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Policy Low Down

Below you’ll find a short 5-point list to consider before sending your screenplay into us to review. Please take a moment to read them. Thanks!

1. Script Page Lengths

Here are the maximum page lengths for scripts. Please contact us before sending if your script is over the following page counts:

Feature Screenplay: 120 pages / TV 1 Hour: 60 pages / TV Half Hour: 30 pages / Short Film: 20 pages / Treatment, Synopsis or Outline: 3000 words.

2. Fully Finished Drafts

Please make sure that when you send in your screenplay you’re completely satisfied that it’s the draft you want us to review.

If the analyst has already started reader, unfortunately we’re unable to consider any new drafts.

3. Script Formats 

We recommend that you send your screenplay as a PDF unless you’ve purchased a service that requires on the page editing, such as Margin Notes, Line Edit, or Proofread. 

If your script does require on the page editing, then we accept Final Draft, Movie Magic, Fade In, Celtx, Adobe Story, etc.  

4. Turnaround Time 

You will receive your finished report no later than 10 business days via email from the day we receive your script.

5. Script Confidentiality And Ownership

Script Reader Pro will under no circumstances release, or let your script be viewed, by any third party without your prior consent, such as if you received a Recommend grade and would like us to pass it on to a producer, agent or manager. 

We do not attach ourselves to, or make any claims on, any aspect of your screenplay. Any ideas you may implement after our recommendations are yours and yours alone. In other words, we’re not after any of your money should you make a sale. 


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