7 Kick-Ass Hacks We Use In Our Script Analysis

In this post we thought it’d be a great idea to give you an exclusive look inside our script analysis process. You’ll see the hacks we use to make the often abstract and confusing screenwriting advice you find elsewhere that much more simple. You’ll also see some of the hands-on, practical exercises we suggest to improve [...]

The #1 Script Dialogue Hack That No One Talks About

Are you struggling with script dialogue?  Have you ever received script coverage that’s given a “POOR” or “FAIR” rating to your dialogue? Do you regularly get called out on your script dialogue by execs, producers, script consultants etc.? Has your dialogue been called “clunky”, “unnatural”, “ineffectual”, “excessive”, “on-the-nose”? Or all of the above? Don’t worry, [...]

An Insanely Helpful Exercise To Improve Structure They DON’T Tell You On Script Writing Courses

Want to know a little known but super effect screenplay structure hack? A method on how to master your sense of structure that's rarely, if ever, mentioned on script writing courses? Keep reading... Sounds simple, and it is. However, this is not a quick fix and will take the writing of many, many outlines before [...]

Free Screenwriting Course

Want a free screenwriting course? Many professional writers advocate reading screenplays as being THE best way to learn how to write. And there's a lot of truth to this. Yes, we know reading films is not as much fun as watching them, but it all depends on the level of commitment you’re willing to put in [...]

The Blacklist And How To Use It To Become A Hollywood Insider

Every year The Blacklist publishes a list of the year’s best unproduced screenplays as voted for by Hollywood’s big cheese. Many blockbuster films were once unproduced scripts on The Blacklist, such as The King’s Speech and Juno. Our advice is to download and read as many scripts from The Blacklist as you can. This is [...]

A Way To Improve Your Script That’s Better Than Using Script Doctors

Yes, even as script doctors ourselves, we can recommend a way of improving your screenplay AND writing skills  that is even better than hiring us… Table read your screenplay. William Goldman calls the screenplay read-through the most important part of the process in film production. A script table read is also an extremely important part [...]

2 Major Scriptwriting Tips That Improve Everything About Your Writing

If you're going to follow any scriptwriting tips this year, make it these two... How many scripts have you read in the past month? Three? Two? None? We know—it can feel like you're wasting time, sitting down to read a script for two hours when you should be writing. As we've discussed in a previous post, [...]