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New Screenwriting App: The Evernote For Screenwriters

Stephen M Levinson, Co-Founder of "Untitled" shares with us his new screenwriting app


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January 29, 2017 1 comment
Screenwriting App

What if you could streamline the writing process by turning your notes into scenes automatically, and then all you need to do is edit?

In this post, Stephen M Levinson, Co-Founder of “Untitled” shares with us the new screenwriting app that turns notes directly into scenes and much more.

Here it is:

While writing a screenplay, do you struggle to keep all your notes and ideas in one place? Or wish the process of notes to final draft could be smoother?

If you’re anything like me while writing, notes and ideas can end up in a million different places: from my phone, to computer, to iPad, and all in different apps.

I often end up going back and forth between notes while writing my outline, and then back and forth while writing my first draft.

All of which seemed unnecessarily process-heavy.

My working method is typically:

Idea > Notes > Outline > First Draft > N Number of Drafts > Final Draft.

I write my notes, then create a new document to draft my notes into an outline, and create another new document to create my first draft.

While working on my most recent screenplay, even with all the millions of apps available, I couldn’t find a note app that truly focused on what I needed before writing my first draft.

There are apps for jotting down notes and outlining, but I couldn’t find one that was focused on screenwriting.

So, for the past nine months, I’ve been developing a screenwriting app called “Untitled”, and am super excited to launch it today!

Untitled is the Evernote for screenwriting: a notebook tailored especially for screenwriters, that turns notes into scenes with the tap of a button. Literally.

A typical note for me might look like:

They’re inside of the mall during the day. Jon will pick up the phone. Jon says “What’s new?”

I’ll look at that note, then expand on it in my outline with some more description about the mall, or Jon. And add some dialogue when I re-write it in Final Draft.

With Untitled, you can actually take the quoted sentence above, and it’ll format it into a screenplay automatically without you needing to do anything else.

Once I have all my notes, Untitled instantly creates an outline of every scene for me, and all I need to do is send that outline to Final Draft and fill in the middle.

While the tech underneath is complex, the writing experience of Untitled feels like a blank page and a cursor.

Our editor uses a highly legible and customized font that reduces writer’s block, allowing writers to focus on their words, instead of the letters.

Courier can be highly intimidating when drafting a scene, and I often worry about writing a perfect first draft.

With Untitled, though, you get to write in our customized note font, but preview in Courier.

Less pressure, more inspiration.

A full list of current features includes:

  • Quick notes – jot your screenwriting notes and ideas as soon as you open the app, all in one place
  • A simple, beautifully crafted text editor with a highly legible font that reduces writer’s block
  • Focus mode, leaves you with a blank page, a cursor, and your imagination
  • A separate screenplay writing and previewing experience, so that you can get out your ideas without worrying about writing the perfect first draft
  • Preview your notes in the industry standard format
  • iCloud Sync and you’ll never lose another page of notes or ideas again
  • Share your notes as TXT, or Export to PDF or HTML
  • Bluetooth keyboard support
  • Untitled Guide, for any questions you might have
  • iPad and iPad Pro (iPhone coming soon)

What excites me the most about Untitled, is that with juggernauts like Netflix and Amazon in a race to aggregate the best content, Untitled comes out at a key moment in filmmaking history. We’ll not only reduce process while

We’ll not only reduce processes while writing but we’ll be able to explain screenwriting to newer writers and fuel growth in screenplay production.

Prior to creating Untitled, I developed the best-selling screenwriting app, Scripts Pro.

As a writer, the solutions for mobile screenwriting were lacking, as I couldn’t edit a script on my iPhone.

This drove me to develop Scripts Pro, before successfully selling the company in 2011.

Untitled takes a new approach by focusing on everything a screenwriter might need before starting their very first draft.

This is an interesting and unique space, and I’m excited to help screenwriters develop their best stories by providing them with cutting-edge outlining tools needed to write them.

I welcome any and all feedback, as my goal is to create solutions that can majorly improve your screenwriting process.

Untitled is now available for iPad and iPad Pro in the App Store for $9.99.

Stephen M. Levinson
Co-Founder, Untitled


Have you tried the new Untitled screenwriting app? Let us know in the comments section below what you think of it.

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