Does Act 1 Of Your Script Contain These 12 Essential Beats?

In this post we're going to break down the first act of  (500) Days Of Summer into Jeffrey Allan Schechter's 12 Key Plot Points of Act 1.  Despite it's seemingly avant-garde structure, the movie's Act 1 follows these 12 Plot Points, beats, or whatever you want to call them to perfectly. Does Act 1 of your script do the same?  If [...]

12 Key Scenes You Should Include In Act 1 Of Your Screenplay

As all of us screenwriters know, act 1 of your screenplay is the most important one in terms of grabbing the attention. In fact, most readers at a company won’t even read past page 5, let alone page 25 to see if your script is up to standard. So, how do you make sure they keep [...]

The #1 Thing I Wish I’d Known About Structure When I Started

Below, I'd like to share with you the #1 Thing I Wish I Knew About Script Structure When I Started Writing Script structure can be a scary couple of words to aspiring screenwriters. Words that seemingly offer hindrance instead of help, and often make even seasoned professionals a slave...  But structure need not be scary. It [...]

Dumb Things Script Readers Say #1 “Don’t Use Flashback”

Yes, we’re script readers. But we also notice how many writers come to us with tales of being told by previous readers or script readers not to put certain things in their script. At all costs. Which is just dumb. In fact, there are certain devices that can greatly enhance your script — if you know [...]

Screenplay Sequences In (500) Days Of Summer

Thinking of using screenplay sequences in your script? Of shaking up your screenwriting and tackling a non-linear screenplay? Well, if you are, there's an important screenwriting lesson to be learned from the film (500) Days of Summer and how they utilize sequences. (500) Days of Summer may look confusing but it's not really if you break [...]

Act One Of A Screenplay Has Four Major Beats Not Two

Everyone knows Act One of a screenplay should have two major beats -- the Call to Action and End of Act Turning Point. However, there are another two major beats in Act One, that are essential to include if you want to write a rock solid opening to your screenplay. These Four Beats give the first [...]

Jeffrey Allan Schechter And His 12 Plot Points of Act 1 As Applied To (500) Days Of Summer

For this post I am going to take Jeffrey Allan Schechter And His 12 Plot Points of Act 1 and apply them to the 2009 movie (500) Days Of Summer. Jeffrey analyzes the 12 specific plot points that make up Act 1 in his great book My Story Can Beat Up Your Story, We've broken down dozens [...]