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Top Screenwriting Jobs Sites

Below we have collected together the best screenwriting jobs pages from around the web. On many of these sites you’ll find listings for not just script writing jobs, but also script reader jobs, internships, people looking for writing partners, and other related industry positions.


Not all screenwriting jobs are worth doing. 

There are an awful lot of people out there who seem to think newbie writers are there to be taken advantage of, and write entire scripts for them for free. 

If someone promises payment “down the line,” or that they’ve got “a big star attached to direct,” proceed with EXTREME CAUTION.

This is not what we mean by great screenwriter jobs.

Always remember: if it seems to be good to be true, then it probably is.

The truth is, there is no one, easy, quick-fix way to get a job as a screenwriter. Answering an ad on one of these sites is highly unlikely to land you a gig writing the next Hollywood blockbuster, but they can turn up some interesting opportunities.

top screenwriting jobs sites




The International Screenwriter’s Association 


Screenwriting Goldmine

Screenwriting Staffing


Hubstaff Talent


You should also check out the rest of our screenwriting resources and our page on how to sell a screenplay which collects together all the sites that’ll help you market your script. Good luck in your search for awesome script writing jobs!

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  1. Gwen says:

    Real jobs for screenwriters.

  2. Janice Rawlins says:

    Hello. I have been looking for a person to help me with my script, it is finished. I have been praying to find an honest person to read it and who knows maybe we both can change a few things in the script. I wrote this during cancer. However, it is called Majestic Tattoo.

  3. SRP says:

    Hi Janice, we’d love to help you with your screenplay – sounds like an interesting project. Here’s our readers page: and coverage page where you can choose a service: Feel free to reach out with any questions. Alex

  4. Mercy Matthew says:

    Hi. I have been looking for someone to help me with my script, it is finished.I wrote about three years ago. It’s called ‘Beast And The Hunters’

  5. SRP says:

    Hi Mercy, we’d love to help. You can see all our script coverage services here: Let me know if you have any questions get in touch on our contact us form.

  6. Andy Essiet says:

    Alive Screenwriters Consort invites you to order for your Screenwriting ranging from Drama, Comedy, Horror, War and Christian Film Scripts.

    Contact us for more information.

  7. Aries says:

    Thank you for this fantastic list!! I find most of my job opportunities on upwork, but I will definitely check out the other sites, too.

  8. Pauline Hetrick says:

    Janice Rawlings, I would like to read your script.

  9. Taiwo says:

    I want someone to read my script “bad reincorporation” a sci-fi and horror movie script.

  10. Script Reader Pro says:

    Hi Taiwo, we have a range of script coverage services you can choose from: Feel free to get in touch with any questions:


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