How does your rewrite/polish service work?

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by Script Reader Pro
October 20, 2022 0 comments

1. Purchase an Initial Assessment. During checkout, once you click “Add to Cart,” you’ll be able to choose your turnaround time, make a $79 payment (or Rush payment), choose your pro writer and upload your script as a PDF.

2. Assess your Initial Assessment! Your writer’s notes will lay out exactly what kind of rewrite or polish your chosen pro believe your script needs. The assessment will also include their estimated turnaround time and project cost. (Please note: We’re unable to give estimates before reading the script and writing up an Initial Assessment.)

3. Have a free email exchange or 15-minute phone consultation. If you’d like to go ahead, you have the option of jumping on a call with your chosen pro to go over any issues or questions about the rewrite/polish.

4. Purchase the script rewrite/polish/ghostwrite. Once you’re happy to sign off the project we’ll send you a (simple, we promise) contract to sign. This will confirm the work we’ve agreed to undertake and that you’re happy for us to get started. Copyright will remain 100 percent with you, the writer.

5. Review your new script. Once you’ve received your rewritten or polished script, we’ll be in touch to make sure you’re 100 percent happy and you’re, of course, free to reach out with any queries or feedback at any time.

Here’s Scott Parisen, one of our pro screenwriters, explaining the service:

If you still need help, please contact us.