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Script Reader Jobs


script reader jobs

Please feel free to send in your resume and a sample coverage to jobs@scriptreaderpro.com if you would like to be considered for any future scriptreader jobs that may arise with us.

Payment is per script and varies depending on the project. Most of the work will involve reading screenplays and providing “regular” coverage. With time you may be asked to provide more advanced analysis, such as In-Depth Development Notes, Margin Notes and Line Edits and so previous experience of this kind of work would, of course, be beneficial.

What These Script Reader Jobs Involve…

Providing first class screenplay coverage to our clients, to a deadline.

What These Jobs Don’t Involve…

Admin stuff like photocopying. Putting out the trash. Research. Making coffee. Therefore it doesn’t matter if you’re based in Los Angeles or Reykjavik.

When They Become Available, We’re Looking For People With…

A passion for film. We don’t mean people who just “like” movies; we mean people who live and breathe movies.

Also, an extensive knowledge of screenwriting is required, (A formal qualification in screenwriting or film related program will be looked at very positively), but we’re not looking for “page count” Nazis.

We’re looking for script readers who get what the writer’s intention was in the screenplay and know how to coax this out of them on to the page.

A high command of English, both written and verbal.

Ability to deliver work to a deadline. Our reputation depends on it!

And most importantly, previous experience of script reader jobs. And lots of it. Professional experience is preferred, either from a studio, agency, script consultancy or contest, etc.

Please contact us with any further questions about the positions, or if you just want advice on getting script reader jobs in the industry in general.

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