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Shore Scripts Founder David Beazley & His Mission To Find New Talent


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Shore Scripts

In the latest of our series of interviews with the top movers and shakers in the world of screenwriting, we’d like to announce Shore Scripts founder, David Beazley.

Shore Scripts is one of the best screenwriting contests out there as they’re able to actually get your screenplay into the hands of influential producers and production companies, and in this interview with David you’ll find out all about them and just why you should consider entering.

So let’s get to it!

Let’s start with the basics — can you tell our readers what Shore Scripts does?/What’s your mission statement?

Our goal is to discover new exciting screenwriting talent from around the world.

We find the best scripts out there and get them into the hands of the producers, production companies and agents that have the means to get them made.

Tell us a little bit of background about Shore Scripts — how and when it started, who founded it, how long it’s been running, etc.

I setup Shore Scripts in 2012. Having a background in both production and screenwriting, I knew all about the difficulties in getting unsolicited screenplays out there.

Producers and production companies are desperate to find great stories; they just don’t want to read piles upon piles of screenplays. I wanted to create a go between for new writers and the industry.

Using our contacts, we were able to build up a roster of the most respected judges and production companies in the industry. We know the talent is out there. With our direct access to the industry, we want to help start careers.

Each year we’ve steadily grown. We are seeing some real success stories, which is extremely exciting for all of us here.

Can you tell us about your new program, the Short Film Fund?

Short films can be a great calling card for a writer. One of our short winners, Ben Cleary, won this years Oscar for his short “Stutterer”, so we know the impact short scripts can have on a writer’s career.

We setup a production fund to further help writers get their work made and out there for all to see.

Shore Scripts will be financing at least one winning script with a minimum budget of £5000. We are currently looking for sponsorship to help add to this fund.

Check out 2016’s competition winners Nell and Dave also known as Mrs & Mr Thomas who won the feature category with their Sci-Fi screenplay The Assessor.

We are open to writers worldwide. The film can be made in any country, but it does have to be written in English.

And your new TV pilot category?

Many of our writers have been asking us if or when we were going to setup a TV category.

We wanted to ensure that we had the best judges in place first, so it’s taken us awhile, but we’re happy to launch our TV Pilot Category.

Our judges to read the winning pilots include writers on The Sopranos, Walking Dead, Sherlock, Hannibal, Doctor Who, House, Stargate, The Blacklist, Wallander, and many others.

There’s cash and other prizes up for grabs too. We will be hoping to add to this throughout the course of the contest.

Who are the judges on your contests?

Our competition boasts the highest caliber of industry judges of any screenwriting contest in the world.

Our winning scripts will be read by 32 of our Oscar, Bafta, Emmy, Golden Globe & Cannes winning judges, which also includes some of the top film festival organizers and professional script and story editors too.

These include: Jeremy Irons, Tony Grisoni, Phyllida Lloyd, Jeffrey Caine, Jami O’Brien and many others.

What prizes do you offer for winners?

There’s over £15,000 in cash and prizes to be won this year, including copies of Final Draft 9 screenwriting software, The Coffee Break Screenwriter by Pilar Allessandra, a free listing on InkTip, as well as script coverage from our very own team of professional readers.

The top prize goes to the winner of the feature competition who walks away with £2000 ($ 2623) in cash.

But far the biggest appeal to writers should be that absolutely all of our winners have their scripts sent out to selected TV and Feature Production Companies and Literary Agents.

Tell us about some of the successes writers have had from Shore Scripts.

The most recent success story comes from Ben Cleary, one of our 2013 Short Script winners who’s just won the 2016 Best Live Short Film Oscar for his film ‘Stutterer’, which we’re utterly thrilled about.

Patrick Tobin was a 2012 Quarter-Finalist with his feature Cake, which went to go on to star Jennifer Aniston who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in the film.

Other winners have also gone on to have their scripts made.

What sets Shore Scripts apart from other contests?

Primarily it’s our connections with working practitioners within the film and TV industry that give our entrants a real possibility of getting their work produced by top professionals.

Sending all of our winning scripts out to be read can be the beginning of a writer getting him or herself known and establishing working relationships within the business.

What crucial piece(s) of advice would you give to a writer submitting their screenplay to Shore Scripts?

First, make sure you’ve read our competition rules. Secondly, make sure you’ve properly formatted your screenplay before sending it in.

This means using the industry standard layout with a title page that includes vital pieces of information such as the writers name and title of the screenplay. You’d be surprised how many submissions we receive that have this important information missing!

And thirdly, try to hook us within the first ten pages if you can, compel us to read on from the get go instead of detailing too much set-up and backstory. We want to feel as excited about your story as the writer does.

What are some of the best films you’ve seen in the past 12 months?

There’s been so many good ones over the last year. I’ve personally enjoyed: Whiplash, 45 Years, The Revenant, The Boy, Room, Mustang, Tangerine, Star Wars, Ex Machina, Carol, Spotlight, It Follows, Mad Max, Slow West, Kingsman. So many I’m properly missing out!

How can people find out more about Shore Scripts and/or follow you on social media?


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