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write scripts that get noticed. WE’LL MATCH YOU WITH a pro writer to show you how.

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Imagine having a portfolio of (at least) 3 industry-ready scripts…

Partnering up with a pro writer is the industry’s little-shared secret for going from “aspiring” to “pro.”

Script Reader Pro are a small team of professional screenwriters who can show you how to write scripts that people will LOVE – and buy.

Whether you’ve written one script or ten, (or none!) our team of pros will transform the way you write so you can go out into the industry with a portfolio of scripts that’ll blow the socks off of people and create the writing career you’ve wanted for so long.

How do we help writers do this? 

We have 3 service options to choose from:


Services include script coverage notes, line edit, proofread/formatting, on-the-page margin notes, all designed to take your script up a level.

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Your pro will bring their years of writing experience to your script, rewriting it according to your agreed-upon vision to get it industry-ready, fast.

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Choose a 12- or 6-week mentorship and discuss your script your pro face-to-face, spitballing ideas and getting the story just right, together.

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You can find some of our latest Facebook reviews for our mentorships and script coverage, script rewrite services below.

The average rating from our clients is:

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Writers trust Script Reader Pro because we’re the only script consultancy who…

1. Match you with a pro screenwriter. No more script notes from regular script readers who’ve never sold a script themselves. Working with a pro screenwriter means working with someone who how to achieve what you’re trying to do: break in!

2. Let you choose a pro according to your script’s genre. No more having your script read by an anonymous pair of initials. Read our pros bios, choose who best fits your script’s genre and get your screenwriting career rocking.

3. Offer such a range of services. Maybe all you’re looking for is regular script coverage. That’s just fine. But we’re the only consultancy out there to also offer screenwriting mentorships, line editing, margin notes, and a script rewriting service.

BONUS REASON: Over the last 12 years we’ve built a 5-star script reader/doctor service. See the results on our reviews page here.

Most pros don’t start their career in a vacuum. They do it with the help of others.

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