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Script Reader Pro Reviews

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    5 star review  Script Reader Pro is excellent. They provided a comprehensive review, critique of my script from A-Z. Not only did they outline the script's narrative and its merits and faults as it progresses, the suggestions for how I might improve things with the next draft were incredibly insightful, detailed and helpful. For me, they are the go-to company for assessing a script at third draft stage. The notes, with objective plus and minus comments yet always constructive have been employed and I am optimistic of a future sale of my script. An enthusiastic, macro and micro analysis gives me as a writer assurance and dare I say confidence going forward. I highly recommend them for writers keen to tighten up their script I and shall certainly be using their services again.

    thumb Edward Chapman

    5 star review  I’m glad I used Script Reader Pro for coverage of my Children’s Sci-Fi adventure, Spacebug. I received thorough and insightful notes on what works and what needs work, all with great enthusiasm, honesty and encouragement. But I was so impressed with their suggestions on “how” to constructively fix those issues, which I have to admit, greatly improve my story. Script Reader Pro are competitively priced and have a surprisingly quick turnaround. I would happily recommend SRP to writers of all levels of experience.

    thumb Matt Hobson

    5 star review  As a producer, I have to say that I was very pleased with the comprehensive coverage that I got back from Script Reader Pro. They confirmed my concerns, but also offered some great solutions to improve the script. Based on my current experience with them, I would happily use them again and feel confident highly recommending them.

    thumb Nathan Nazario

    5 star review  This course has helped me bring order to my creative “chaos”. I am amazed by how practical these guidelines are; how clear and simple and yet how much incredible depth they help me draw from my original ideas. Thank you!

    thumb Sarah Maybury

    5 star review  So impressed! From beginning to end, a super friendly, professional, and high quality. Script Reader Pro delivered a customized experience at a totally reasonable price. I’ll be using their service again for formatting and coverage. Love, love, love the service. The coverage was far superior than even regular studio coverage. Highly recommend.

    thumb Judy Karlin Rubin

    5 star review  Sometimes, amater screenwriters like me, feel the need for a professional opinion on their project, especially when it comes to a completely new script genre than the one they used to write/focus. I didn't expect my script to be great, but i expected some specific notes on it, in order to correct my mistakes. Script Reader Pro did a spot on coverage on my script, pointing out the things that needs to be changed/corrected in a very understandable manner. Although my script was pretty much a failure, they made clear what things need to be changed. Their service totally worth it.

    thumb Gerasimos Rozis

    5 star review  With my pilot being a satire about the ridiculousness of online reviews and all, I’ll keep this brief. Script Reader Pro’s coverage of my pilot was exactly what I needed to move my work forward. I want to thank them for providing insightful, specific and professional feedback and for being a resource for budding screenwriters.

    thumb Alicia Reid

    5 star review  Script Reader Pro simply does what it promises: a professional read. With an open mind and a sharp view. Originally I am a Dutch novelist, publishing my novels in several European countries, so I do recognize the quality and intelligence of a reader who 'knows story'. I have learned from the notes, my tv-pilot will be better. And that is great. Just great.

    thumb Pieter Diana

    5 star review  I've been thoroughly impressed with Alex and his team. I received script feedback that was thorough and although there was a disagreement in where the story should go, Alex was unbelievably responsive through out the whole process. I also got ScriptHackr which I'm through the first 5 modules and this thing kicks butt! It's a huge breath of fresh air if you've been stuck in STC beats with typical 3 act structure in mind. This breaks things down to a much easier process to follow so that you can truly have an understanding of the story you're trying to tell. Completely worth the price and I highly recommend Alex and Script Reader Pro for your screenwriting services.

    thumb Jake Buchanan

    5 star review  I really benefitted from the Script Hackr course, it was very clear and concise. And for the first time, I learnt about the stakes character. I also used the script feedback service twice now and received many great tips on how to improve the script. Will definitely be coming back for more!

    thumb Vera Neverkevich Hill

    5 star review  This was my first time using Script Reader Pro and I was very pleased with the coverage we received. The notes were thorough and insightful. It was clear that the reader not only understood the story, but had analyzed it from many angles, making sure it was all working for the plot, characters and theme. The suggestions they gave will help make the next draft even more polished. I also appreciate that they allow you to ask follow up questions, since I often want clarification or elaboration on notes but don't always have that option. I would definitely recommend the service to other writers. Thanks Script Reader Pro!

