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Thanks for dropping by! Your screenplay could well be just a few changes away from being hot property, and our script analysis will help you get it there.

Whether you’ve written one screenplay or twenty, we can help you get an agent or manager or, if you already have one, secure your next writing assignment.

We take a huge amount of pride in helping screenwriters like you as best as we possibly can. Our script readers have been providing #1 rated script coverage services for writers just like you since 2011, and since then have built up a substantial client base, primarily through repeat customers and word-of-mouth.

We have a feeling this is because as well as having years of experience reading for the top agencies and studios around town, all of our readers are also working Hollywood screenwriters with produced credits.

What You’ll Get With Our Script Coverage Services

Rather than some of the vague coverage you may have purchased in the past, our script analysis gets right to the heart of what’s working in a screenplay, what’s not working, and most importantly how we can fix what’s not working.

We don’t just write things like “Give us more of a sense of who Jack is.” “Really ramp up the stakes in act two.” “Give each character a voice,” etc. and leave it at that. You need to know not only where the characterizations, plot or dialogue aren’t ringing true, or feel flat, but an action plan on how to fix them.

Improve Your Overall Writing Ability, Not Just One Script

We work with all kinds of writers, from aspiring to professional, but if you’re a new writer you may also need help with your overall writing, not just the dynamics of one particular script.

That’s why we encourage writers to take advantage of our free follow-up email service in order to answer any questions on your script as well as determine a path forward for your overall writing ability and career.

And with every coverage report we send back we include a practical exercise taken straight from our online screenwriting course, ScriptHackr, depending on which area of your writing we feel needs the most attention.

We Don’t Use Anonymous Script Readers

With many script consultancies you have no idea who actually does the reading. With us you’ll be able to see exactly who will be writing up the script notes, and even choose your preferred reader according to their genre expertise and your script’s genre.

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Each of our script readers are working screenwriters who’ve sold scripts, as well as having years of experience reading for top Hollywood agencies and production companies.

Read more about our script doctors here.

What Our Customers Say

script coverage services“This is awesome, super helpful feedback!

Hey guys, I’ve gone over your notes and now making notes for myself on the updates I should make. This is exactly what I was hoping for. I’ve taken the story as far as I can and wanted to improve the emotional core of the story with the characters, which is essentially what most of your feedback and notes focus on. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

— Amar Rehalaspiring screenwriter.

Script Review Options

Click the dropdown menu to add on an extra service such as 1 Hour Skype Call, Rush Service or 2 Readers to your order.

1 Hour Skype Call: Discuss your project with one of our script consultants for one hour over Skype.

Rush Service: If you need your script notes back within one or two days we can help. Please email us before ordering to make sure we can get the job done.

2 Readers: Select this option to have two of our readers go over your script independently, giving you two different perspectives on how it stands up.

Regular Script Coverage ($155)

4+ pages of extensive script notes evaluating the script’s core conflict between protagonist, antagonist and stakes character, as well as notes on the characters, plot, theme, structure, scenes and dialogue. Small additional notes on writing style and formatting if required.

(Includes: logline, synopsis, our unique 17-point Grading Box and script recommendation: Pass, Consider, or Recommend.) Check out a Regular Script Coverage Example.

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Deluxe Script Coverage ($395)

12+ pages of super-intensive script notes evaluating the same areas as Regular Coverage, but in more depth. Also includes detailed notes on writing style, grammar and formatting.

(Includes: logline, synopsis, 17-point Grading Box and script recommendation.) Check out a Deluxe Script Coverage Example.

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Premium Script Coverage ($695)

Get the most intensive analysis of your screenplay possible by combining Deluxe Coverage and Regular Coverage with two 1 hour Skype call. This is the equivalent of a short screenwriting mentorship program as we help you truly develop not only an individual project, but your overall writing ability. The format for this service follows a specific sequence: 1 Deluxe Script Coverage report >>  1 Hour Skype Call >> Regular Script Coverage >> 1 Hour Skype Call.

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1 Hour Skype Call ($155)

A script analyst will read your script in advance, before discussing with you exactly what you need to do to improve it. The level of analysis is the same as for Regular Script Coverage.

(Includes: 17-point Grading Box and script recommendation, but no written notes.)

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Story Analysis ($115)

3+ pages of notes on your Treatment, Outline or Synopsis concentrating on premise, story, structure, scenes and characterizations. Nailing the core story is essential before embarking on a script and can save literally months of re-writes. Check out a Story Analysis Example

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Short Film Coverage ($75)

2+ pages of script analysis on your short up to twenty pages long. Follows the same format as for Regular Script Coverage.

