What services include a Ratings Grid and Script Recommendation?

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by Script Reader Pro
October 18, 2022 0 comments

A Ratings Grid (marks for Concept, Character, Dialogue, etc.) and Script Recommendation (overall grade of Recommend, Consider, or Development Needed) is given on most coverage services.

The following services DO NOT include a Ratings Grid or Script Recommendation:

  • Consultancy Call – no coverage, only verbal feedback
  • Margin Notes – no coverage, only on-the-page feedback
  • Initial Assessments for a rewrite/polish or mentorship – you’ll receive a quote or approach to the mentorship notes
  • Line Edit – pros are editing rather than reading for story feedback
  • Proofread/Formatting service – pros are editing rather than reading for story feedback
  • Synopsis/Treatment Coverage – coverage on prose document not a script
  • Logline Analysis – coverage on a concept only

However, you can purchase a Ratings Grid/Script Recommendation separately for any of the above services here for $20.

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