Why Creating A Character Bio Isn’t A Good Starting Point (And What To Do Instead)

In order to help create a great character you’ve probably heard at some point that you should start with a character bio. Maybe you've been told to ask questions about your character like: “What do they feel about their body?” “Who was their best friend in high-school?” “What do they sing in the shower?” and so [...]

The Essential Beat That Shows Your Screenplay Protagonist’s Desire

What does your protagonist want? This is probably the most vital question central to your screenplay.  However, while we can often make out what a protagonist wants in a screenplay, many writers forget to explicitly show what they want. in which we see the protagonist staring, ruminating, transfixed by the object of their desire. By [...]

Why Your Screenplay Characters Feel “Flat” And How To Fix It

Have you ever been told by someone who's read your script -- an agent, manager, script consultant, or even your mom -- that your screenplay characters feels"flat"? It's a common note to receive but in this post I'm going to show you how to stop getting it. I'm going to show you a simple way to flesh out [...]

12 Key Scenes You Should Include In Act 1 Of Your Screenplay

As all of us screenwriters know, act 1 of your screenplay is the most important one in terms of grabbing the attention. In fact, most readers at a company won’t even read past page 5, let alone page 25 to see if your script is up to standard. So, how do you make sure they keep [...]

The Screenwriting Analysis You Should Use On Your Characters To Make Them Feel 100% Real

Character hacks. They are what everyone wants to know about. “I have this incredible idea for a screenplay, but how do I make my characters feel real?” The truth is, there is no shortcut. The “hack” is actually preparation. However, here's a screenwriting analysis hack of your characters that most writers don’t use. I consider [...]

No.1 Character Hack To Impress A Screenplay Doctor

Want to get a screenplay doctor to LOVE your characters before you turn your script in? In this week's post I reveal a Number One SCREENPLAY CHARACTER HACK that makes sure your characters are believable as REAL PEOPLE. Nailing character and making them seem believable can be really hard, and writer's often get frustrated with [...]

Your Script Protagonist Is Boring. Here’s How To Fix It

Is your script protagonist failing to interest readers? Are you getting the feedback that they're too plain and no one cares what happens to them? Chances are this is due to the fact they're too well adjusted. The truth is -- whether a Hollywood hero lives in the Bronx or on Neptune -- the best and [...]