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Blacklist Scripts and How to Get Your Script on the List

What Is the Blacklist and How Can You Get Your Script on It?


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May 23, 2012 8 comments
blacklist scripts

Blacklist Scripts: The Complete Guide

In this post, we’re going to unravel some of the confusion surrounding the Blacklist among aspiring screenwriters. We’ll be looking at questions like:

♦  What is the Blacklist?

♦  What’s the difference between the Blacklist and the Blacklist website?

♦  How do I get my script on the Blacklist?

So let’s dive right on in.

What Is the Blacklist? 

The Blacklist is a yearly roundup of the best unproduced screenplays doing the rounds in Hollywood, as voted for by producers.

It was started by an executive named Franklin Leonard back in 2005. He came up with the idea of forwarding a spreadsheet of the best unproduced scripts to fellow producers in the business.

The concept took off immediately, and many scripts have since graduated from the Blacklist to become well-known movies. 
The King’s Speech and Juno are two examples. 

This Blacklist is a completely different entity from the Blacklist website which followed years later…

What Is the Blacklist Website?

The Blacklist website is a site where aspiring screenwriters can (for a fee) upload their screenplays. Industry people who’ve also opted into the site, can then read and vote on them.

This online voting system means the writer is able to watch as their script climbs or falls down the ranking. It’s a good way of tracking the progress of your writing. But, obviously, your main aim should be to get your script on the original Blacklist that circulates Hollywood.

As you probably know there’s no magic bullet when it comes to screenwriting. When it comes to getting your screenplays on the Blacklist, though, there’s one key piece of advice we recommend you take…

Read Blacklist Scripts

It sounds obvious, but far too few aspiring screenwriters actually put it into practice. If you want to get your screenplay on the Blacklist, you need to be reading scripts that are already on it.

Reading scripts that made the Blacklist will help you keep abreast of what’s hot in Hollywood and the kind of standard you need to reach.

If you want to succeed as a screenwriter, you need to read screenplays all the time. And Blacklist scripts are a great way of doing this. It will help keep your finger on the pulse of Hollywood and you’ll pick something up from each script you read.

Read Blacklist Loglines

As well as reading scripts on the Blacklist, we also recommend that you read all of the loglines of the scripts that make it onto the list.

This will also teach you how to write a logline and is an invaluable way of getting the creative juices flowing if you’re trying to come up with a concept for your next screenplay.

You will find all the loglines to screenplays that made it onto the Blacklist over the last few years here:

♦  Blacklist Loglines 2018

♦  Blacklist Loglines 2017

♦  Blacklist Loglines 2016

♦  Blacklist Loglines 2015

♦  Blacklist Loglines 2014

Where to Download Blacklist Scripts

Unfortunately, you can’t download scripts on the Blacklist from their website, but if you type “download blacklist scripts” into a search engine, you should be able to locate a few. Here are some resources to get you started:

♦  Blacklist Scripts 2017

♦  Blacklist Scripts 2009


Getting a script on the Blacklist takes a dedication to the craft of screenwriting and knowing how to write a screenplay that’s good enough to compete with the best.

Reading scripts on the Blacklist will help get your writing chops up to speed. You should also be reading as many pro screenplays online as you can. Watch how your screenwriting ability improves exponentially and soon you may find your own screenplay on the Blacklist.


Have you ever had a script on the Blacklist? Do you know the easiest way to download Blacklist scripts? How many have you read and what did you think of them? Let us know in the comments section below.

blacklist scripts

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  1. Taylor C says:

    That’s good thinking guys. Nice

  2. Daley Nixon says:

    Do you have any black list scripts before 2008?

    1. SRP says:

      Hey there, no sorry we don’t. Try contacting them directly.

  3. gerasimos rozis says:

    Hmm, blacklist… let’s see.
    The site requires two evaluations for the top lists, with a minimum of 6.something. So getting there, you actually need two 7s. At the very least. Every single of my scripts, had an overall rating of 7 or 8. I’m talking about the very first evaluation for each script. What about the second? Every single one of them 3s and 4s. All of them. That means, you have to go for a third evaluation, as I did. All 5s and 6s. This is no joke. This is their system. With an average crap score, that sets us outside the top lists, so we have to buy another, and another. Blacklist says that “Empirically, rating variance of overall scores in two or more reviews has been low”, but at the same time “Subjectivity is nearly impossible to get rid of when evaluating scripts and is ingrained in the process”. No shit. Taking into account that “Blacklist’s readers are the best of the bunch”, I come to believe that they’re the best in forcing you buying more and more evaluations. At least your service, worth the money, because your people actually read the script. Blacklist’s people, do not.

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Yes, this is a problem with the Blacklist website. It can all get pretty confusing, so just to clarify for readers: In this post, we’re advocating that you should try and get your script on the real Blacklist – the list of the best unproduced circulated around Hollywood to producers, execs, etc. Not pay to have it put on the Blacklist website.

      1. Darwish says:

        Well thanks
        As you have you said to get to the original website how will I know that website where I should upload my scripts. It will be better if you share with us the link to the original website . Thanks

        1. Script Reader Pro says:

          Sorry for the confusion – the “original” Blacklist isn’t a website. As we say in the post: “But, obviously, your main aim should be to get your script on the original Blacklist that circulates Hollywood.”

  4. HarrytheHatKing says:

    “Get on the ORIGINAL Blacklist…”

    Now that is some seriously good advice. Of course, in order to get on that “List”, you actually have to have your script read by producers so they’ll circulate it to other producers. No. Really. That’s how it works.
    Now, comes the $64000 question: How do make that happen?
    One way is to kidnap a producer or his/her family member – check that, who are we kidding, producers don’t care about their families, so forget that one – and force him/her to read your screenplay at gunpoint. If you’re lucky, really lucky, he or she won’t hold the kidnapping thing against you and will think your screenplay is the greatest thing since his or her last success in 1984 and pass the screenplay around to other producers much smarter than he or her and you’ll get a deal…
    Good luck.

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