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45 Screenwriting Skills Every Writer Should Own

Sure, writing involves raw talent, but it also involves a many screenwriting skills and attributes which can be learned, honed and developed. How many of the following screenwriting skills and attributes do you have? Use our checklist below to find out. In order to achieve any level of success as a screenwriter, will you definitely Read More

The 8 Dramatic Principals Of A Screenplay Scene

Writing a screenplay scene — that one dramatic unit which moves your story forward — is one of the most important skills to learn as a screenwriter.  Every well written screenplay scene — especially the big ones at major plot points — contain 8 dramatic principals that best move your story forward and keep the Read More

Thank you so much for the friendly and professional consult on two different services. Notes were spot on and easy to understand to aide in my script’s developement. Definitely will be my only resource for my future writing!”

Derrick Vaughan, writer of “Marcus”

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