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3 Ways To Start Your Career In Screenwriting Besides Writing



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How Can You Improve Your Chances Of A Successful Career In Screenwriting Without Typing A Single Word?

In order to write your best work, it helps if you’re in your best condition possible.

We’re not saying you need to turn into some kind of gym-bunny, health-nut overnight, but diet and nutrition can play a big part in optimizing our creativity.

Screenwriters are also not known for their brilliance in the productivity department, and there are probably many things you can do to improve it.

With this in mind, we’ve outlined below some key websites and books that can help your career in screenwriting indirectly by covering subjects such as productivity, earning a passive online income, creativity, motivation, inspiration and generally becoming happier.

Pretty essential screenwriting help we think, whether you’re an aspiring or professional.

So without further ado — here’s our list of the the top 5 things every writer could do to improve their script writing career.

1. Reduce Stress

Stress is a major pain as we all know, and can really hamper your state of mind, making it harder to focus on things like a script writing career.

Make a list of the things that are stressing you out — work / relationship / friends / living situation — whatever it is, and make a conscious effort to eliminate it or at least reduce it.

People and Websites Who Can Help With This:

Leo Babatua — lifestyle coach

Tony Robbins — the daddy of all lifestyle coaches

Gretchen Rubin — happiness coach

Eckhart Tolle – world’s leading enlightenment expert

Sean Webb — spirituality guru

2. Free Up Some Time

Not being able to find the time to write has to be one of the biggest complaints from screenwriters. However, we can all find the time to write if we really want to.

We appreciate, though, how hard it can be if you are working nine hours a day, have a spouse and two kids and very little spare time for yourself.

Maybe you should think about quitting your job and starting a new income online?

Done well, this can result in a “passive income” — a series of online products making you money with little input, and freeing up more time for you to write.

Of course, it takes a lot of work to create the products and market them in the first place, but once the machinery is in place, it is perfectly possible to make the majority of your income come from online, rather than having to commute to a desk job every day.

People and Websites Who Can Help With This:

Corbett Barr — small business genius

Pat Flynn — creator of the world renowned Smart Passive Income

Seth Godin —  godfather of blogging

Chris Guillebeau — entrepreneur and travel hacker

Carl King — author of “So, You’re a Creative Genius, Now What?”

3. Tune Up Your Body

Forget the romantic notion of being stuck in a cramped attic writing and drinking whiskey all day. In order to function successfully as a writer, you’re much better off taking care of your body.

That is, eating the right foods and getting plenty of exercise, as difficult as that can be sat behind a keyboard all day.

People and Websites Who Can Help With This:

Jonny Bowden — author of the great book “The 150 Healthiest Foods On Earth.”

James Clear — entrepreneur, photographer, health & fitness expert

Mark Hyman — author of the bestseller “The UltraMind Solution.”

Faya Nillson — action woman

Joel Runyon — action man


We hope you enjoyed this post on some alternative ways to help your career in screenwriting. Put them into practice and you’ll be amazed how much easier you find it to get up and write every day. 



Plus some very cool screenwriting special offers and updates

instant access
100% privacy guaranteed, naturally