    thumb Sara O'Reilly

    5 star review  I was very happy with the coverage I received from Script Reader Pro. I was at a point where I really needed higher-level and actionable professional feedback on my script and that's exactly what I got. They suggested changes that would not just improve the script, but help it fit what the industry is looking for without compromising the story I wanted to tell. I would highly recommend their services to anyone trying to improve their script!

    thumb Allison Elliott

    5 star review  I paid for a Deluxe package, if you're thinking it's too much money... I defiantly got my moneys worth and has improved my script and confidence. I received great professional advice from Script Reader Pro. You have to have a pair of professional eyes reading your script for things you may have missed.

    thumb Georgina Higgins

    5 star review  My writing partners and I really enjoyed the feedback we received from Script Reader Pro. The notes were clear and actionable. This is our first time using a coverage service and we are happy with our treatment. The pricing is fair and the turnaround was within the 10 day time frame. I will be using this service again in the future.Also, has anyone heard of The Invaders of dreams the story of Jasmine? I could really use an in depth pitch. Just in the comments under this would be fine.

    thumb Tarver Petersen

    5 star review  First time using Script Reader Pro and I could not be happier. I received perfectly detailed and constructive notes for my script. Their notes will help me take my script to the next level. Great insights and change suggestions! Wonderful customer service and the fact they offer a follow up email is amazing. Best $159 I have ever spent! Thanks so much!

    thumb Trish Davisson Dotson

    5 star review  Big thanks to Script Reader Pro. I'll be back. All expectations were more than met. I ordered the Deluxe package, and if you can afford it, do it. The notes were dead on, especially the reader's criticisms, which were correct but delivered in friendly way that made me more receptive. This is a service every screenwriter should know about.

    thumb Colin Bell

    5 star review  I've worked as an industry reader and development exec and I was very impressed with the quality of the notes I got on my script. I'll definitely use this service again.

    thumb Sharon Moore

    5 star review  Using the feedback I got from Script Reader Pro, I can clarified some things in my script to make it better and that is always the goal.Highly recommended!

    thumb Bill Williams

    5 star review  I just finished a one hour script consult with a Scriptreader pro. I learned more with them than in a whole ten week course at Gotham writers, even though mine is a TV sitcom, not a movie script . Their pros are so knowledgeable and also great teachers! I learned what's good about my script and got lots of ideas for further development. I can't wait to redo the script and get another hour with them.

    thumb Kaaran Thomas

    5 star review  Thank you Script Reader Pro! Fast, honest feedback that inspires you keep writing. Highly recommended!

    thumb Lori Smith Bajorek

    5 star review  I was completely impressed with the coverage provided by Script Reader Pro! The turnaround was quick and I was stunned by the depth of the evaluation. At both the micro-level of formatting details and the macro-level of story and character analysis, the coverage was thorough and top-rate! It was exactly what my writing partner and I needed to put a polish on our screenplay. Whether you're veteran or novice screenwriter, Script Reader Pro is extremely beneficial. Best service of its kind in the industry and highly affordable!

    thumb Nick DiBella

    5 star review  I've gotten professional notes from services and have even given script notes professionally before and the set of notes I got on my pilot script were top notch. A lot of so-called professional notes suffer from two problems. 1. There is a lot of filler. You get a half page of usable notes and a lot of trying to hit the page count that the service promises. 2. You get notes about the reader's idea of screenwriting "rules". They tell you how a script is supposed to be but they don't tell you why as it pertains to your script. For example, saying that you should structure a screenplay like so and so but not why that would make *your* script better. The notes I got from Script Reader Pro did not do that. They told me what was great, what was not working and what was good but could be better -with clear concise explanations and suggestions. You could tell the notes were from experienced screenwriters and not kids in film school. The price is also very reasonable. Very happy with the notes and highly recommend their service.

    thumb Thomas Cunningham

    5 star review  SRP is so amazing. I submitted a sample of my script. Not only did I get rapid, honest and helpful feedback, they also helped me with movie ideas. Now I'm a better writer than I was. Their support is extraordinary. I recommend Script Readers Pro to every struggling writer out there from all parts of the world. Distance is not a barrier. A big thanks to you SRP.

