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The 5 Best Screenwriting Apps

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July 3, 2015 6 comments
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You’ve seen a million blog posts on “what’s the best screenwriting software,” right? But how about ones on the “best screenwriting apps”?

Along with traditional screenwriting software, the screenwriting app has emerged as a great tool for writers on-the-go. So, we thought now’s a great time to round up the best screenwriting apps out there for you to check out.

While you’ll find many manufacturers claiming to have made the “best script writing app,” there are only a few that are actually helpful and worth using. So, here’s our list of five best screenwriting apps available for Android and Apple users. And the great thing about all of them is that they’re either really cheap or free.

What’s The Best Script Writing App For You?


This powerful and easy-to-use screenwriting app is a revelation for writers wanting to work on-the-go. The app is available on the Play store and downloaded by thousands of screenwriters from around the world for adding convenience to their work.

Create unlimited scripts, change formats of script text, adjust fonts and use multiple keyboard shortcuts to work without any interruptions. This script writing app also provides a feature which enables reading scripts out loud whenever you want to take a look at already written material.

Works with Final Draft, Fountain, PDF, Trelby, and Celtx (.html) files.

Download Dubscript


This app is equally popular among screenwriters using Apple and Android phones for screenwriting. It lets the users write formatted scripts, collaborate with their partners and use free backup storage for scripts. Some of the features that make Celtx a must-have app are:

  • Comic formats
  • Free online storage for scripts
  • Discuss scripts with the entire team and writing partners
  • Universal app; for all iPad, iPhone and android phone users
  • Automated syncing and backup

Download Celts


Now screenwriters can easily and comfortably edit their scripts on-the-go with this complete editor app of the Fade In Professional Screenwriting software. You can download this premium app on your iPad or iPhone for a complete range of editing tools and options.

For Apple users only.

Download Fade In Mobile ($4.99)

best screenwriting apps

SCRIPTS PRO ($13.99)

Another Apple only screenwriting app, but what’s great about it is that it’s optimized for both iPhone and iPad, so you don’t need to purchase it twice. The Scripts Pro app provides a user-friendly interface along with useful editing tools for professional screenwriters. Some of the prominent features of this amazing app include:

  • Import and export of CELTX, TXT and FDX files
  • Preview and read mode; lets you go through the entire script like an iBook
  • iCloud support; lets you stay up-to-date with automatic syncing between all apple devices
  • Airprint support; enables you to print out the script wirelessly anytime and anywhere

Download Scripts Pro ($13.99)

STORYIST ($14.99)

This powerful screenplay app is ideal for creating, editing, reviewing and revising screenplays anywhere and everywhere. Some prominent features of this app are:

  • Text editing which includes fonts, colors, images, header and style sheet changes
  • Color-coded index cards
  • DropBox and iCloud sync
  • Return key shortcuts and automatic manuscript formatting
  • Customizable story sheets

The best thing about using this screenplay app is how organized it is. With just a few taps, you can access any script, or any part of it, conveniently from your iPhone or iPad.

Download Storyist ($14.99)


That’s our roundup of the best screenwriting apps out there, so now you have absolutely zero excuse to not write while you’re out and about!

Be sure to check out our post on 10 Free Screenwriting Software Choices For Screenwriters and our guest post from Steven M. Levinson, co-founder of the new screenwriting app, Untitled.

Also, remember to let us know in the comments section below about the best screenwriting apps you think we’ve missed out.
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Author Bio:

This was a guest post by Eilidh Edgar, a career expert at Coursework Geek, which focuses on developing the next generation of entrepreneurs. She also loves to blog about changing trends and methods in online business.

  1. Dave W says:

    When I was asked to help with the 2nd act rewrites on Foxcatcher I found myself in a dilemma. I was researching, and living in, a very remote location. A studio friend recommended SRP…….
    Suffice to say, all went extremely well and the majority of MY submissions were included in final draft. Excellent app.

  2. Andrew Nebel says:

    I am looking for an app to write a play. I have heard Celtx is great for me but can’t find it in the microsoft store? i have a surface pro 3. Any thoughts on which apps work well in the windows environment and can be bought on line??

  3. John Mitchell says:

    Interesting screenwriting apps. I will check them out thank u

  4. Jeff says:

    I Need A Good Scriptwrinting App

  5. Mary Bates says:

    Thank you for the list, very interesting, some of them were pretty new to me. On my side I use TwelvePoint, on the iPhone. I have just imported my old script in it, added some more scenes for a theater play and sent it to my friends. Everything done through the phone. So far I can’t complain…

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Thanks for the heads up Mary – we’ll add it to the list.

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