How do I pick my preferred pro writer?

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by Script Reader Pro
July 23, 2019 0 comments

Here’s the 2-step plan to picking the pro of your choice:

1. If you haven’t already, check out our writers’ profiles on our About Us page. There you’ll find their mini-bios and genre specialties.

2. During checkout, you’ll be asked for your first and second choice pro.

And that’s it!

A note on reader availablilty:

If your first choice isn’t available your script will go to your second choice. In the unlikely event your second choice isn’t available, we’ll contact you.

If you leave your second choice as “I don’t mind” we’ll send your script to who’s available and best suited to your script’s genre.

If you really want a specific reader, add them as your 1st AND 2nd choice and we’ll be sure to pass it on to them or get back to you with their availability.

(Important! Not all readers are available for all services. If your chosen reader isn’t listed, it means they’re unavailable for the service.)