Why Most Advice On How To Write A Scene Is Wrong

The most common advice given to aspiring screenwriters on how to write a scene, is to approach it from the angle of escalating conflict between a protagonist and antagonist. Writers are told to ask themselves when writing a scene: “What’s the protagonist’s goal?” “Who’s stopping them achieving it?” “What’s the rising conflict?” This advice is extremely [...]

The 8 Dramatic Principals Of A Screenplay Scene

Writing a screenplay scene — that one dramatic unit which moves your story forward — is one of the most important skills to learn as a screenwriter.  Every well written screenplay scene — especially the big ones at major plot points — contain 8 dramatic principals that best move your story forward and keep the [...]

Screenplay Books Often Forget This Essential Ingredient

Strangely, screenwriters are bombarded with information in screenplay books on how to structure the overall screenplay, but little is said about how to structure each individual building block in that structure -- the scene. Here's a list of some of the rather cliched things you may have been told to include in a scene: "Have [...]

The Scene Hack Screenplay Consultants Don’t Tell You About

If you want to know how to write a screenplay, you better know how to write a scene. So why do screenplay consultants talk so rarely about how they're constructed in their coverage? We don't know. But we do know how your scenes should be structured, and  this is what this post is about. Following [...]

Even The Best Screenwriting Books Rarely Mention This Technique On Scenes

We find it strange that screenplay scene structure seems to be so neglected by screenwriting tutors, gurus and even the best screenwriting books... Being able to write an effective scene and being able to write an effective screenplay go hand in hand. You can't do one without the other. If a writer doesn't know the [...]

The Heart Of All Movie Script Analysis Is In This Simple Truth

One of the primary reasons why screenplays are rejected during movie script analysis is because their events happen haphazardly. Randomness is certain death to a script! It makes it feel contrived, false and ultimately hard to emotionally connect to. Many screenplays we read suffer from this malaise—things thrown together with no particular link between them. [...]