    thumb Cynthia Mzemba

    5 star review  Script Reader Pro's coverage was all I was hoping for and more. My script is a police procedural with vampires. It's has gotten positive feedback from some and "it's a waste of space on my hard drive" from others. I know it's not like any other vampire scripts out there and is solid-ish. However the writer in me felt like it was missing something. I mean, it's the "you can't see the forest for the trees" feeling. Script Reader Pro's thoughts, ideas and suggestions were just what I needed. It was like the Mad Hatter's tea party from Alice in Wonderland. It moved me one chair to the right so I could see things from a different angle. I appreciate the opportunity to ask Script Reader Pro questions. I don't have any. Excellent feedback.

    thumb William Gammon

    5 star review  This was my first time using a script reading service so I didn't know what to expect and I honestly couldn't be happier with the coverage. It was thorough, detailed, honest, smartly written & the reader didn't just point out areas where the script could be improved but he gave solid advice on starting points to do so. A lot of his suggestions for improvement I had thought about myself & it was great to see those ideas reinforced by someone else.I can't see how another service would have done better job.

    thumb Noah Ruderman

    5 star review  I was very satisfied with the coverage from Script Reader Pro. I got a thorough and professional analysis that, no doubt, will help me write a stronger draft.

    thumb Mauricio Dlo Pardo

    5 star review  This was my first time getting coverage from Script Reader Pro and I was very satisfied with the results! My writing partner and I received detailed, insightful notes on the strengths and weakness of our script (TV pilot) along with creative ideas and suggestions on how to take certain elements to the next level. Plus, the service is competitively priced and turnaround is quick - about 10 days.While I have submitted work to other coverage companies in the past, I was never given the option to select the reader from a list of bios on the website. At first, this made me hesitant... and I waffled for a bit between companies before finally submitting to Script Reader Pro.But I'm glad I did, because I had the opportunity to select a reader who is not only a seasoned, produced writer but also specializes in our script's genre. I'm sure other companies try to pair the right reader to a submission, but this time it was quite apparent that our reader was very familiar with our genre.Certain things are inherent to storytelling whatever the genre, but our reader 'got' our concept unlike previous coverage on this script. We had a list of items that needed attention, but just about all of them felt spot-on with reasoning and references to back them up. It was an enlightening and very helpful exercise.Finally, Alex Bloom was attentive and friendly in his emails, which made for a pleasant transaction. Thanks for the great service, Alex, and I look forward to using Script Reader Pro coverage in the future.

    thumb Glase Lomond

    5 star review  I needed to know exactly what was working and wasn't working with my screenplay. The notes went directly the the heart of the story with specifics on conflict and character development, which is what I needed. Isn't it all about the story and its delivery? You'll get what you need here to take your storytelling to the next level and present it with polish to the industry.

    thumb Ally Downes Hall

    5 star review  Always so helpful in highlighting issues and improving my work!! Thanks so much!! Worth every penny!!

    thumb Andrew Turella

    5 star review  I highly recommend this incredible script coverage service! Not only did they give incredible insight into what was and wasn't working in my script, they offered excellent suggestions for how to improve it. I will certainly be submitting more projects in the future!

    thumb Andrew Paterson

    5 star review  Script Reader Pro is an amazing company. They delivered valuable feedback on my script and you can tell that they take their time when they read your work. I will definitely use them again in the future.

    thumb Bobby Collier

    5 star review  Great coverage by Script Reader Pro. I got more than I imagined for the money. They didn't just tell me to fix certain things, but they actually showed me how to fix it. Very detailed coverage regarding the good and the bad. Just what I needed. Thanks again Script Reader Pro.

    thumb Paul Abajian

    5 star review  I completed my first screenplay and sent it to screen reader pro. The coverage was very honest and in-depth. Using the advice provided I am starting my rewrite. Thanks

    thumb Scott Pikulski

    5 star review  I needed help to know if my pilot and bible lived up to the expectations of creative directors. From Script Reader Pro I got an impressive and thorough analysis together with useful suggestions on how to improve my text. This was the second time I utilized their services and once again I experienced they know what they are talking about.

    thumb Staffan A. Persson

    5 star review  I highly recommend Script Reader Pro for script coverage. Great notes for a very reasonable fee! Enabled us to quickly focus on our rewrite. Having a pair of expert outside eyes is crucial for the wiring process. We plan to use SRP on our future scripts.