(Includes: logline, synopsis, our unique 17-point Grading Box and script recommendation: Pass, Consider, or Recommend.) Check out a Short Film Analysis Example

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Concept Analysis ($35) 

1+ page of notes on your screenplay’s core conflict. A solid script is built upon the three-way conflict between its protagonist, antagonist and stakes character, and this service we determine just how strong this conflict is and your overall story idea. Check out a Concept Analysis Example

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1 hour TV Teleplay Coverage ($125)

4+ pages of script notes on your TV drama pilot focusing on the main idea behind the show, the characters, plot, structure, scenes and dialogue.

(Includes: logline, our unique 17-point Grading Box and script recommendation: Pass, Consider, or Recommend.) Check out a 1 Hour Teleplay Coverage Example.

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1/2 hour TV Teleplay Coverage ($75)

2+ pages of notes on your half hour TV pilot. Follows the same format as above with an emphasis on the show’s main idea, potential for longevity and being picked up, characters.

(Includes: logline, our unique 17-point Grading Box and script recommendation: Pass, Consider, or Recommend.) Check out a 1/2 Hour Teleplay Coverage Example

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Get Your Script Ready

The following services are designed for those who already have a pretty solid script and want an additional layer of consulting.

Margin Notes ($395)

A reader will make comprehensive notes directly onto your script, giving a page-by-page reaction to the material. Comments are made on how the individual scenes are working, conflict, genre pay-offs, dialogue, characterizations, etc. plus writing style and formatting anomalies. Check out a Margin Notes Example

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Line Edit ($375)

A script analyst will go through your entire screenplay making extensive line-by-line, scene, dialogue and description edits with strikethroughs and replacement words and phrases. This service differs from Margin Notes in that the actual script is edited, rather than suggestions being made in the margin.

(Please note: this is NOT a “polish.” In this service we cut and rearrange, but do not extensively rewrite the existing material.) Check out a Line Edit Example.

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Professional Proofread + Formatting Service ($195)

While a fantastic screenplay is not going to be rejected on the basis of a few typos or incorrect formatting, it’s best to avoid giving the reader any whiff of unprofessionalism. We go through your screenplay flagging up any grammatical, spelling and formatting errors, making sure it’s presentation is up to industry standard. Check out a Professional Proofread Example.

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Not Found The Service You Were Looking For?

We also tailor packages to suit writers, so just drop us a line to chat about your individual needs, or if you want help choosing one. Turnaround time for all services is usually between seven and ten days.

A Deeper Look At Our Script Analysis

Our script coverage focuses on the most important aspects of the screenplay that need work, rather than spending the first paragraph of the report talking about the formatting or the title.

By first evaluating your script’s three-dimensional conflict between protagonist, antagonist and stakes character, we determine just how strong the overall core concept is.

From there we tackle the nuts and bolts of what’s working and what’s not working regarding the plot, theme, structure, scenes and dialogue.

Just like in our online course, ScriptHackr, our script coverage services aim to de-mystify the process of screenwriting as much as possible, while steering clear of all the “fluff” found in most script coverage, books and courses.

Turnaround time for our regular screenplay coverage is usually between seven and ten days because our main priority is providing a superior quality service to any other script consultancy out there.

For our “Regular Script Coverage” package you’ll get 4+ pages of in-depth, actionable feedback rather than just one or two. For our “Deluxe Script Coverage” package you’ll get 12+ pages of script notes.

Here’s What Just One Of Our Customers Has To Say

The Script Reader Pro team have provided valuable insight and thorough coverage to several of my screenplays; one having been optioned, and another two having placed in the quarterfinals and semifinals of an established and respected screenwriting contest.

— Derrick Vaughn, aspiring screenwriter

Read more testimonials.

Bonuses You Won’t Get With Any Other Script Consultancy

With every service purchased you’ll get:

  • Free email follow up service. Ask us anything about the script coverage services you’ve received.
  • Choose which reader you’d like depending on your genre (subject to availability. 
  • Access to our practical online screenwriting course ScriptHackr when it becomes available for the discounted price of just $99.
  • Practical exercise taken straight from our ScriptHackr course depending on which area of your screenwriting needs the most help.
  • Full 100% money back guarantee in the unlikely event you’re not 100% happy with your script report. 

The Step-By-Step Process Of Purchasing Our Screenplay Coverage

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what happens once you click “Add to Cart” for a service:

  • You can pay via credit card, debit card or PayPal.  (You’ll also be able to download an invoice.)
  • Once you’ve paid, you can attach your screenplay, send it over to us and let us know if you would like a particular genre specialist to do the script analysis.
  • You will receive an email letting you know that we’ve successfully received your screenplay.
  • Sit back and relax — we’ve started on your script and will deliver the report back to you within a ten days!

If you have any questions about any of our screenplay coverage services you can check out FAQs page to see if it’s answered there, or send us an email.

Thanks for checking out our script coverage services — we look forward to working with you!