factors: perseverance and pure, dumb luck. As we have no control over the latter, let’s concentrate on the former, and how to best stack the deck in your favor: The following list is in no particular order... By this time, most people are familiar with Read More

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Thank you so much for the friendly and professional consult on two different services. Notes were spot on and easy to understand to aide in my script’s developement. Definitely will be my only resource for my future writing!”

Derrick Vaughan, writer of “Marcus”

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