The Best Screenwriting Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Here Are The Four Best Screenwriting Podcasts Every Aspiring Screenwriter Should Be Listening To:

On The Page Screenwriting Podcast

Hugely popular script consultant, Pilar Alessandra’s, informative weekly screenwriting podcast in which she interviews a different guest each week from the world of writing, directing, acting and producing. Definitely one of the best screenwriting podcasts on iTunes.

The Q&A With Jeff Goldsmith

Picking up where the Creative Screenwriting podcast left off, this is film journalist Jeff Goldsmith’s screenwriting podcast in which he conducts lengthy interviews with a top screenwriters, asking them questions about how they got into the business, their writing habit, writing process and much more. Unmissable.

Sam & Jim Go To Hollywood

Now defunct, but the 40 odd episodes of this screenwriting podcast here are well worth a listen. Two regular 30-something guys pack up their successful careers in the restaurant business and moving to LA to try and make it as screenwriters, and we’re allowed to listen in along the way.

Script Notes

John August and Craig Mazin talk shop about all areas on the profession of screenwriting — from the craft of writing, to legal questions, to Hollywood news — in their Script Notes podcast. Despite Craig’s often annoying “umbrage,” and John’s inability to make it through a single episode without mentioning Big Fish, there’s too much good stuff here to miss.


These are what we consider to be the best screenwriting podcasts on the web. It’s amazing what you can learn on a forty-five minute walk with the dog, so it’s time to get downloading!

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