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Script coverage services.

Choose one of our screenplay coverage services below and pick a professional screenwriter according to your script’s genre.

FROM $149

Choose from Classic TV Coverage (4+ pages) or Deluxe TV Coverage (12+ pages) of super detailed notes on your television pilot.

FROM $169

Choose from Classic Feature Coverage (4+ pages) or Deluxe Feature Coverage (12+ pages) of feedback on your screenplay.

FROM $499

Find out what a pro writer thinks of your story, page by page and scene by scene. Notes are written directly on the script.


(We also do Synopsis/Treatment Coverage for synopses, treatments, TV bibles, etc. Short Film Coverage for shorts up to 20 pages, and have a Logline Analysis service to help you nail your concept.)


Script doctor and editing services.

Choose a pro screenwriter to personally rewrite, polish, edit,  proofread and format your script.


Our “script doctor” services include rewriting and polishing your script to help it achieve its full potential while keeping your voice intact.

FROM $499

Dialogue and description edits made directly onto the script, cutting excess words, rearranging sentences, tightening up the read.

FROM $299

We will flag up all grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors as well as making sure your script is professionally formatted.


1-on-1 verbal feedback services.

Rather talk to one of our team instead? Set up a 1/2-hour or 1-hour call. Or start a screenwriting mentorship!


Choose one of our genre specialists to mentor you for 6 or 12 weeks. Receive verbal feedback on your script and the craft of screenwriting.


Got a great script but unsure what’s next? Get 1-on-1 marketing coaching specific to your script from a pro writer and learn how to sell it.


Choose this service to set up a 1/2-hour or 1-hour consultancy call with a pro. Receive feedback and brainstorm fresh ideas. Notepad required!


(We also have a Pitch Consultancy Call service in which you can practice your pitch with a pro.)


Script coverage services from the
pro screenwriter of your choice.

Pick one of our pro screenwriters depending on their genre specialty. You can read their full bios and credits here.

300+ 5-star Facebook and Google reviews for our screenplay coverage services (and counting). 

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[The] notes were so incredibly helpful and encouraging, at a time I was getting so many passes, that it actually helped me open the script to an entirely new angle…one which helped me set it up with Imagine’s new indie division.

Gabriela Lugo

Great coverage on a thriller script, very insightful. I believe it was a significant factor in helping me get representation with a major agent at a top LA boutique agency.

Philip Pierce

Absolutely worth the money! Had notes back within 2 weeks and the level of detail shocked me. I couldn’t be more thrilled and now have great direction on where to take my story for the next draft. You have a customer for life.

Sean LaFollette

Here’s what you’ll get with our script coverage services:

1. Your choice of pro screenwriter. All of our screenplay coverage services are performed by working screenwriters who have sold screenplays and had them produced. And you’re free to choose one depending on your script’s genre.

2. Script coverage without the fluff. Tired of paying for vague script coverage services that leave you feeling confused and deflated? You know what we mean. Stuff like, “Let the story breathe,” “Trust in your main character,” and “Never use camera angles.” At Script Reader Pro, we approach each project with the same aim: to give you a solid action plan on how to fix what’s not working as well is it could.

3. Industry buzz and high fives! Many of our wonderful clients have left a ton of 5/5 star reviews on Google and Facebook. Our script coverage services have also been featured in Indiewire, Creative Screenwriting, Raindance and many other sites.

4. Industry connections. If you receive a “Recommend” rating on your script coverage it means your script doctor really liked your screenplay and may be able to pass it on to their manager, agent or other industry contacts.

5. Post-script coverage follow-up. All of our screenplay coverage services come with a FREE email follow-up service in which you can ask a couple of questions about our script doctor’s feedback on your screenplay.

6. Super-fast turnaround time. Our services (apart from Rewrite/Polish) all come with a 14-day turnaround time, but if you need it back even sooner we have 3-Day and 7-Day Rush services available.

best script coverage services

Script coverage services FAQs. 

You can find the answers to most questions in our knowledge base but here are some answers to popular questions about our best script coverage and script doctor services below, and clarification of the terms in general.

Q1. Just what is “script coverage” exactly?

Good question, because while we’ve been referring to our services as “script coverage” they’re actually more like “script notes.”

Traditionally, film coverage is written by an intern, assistant or script reader at a production company, or for a manager or agent. They’re a basic one or two pages of feedback on a screenplay or teleplay so the producer, exec, manager or agent doesn’t have to read the script itself.

Script notes, on the other hand, are what an exec, script doctor or other industry pros give to writers in order to improve it. They’re usually much longer than one or two pages.

Some script consultancies, such as ours, offer paid screenplay coverage services mimicking this process in which a script doctor writes a substantial document full of story fixes, ideas and suggestions for the next draft. Hence the term “script doctor” rather than “script reader” which is often just an intern or assistant at a company.

We call our script notes “script coverage services” simply as it’s a more widely known term among aspiring writers.

Q2. Okay, so what’s the difference between your “script coverage services/script notes” and “script doctor services?”

In the film industry, script doctor work usually involves a professional, high-end screenwriter being asked by a studio to rewrite another writer’s script. Most often this means fixing certain problem areas right before production, rather than the whole script.

While this term isn’t really used in the industry itself, we like to distinguish our TV and feature film coverage services from script doctor work as the latter involves actually rewriting or polishing a writer’s screenplay.

Q3. How much are your script coverage services and script doctor services?

Here are some of our most popular products’ prices: Classic Feature Coverage (4+ pages of notes) is $169. Deluxe Feature Coverage (12+ pages of notes) is $449. Classic TV Coverage and Deluxe TV Coverage are $149 and $399 respectively. Our Screenwriting Mentorship Program is $1449.

You’ll find all our TV and film coverage service prices and “Step by Step Purchasing Instructions,” however, on each individual script coverage page listed above.

Simply scroll down to the bottom of whichever service page you’re on to see the specific instructions on how to get started. Our script doctor services are not listed by price as quotes vary according to the project.

Q4. What’s the turnaround time on your script coverage services?

All of our screenwriting coverage services have a turnaround time of up to 14 calendar days (approx). We also have a 3-Day Rush and a 7-Day Rush service if you need your it back sooner.

Scripts received after 5 pm PST will be processed the following morning.

Our script doctor services, however, such as script rewrites, polishes and adaptations have longer turnaround times—usually between 4 and 12 weeks.

Q5. How do I choose a reader according to my script’s genre?

During checkout, you’ll be asked who you’d like to complete your script coverage services. Head on over to our About Us page and you’ll find a list of all our script readers and their genre specialties.

Q6. Why do aspiring screenwriters love you guys so much?

We’re a modest bunch here at Script Reader Pro, so maybe it’s best if you read some of the 5/5 star reviews on Google and Facebook 🙂

Q7. Can I see a script coverage sample?

Sure thing. On each service page, you’ll find a link to a script coverage example which you can download. On this page, you’ll also find more information on what script coverage is and links where you download a script coverage example of each type of coverage out there.

Q8. How can I get an agent? Can you guys get me one?

We recommend you read this post: How To Get A Screenwriting Agent: The Ultimate Guide. We may be able to hook you up with an agent, manager or producer, but we have to love your script.

If you receive a “Recommend” rating from one of our script coverage services, we may ask if you’d like us to pass your screenplay on to the reader’s contacts (as long as it’s also a good fit.)

If you have any questions we haven’t covered, check out our knowledge base or feel free to email.

best script coverage services