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3 Great Screenwriting Books For Beginners

Everybody has got to start somewhere. Screenwriting is an art form that requires a number of disparate processes, including a rare blend of emotion and intellect to pull off on its own. To take that craft and bring a level of mastery to it that will be noticed in Hollywood and get a producer to Read More

Does Act 1 Of Your Script Contain These 12 Essential Beats?

In this post we're going to break down the first act of  (500) Days Of Summer into Jeffrey Allan Schechter's 12 Key Plot Points of Act 1.  Despite it's seemingly avant-garde structure, the movie's Act 1 follows these 12 Plot Points, beats, or whatever you want to call them to perfectly. Does Act 1 of your script do the same?  If Read More

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Thank you so much for the friendly and professional consult on two different services. Notes were spot on and easy to understand to aide in my script’s developement. Definitely will be my only resource for my future writing!”

Derrick Vaughan, writer of “Marcus”

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