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Script Coverage Services

Tired of script coverage services that tell you what’s wrong with your script, but not how to fix it?

Or start a report by talking about minor points such as formatting, page count and the title? Hmm, we thought so.

That’s why our script analysis always, always, always focuses on the most important problems your script may have and helping you get on paper what’s in your head.

script coverage services

Check Out Our Script Coverage Services Below

Deluxe Script Coverage ($139)

At least 4+ pages of extensive script notes that focus on improving your screenplay through analysis AND specific suggestions / recommendations for the rewrite.

We start at the macro level by evaluating the script’s concept — the core conflict between protagonist, antagonist and stakes, as well as the idea’s commercial appeal.

We then tackle the nuts and bolts of the screenplay’s execution — plot, theme, structure, scenes, characters, dialogue, etc.

Where appropriate we also suggest practical exercises and actionable techniques to improve your screenwriting in a specific area.


  • Logline
  • 4+ Pages of intensive notes
  • 17-Point Grading Box
  • Practical exercises
  • Free copy of our best-selling eBook Master Screenplay Sequences

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In-Depth Development Notes ($299) 

The same approach as with regular coverage except it’s taken to even greater depths of script analysis. At least 12 pages of super in-depth script notes taking in the whole shebang — macro level analysis of overall concept, conflict, protagonist, antagonist, what’s at stake.

Then, specific labeled sections discuss ways to improve the plot, structure, individual scenes, minor characters and dialogue, right the way down to writing style, formatting and grammar.

Includes logline and ScriptReaderPro’s unique 17-point Grading Box.

PLUS The Next Step — a full breakdown of the screenwriting resources, practical exercises and techniques relevant to helping you improve not only the screenplay but your overall writing ability.


  • Logline and 2 page Synopsis
  • 12+ extra pages of super intensive notes
  • 17-Point Grading Box
  • The Next Step: Practical exercises, recommended movies, books, tailored to your script
  • Free copy of Master Screenplay Sequences

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Margin Notes ($329) 

Comprehensive on the page notes detailing the reader’s reaction to the material as it’s being read — dialogue quirks, how the scenes are working, character actions and reactions, writing style and formatting anomalies.

General comments are also made on the overall conflict, story and characters. All alterations are made directly on to the page.

Please email us if you have any questions or would like to view a sample first.


  • Extensive on-the-page notes
  • Page-by-page reader reaction
  • Eliminate unnecessary / confusing dialogue and description
  • Suggestions on character, story, structure, scenes and more
  • The Next Step: Practical exercises, recommended movies, books, tailored to your script
  • Free copy of Master Screenplay Sequences

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Line Edit ($329)

This service differs from Margin Notes in that the actual script is edited, rather than suggestions being made in the margin.

We go through the entire screenplay making extensive line-by-line, scene, dialogue and description edits with strikethroughs and replacement words and phrases.

All cuts and changes are made while maintaining the author’s original tone throughout. Also includes a full professional proofread and formatting service, naturally.

Please note this is NOT a polish. In this service we cut and rearrange, but do not extensively rewrite the existing material. Email us for a sample or to talk about the service.


  • Page-by-page advanced edit
  • Page-by-page reader reaction
  • Cut unnecessary dialogue and description
  • Create a lean, no excess fat script
  • The Next Step: Practical exercises, recommended movies, books, tailored to your script
  • Free copy of Master Screenplay Sequences

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Hey guys, I’ve gone over your notes and now making notes for myself on the updates I should make. I want to thank you again for your thorough analysis. 

This is exactly what I was hoping for. I’ve taken the story as far as I can and wanted to improve the emotional core of the story with the characters, which is essentially what most of your feedback and notes focus on.”

– Amar Rehal, screenwriter of The Maharaja

Click here to read more testimonials.

With Our Script Coverage Services You’ll Be Getting…

  • A Hollywood insider’s perspective on your script from working screenwriters.
  • The most detailed, actionable notes on how to improve your script found anywhere online.
  • Extended after care — ask us anything about your script after receiving your notes!
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

Check out our Why Choose Us? and About Us pages for more info.

script analysis

How Our Script Analysis Process Works

Here’s a step-by-step walk-through of what happens once you’ve clicked “Add To Cart”:

  • You will be taken to our digital service provider GetDPD to complete the transaction. Here you can either pay via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to use it) or by debit or credit card. You’ll also be able to download an invoice.
  • Once you’ve paid, you’ll see a page instructing you how to send us your screenplay and a link to download your copy of Master Screenplay Sequences. On this page you’ll also be able to let us know if you would like us to match your script to a reader specializing in its genre.
  • We will then send you an acknowledgment email that we’ve received your script and payment successfully. You can then sit back and relax — we’ve started on your script and will deliver the report back to you within 10 days, but probably less.
  • If you have any questions about any of our screenplay coverage services you can check out FAQs page to see if it’s answered there, or send us an email at info[at]scriptreaderpro[dot]com.

Who Will Be Reading Your Script?

We are all working screenwriters, right here in Hollywood, California who’ve worked for many of the major production companies, agencies and studios, including Miramax, Amblin, Sundance, ICM, and CAA.

script reader service

To find out exactly who will be providing your script coverage and read bios and fun facts about our script readers, click here.

Looking For A Script Coverage Service Not Listed Here?

Nailing the core story is essential before embarking on a script and can save literally months of re-writes, and we also provide script coverage reports on Treatments, Synopses, and Outlines.

If you’re interested in getting our opinion on your story before committing to the script, email us telling us how many pages your document is and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

We can also give feedback on your short film script — again drop us a line to tell us how long it is and we’ll give you a price.


script coverage

Want pro script coverage on your screenplay from a working Hollywood screenwriter, at an affordable rate?

Check out our Script Coverage services and Script Doctor services.