New to Script Reader Pro? Great, we’re honored to have you on board! If you’re wondering where to begin, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide on how to get started.

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Step 1. Get to know us. 

Script Reader Pro is a team of professional screenwriters and everything we do and create is based on helping screenwriters live the life they want and need to live—the creative life.

Head on over to our Meet the Team page to get to know the team and read more on our philosophy and story.

As pro screenwriters, we know how to write scripts that open doors. And also which strategies work and which don’t work when it comes to trying to open those doors.

To help you achieve this, we have a range of options, including:

Script coverage services

Script rewrite/polish services

Screenwriting and marketing mentorship programs

Step 2. Join the community.

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Step 3. Explore your passion for screenwriting.

We have a collection of resources of the best screenwriting books, contests, courses, software, etc. that we believe no aspiring screenwriter should live without.

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Check out the best of the blog:

Script Reader Pro has been producing content since 2011, so as you can imagine there’s quite a bit to catch up on. Luckily we’ve curated all of our content into the following categories so you can easily get started 🙂

How to write a script

How to become a screenwriter

How to write for TV

You can also check out our blog’s archive and use the search function in the top right corner of this page to browse our entire back catalog.

Check out the ultimate screenwriters’ calendar:

Once you’ve worked your way through those, download our Screenwriters’ Calendar so you can keep track of all the contests, festivals and fellowships during the year! Get the calendar >>

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Step 4. Say hello!

We have a dedicated Help & FAQs page where you’ll find the answers to a ton of screenwriting craft and business questions, as well as on our services. We hope to work with you soon!


Forget vague script coverage that tells you to “ramp up the stakes in Act 2” but doesn’t tell you how. Ours are intensive and full of ideas.


Pair yourself up with one of our pro screenwriters for 6 or 12 weeks of 1-on-1 coaching on our Screenwriting Mentorship program.


Our screenwriting course de-mystifies the “fluff” found in most screenwriting courses and script coverage services.