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Script Reader Jobs

Searching Los Angeles For Script Reader Jobs?

If you’ve been wondering how to become a script reader and spent the past six months trawling Craigslist for “script reader jobs los angeles” or “script reader jobs nyc” your search may finally be over…

——— We’re not currently hiring ———

When We’re Hiring Script Readers / Script Consultants We Look For…

  • People With Some Form Of Screenwriting Success. We only employ people who have written or co-written screenplays that have then been sold to a major or minor studio, made into movies, placed highly in top screenwriting contests, or secured paid writing assignments.
  • People With Experience. Alongside some form of screenwriting credits, we’re looking for people with experience writing script coverage for an agency, studio or contest for example. You don’t have to have been churning our coverage reports form CAA for ten years, but some for of experience is definitely preferable, even if it’s only six months.
  • A Smart Script Consultant. This means we’re looking for people who not only have an extensive knowledge of screenwriting, but an ability to get to the heart of a script’s problem and offer great ideas on how to fix it. If, in your previous script reading jobs, you’ve spent much of the report saying what’s wrong but offering no real solutions, then this position is not for you. Similarly, we’re not looking for script readers who spend just as much time on formatting, page count and title, as story, theme and characters.
  • People Based In Los Angeles. (Or at least New York or Austin.) This one isn’t as important as the others, but let’s just say if you live in LA you will have an advantage over someone who lives in Wisconsin. Or  Belgium.

Sound Like The Script Reading Jobs For You?

If you think you’ve got the chops to be a script consultant and not just a screenplay reader, feel free to send in your resume and a sample coverage to be considered for a script reader job with us. Payment is per script and varies depending on the project.

If you match the above criteria and have been wondering how to become a script reader, your question may have just been answered!

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  1. Eric Daniel says:

    I am a Humanitas award winning screenwriter living in LA and I have sold several scripts to the studio system, many of which have been mired in development mostly due to the diverse nature of the material, with the exception of one which was a successfully produced and very highly rated cable movie for Disney Channel. I’m looking for script reader jobs to supplement my down time and help sharpen my focus as a writer.

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Hi Eric, feel free to send us your resume: hello [at] scriptreaderpro [dot] com

  2. Jefferey says:

    Nice script jobs list. Thanks for posting.

  3. Stephen Henry says:

    I need a job as a script reader.

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