    thumb Janet Place

    5 star review  Well, OK, I got ONE CONSIDER AND TWO PASS. Better a pass from a reader here than a pass from a major studio executive!!! From the comments, it is clear I have a lot of work to do on the scripts. I am very very grateful to the readers, Shaina, John and Scott provided insightful and brutal and honest detailed comments and criticism, which I will hopefully use to improve the script. I will definitely come back to your services again, when I tuned up mine scripts!!!!Once again thank you to Shaina... John... ScottThank you Script reader pro.

    thumb Senthil Kumar

    5 star review  Script Reader Pro are great value and a top service that provide real and quality feedback as to what you have written and submitted. They are true professionals that also write for a living and have a real insight into the process of writing your script and how best to hone it's true potential. Highly recommended!!

    thumb James Rootsey

    5 star review  Script Reader Pro is a great service and I am so happy I found them. You get such a bang for your buck. I got general coverage for $155 and it blew my mind. It's not just someone telling you every little mistake that you made. Their analysts make you think deeper into the story while explaining the "why" of it all in addition to pointing out bad writing habits. Very happy with the service and I will definitely be back.

    thumb Tyler Kennedy

    5 star review  Script Reader Pro gave me terrific feedback on my synopsis for a comedy feature. They got back to me within a week, with a detailed report pointing out plot holes, character inconsistencies, and issues in the story premise. Anyone remotely serious about crafting tight scripts should consider working with SRP.

    thumb Rahul Chak

    5 star review  My experience with Script Reader Pro was an amazing one, I received very valuable notes about my teleplay. Not only did I receive notes on where I went wrong but how I could have done. Well done SRP!!!!

    thumb Bonginhlanhla Filmmaker Ncube

    5 star review  Very compñete and informative !!

    thumb Nicolas Henry

    5 star review  I wanted to get feedback on a short script I intend to submit to various screenwriting competitions and possibly shoot it on my own. Script Reader Pro were extremely professional, quick, and the notes I received were exactly what I was looking for! All in all I am very pleased with their services and I will certainly do business with them again!

    thumb Gabriele Deguidi

    5 star review  I needed to get feedback on a concept of mine and two of Script Reader Pro's consultants provided exactly what I needed. Their analysis was in depth, it addressed areas of concern and even made suggestions for improvement. I will definitely run past their people all future ideas that I have!

    thumb Shiv Maharaj

    5 star review  I found the coverage notes provided by SRP to be incredibly insightful and instructive. It was complimentary enough to avoid dashing hope. But, it was critical enough to help me understand the weaknesses in the screenplay, and how best to approach fixing them.

    thumb Rick Oliver

    5 star review  So glad I did take this course ., just before I almost took wrong direction with my script . I feel that it saved me a lot of time working on that. The course is very well organized and has so much valuable information in one place . This is so important and especially for aspiring screenwriters. Alex did a great job , I really appreciated for all support via emails . He inspired me !

    thumb Tatiana Emil Marcovitch

    5 star review  Excellent service. Attentive analysis. Thorough follow through. SRP gave my screenplay the genuine Hollywood treatment. If you're serious about getting your film a theatrical release, these guys will help get you on track.

    thumb Levi Spellman

    5 star review  Got very insightful and helpful notes from ScriptReaderPro. Great place to bring a script you are already confident in to pinpoint potential weak spots you may have overlooked.

    thumb Charlie Fountaine

    5 star review  Scott was an excellent reader. He clearly spent time with my script. His notes were specific, clear and helpful! Will recommend Script Reader Pro to my writing group. And will definitely work with them again.

    thumb Lauren Hendler

    5 star review  I had a script that's had some moderate contest success, but felt it could still be better. I sent it to SRP, and am very, very glad I did. The reader was very enthusiastic about the script, which is always nice to hear, but they also made some quality suggestions regarding potential fixes for specific areas, which would in turn improve the overall quality of the story itself. Highly recommended!

    thumb Paul Zeidman

    5 star review  The marginal notes are very helpful. I highly recommend the 2 readers package for more perspectives on your screenplay. Their readers are top notch professionals and their notes will take your work to the next level.

    thumb Jason Chan

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