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Screenwriting Websites Every Aspiring Screenwriter Should Be Using

What are the best screenwriting websites?

Below you’ll find a list of the best screenwriting websites divided into categories. In the links below we have collected together all of the very best resources we use day in day out as screenwriters.

screenwriting websites

On them you’ll find lists of all the essential books, courses, podcasts, blogs etc. that will help further your career as a screenwriter.

There are much more out there on the web of course, but these are our cream of the crop and unmissable resources.

We’ve kept the list to just the very best ones so you don’t get too sidetracked from actually writing!

Blogs include John August’s. He has created one of the best free sites for screenwriters on the web. Type in any question about screenwriting you may have in the search bar and it’s probably been answered on a blog post or podcast episode.

Wondering whether to splash the cast to enter some screenplay contests?

And if so, which ones? The big players with thousands of entrants, or the smaller regional ones with relatively few? Which are worth all your time and effort?

Hopefully by the end of reading our post on screenwriting contests, you’ll come away with a greater idea of the pros and cons and how best to approach them.

So, without further ado — the best screenwriting websites…

Screenwriting Blogs

Screenwriting Contests

Screenwriting Courses

Screenwriting Books

Screenwriting Podcasts

Screenwriting Software

Essential Films

Please contact us with any recommendations you think we’ve missed. Which websites do you consider to be the very best for screenwriters? Drop us a line about any sites you swear by and if we get enough entries we’ll include it on the list.

In the meantime… keep writing!

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