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Welcome to Script Reader Pro.

The only script consultancy that lets you choose a professional screenwriter to work on your script according to its genre. Interested? Click on a box below to find out more.


This is your chance to let a professional screenwriter get hands-on with your script and bring it up to industry standard.


Forget vague feedback from an anonymous screenplay reader. Get written script coverage from a professional writer instead.


Choose one of our pros to personally mentor you through your next draft or give you career advice. Why go it alone?


Match your script’s genre with the
pro screenwriter of your choice.

Pick one of our pro screenwriters to review your movie, TV or short script depending on their genre specialty.

You can read their full bios and credits here.

If you’re looking for just a screenplay reader you’re in the wrong place. Each of us has personally gone from having zero industry connections to getting an agent, manager, selling scripts and ultimately writing for a living. And now we can help you do the same.

300+ 5-star Facebook and Google reviews (and counting).

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Great coverage on my script, very insightful. I believe it was a significant factor in helping me get representation with a major agent at a top LA boutique agency.

Philip Pierce

I was blown away with this one-on-one opportunity to discuss my script in detail with a professional screenwriter. My script became a finalist in more and more contests and won second place in this year’s Page Turner Thriller contest.

Kathy-Kay Patterson

My co-writer and I won the BlueCat screenplay competition for 2018. We used Script Reader Pro and their notes really made a huge difference in the rewrites. Very thankful for having found this website.

Ismael Gomez III

Let Script Reader Pro help you realize your writing potential.

We know you’re not in this to “get rich.” You’re in this because you’re a creative who wants to see your imagination realized on the big screen (and getting paid for it would be a bonus). Here are just some of the projects we’ve worked on:

Everything you’ll get by choosing Script Reader Pro.

• In-depth written or verbal feedback. Practical suggestions on how to strengthen your film or TV script by a pro screenwriter. No waffle. No unhelpful cliches. Just a solid action plan on how to elevate the script above the ordinary. Choose one of our screenplay reader services or a screenwriting mentorship or marketing mentorship to get started.

• Industry connections. If our reader really likes your script and gives it a “Recommend” grade, we may ask you if you’d like them to pass it on to their manager or agent or other industry contacts.

• Free follow-up email service. We don’t just hang up the phone or send you your script coverage and leave it at that. You can email us afterward with any questions you may have about our feedback at any time.

• Guaranteed five-star service. Our average client rating on Google and Facebook is 5/5 stars. You can read what other writers just like yourself say about our screenplay reader services on our Reviews page.

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Why keep getting frustrated, chasing your own tail when you could give your script a revamp and take it to the next level?

You may realize by now that you have two choices:

1. Keep going at it alone, trying to start or finish your script by yourself, getting frustrated and not knowing how to solve its story, character or structural problems.


2. Get serious and invest in your writing career by hiring professional help.

If you have any questions we haven’t covered, check out our knowledge base.

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