3 Reasons Aspiring TV Writers Should Create a Web Series

Are you one of those many aspiring TV writers still not where you want to be in your career? Well, in this post I'm going to show you how to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Instead of crying about not being on a writing staff, you can create your own TV show by making a web series! [...]

A Quick Guide To Screenwriting Pitch Sites

Once you’ve written the “perfect script,” there’s nothing you want more than to get it out there and into the right hands. The problem is, how do you do this? In this post I'll be taking a look at one of the more popular methods in recent years: online screenwriting pitch sites, such as... Instead of soliciting [...]

“Stop Thinking Like A F**ing Writer And Think Like A Producer!”

The best career advice I ever got on how to make it as a screenwriter, was delivered by my dear friend and mentor Noel Marshall, who said “Stop thinking like a f***ing egghead writer and think like a producer.” What he meant by that is when crafting a screenplay or considering ideas, actually think about [...]

Looking To Sell A Script? Maybe It’s Time To Go Low Budget

Still looking to sell a script by writing a medium-big budget screenplay? Many screenwriters are deciding to go a new route and specifically choosing to write indie low budget scripts in an effort to get noticed. Writers are bypassing big budget film scripts yet getting the fame and success they have always wanted from these [...]

10 Things Smart Writers Do To Build A Screenwriting Career

Building a successful screenwriting career is determined by two primary factors: perseverance and pure, dumb luck. As we have no control over the latter, let’s concentrate on the former, and how to best stack the deck in your favor: The following list is in no particular order... By this time, most people are familiar with [...]

A Professional Screenwriter’s Method From Draft To Sale

When I finish a screenplay there are producers, agents and studio execs happy to read my material, but of course it hasn't always been like this. If you’re interested in selling your screenplay and writing services in Hollywood, I can share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned. Here's the process I (roughly) follow [...]

The 3 People Who Should Read Your Script BEFORE An Agent

NEVER turn your script in without at least one second set of eyes on it. This is probably the #1 Reason why many aspiring screenwriters fail at the first hurdle -- their script just isn't good enough before they send it out. Then they get all despondent due to the negative feedback (or lack of feedback [...]