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Hire one of our pros as a script reader, mentor, or to rewrite your script.

Let’s help get your script ready to send out into the industry. Got questions? Book a free 15-min discovery call with us.


Get notes or on-the-page edits from a pro writer/script reader. No waffle. Just actionable feedback.

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SCRIPT REWRITE SERVICE let a pro rewrite your script!

Feel like you’ve taken your script as far as you can? Hire a pro to give it a rewrite and get industry-ready.

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1-ON-1 SCRIPT MENTORSHIP hire a mentor!

1-on-1 script mentorships are the industry’s little-shared secret for going from part-timer to pro.

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Who we help.

Writers just like you :). You have a half-finished script, or a nearly-there final draft, but you’re stuck. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry. Practically all screenwriters go through the same thing. And not all writers are going to break into the industry. But here’s why we know we can help YOU:

1. You’re a creative. You want to express yourself. You might even be a rebel who doesn’t quite fit in the regular routine. You’re not happy with “the norm” and you want something different out of life.

2. You’re in it for the love of writing. You’re not in it to get rich, hang out with stars and “make it big.” You’re in it because you love writing and your dream is to be able to make a living as a writer. The joy of seeing your imagination realized on the big screen and be loved by others (while getting paid for it) is your ultimate goal.

3. You will feel unfulfilled if it doesn’t happen. You know becoming a writer is your calling and you know if you don’t achieve it you’ll look back aged 80 and feel you haven’t lived the life you wanted. The world needs to hear your stories so don’t be afraid to take the leap and pursue your dream.

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The problem? You’re having trouble getting what’s in your head into the script.

Our team of pros have the industry and writing experience you need to transform your script from unsellable, to ready-to-send-out.

Want to work with a pro screenwriter/script reader who’s written A-List Hollywood movies?

Here are just some of the projects our screenplay reader team have worked on:

Our team know how to write. With decades of experience writing and fixing scripts for indie studios, major studios, and writers just like you, they’re here to help you go from frustrated to final draft. Here’s why…

Choose a pro writer as your own personal script reader, mentor, or script doctor.

After much blood, sweat and tears the writers on our team have achieved a level of success, and now we’re here to take the trial and error out of the process so you can do the same.

PETER BRIGGS action/adventure, drama

Pro experience: Hellboy, Alien vs. Predator, Judge Dredd, hired by Paramount, Miramax, etc. Pro services: Script reader.

Bio + genre specialities
DASH FINLEY thriller, horror

Pro experience: Worked with/hired by Doug Liman, Stanley Weiser, Jason Kliot. Pro services: Script doctor, script reader, mentor.

Bio + genre specialities
JENNA MATTISON drama, thriller

Pro experience: Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Sound, Skam for Robert Downey Jr’s co. Pro services: Script doctor.

Bio + genre specialities
SCOTT PARISIEN comedy, action

Pro experience: Incision, Foxter & Max, plus many specs in development. Pro services: Script doctor, script reader, mentor.

Bio + genre specialities
CODY SMART comedy, drama

Pro experience: Sold many scripts, extensive ghost writing, UCLA instructor. Pro services: Script doctor, script reader, mentor.

Bio + genre specialities
TENNYSON E. STEAD drama, action/adventure

Pro experience: Atlas Uprising, Igor, Making the GAMP. Written 30 scripts, sold 10. Pro services: Script doctor, script reader, mentor.

Bio + genre specialities

Hear what writers are saying about our script reader services.

More 5-star testimonials can be found on our reviews page.

It’s an incredible service that I highly recommend. You won’t regret it. My experience was amazing. They nailed it.

Brenda Jackson

During my mentorship program with Script Reader Pro my mentor mapped out a really effective strategy to rewrite my script. I am 100% happy with the service and highly recommend. Read more.

Kate Gross, Manager at Fixthephoto.com

The margin notes were thorough, thoughtful, positive and detailed… I now have the “tools” I need to take my script to its full potential. I’m excited to get to work.

Clea Montville-Wood

Great coverage on my script, very insightful. I believe it was a significant factor in helping me get representation with a major agent at a top LA boutique agency.

Philip Pierce

I was blown away with this one-on-one opportunity to discuss my script in detail with a professional screenwriter. My script became a finalist in more and more contests and won second place in this year’s Page Turner Thriller contest.

Kathy-Kay Patterson

My co-writer and I won the BlueCat screenplay competition for 2018. We used Script Reader Pro and their notes really made a huge difference in the rewrites. Very thankful for having found this website.

Ismael Gomez III

4 reasons why writers rely
on Script Reader Pro.

1. In-depth feedback or hands-on rewriting. Our pros can provide either detailed advice on the exact steps needed to fix your script yourself, or do the work for you. Whatever style suits you best, we can help.

2. Industry connections. If our script reader really likes your script and gives it a “Recommend” grade, we may ask you if you’d like them to pass it on to their manager or agent or other industry contacts.

3. Aftercare. Our team want the best results for you. That’s why many services come with free access to ask your chosen pro follow-up questions. Ask questions, get answers, fix your script!

4. 5-star service. Over the last 12 years we’ve built a 5-star script reader/doctor service. See the results on our reviews page here.

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