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Introducing the Script Reader Pro Affiliate Program…

If you’re a screenwriter or if you run a screenwriting website or contest, why not sign up to our affiliate program and make a little money—simply by spreading the word about our script coverage services, course or books.

Everything we do and create is based on helping screenwriters live the life they want and need to live—the creative life. And this is what you can help your writing friends achieve while earning up to 25 percent commission per sale.

The Script Reader Pro affiliate program is completely free no matter where you’re based in the world and only takes a minute to set up.

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How It Works

After signing up, we’ll provide you with text links, banner ads and other marketing materials you can use to promote Script Reader Pro on your website, social media or email list.

When someone clicks on an affiliate link (a unique link provided by us) on your website, social media page or email list, a cookie (tracking code) is activated on their browser.

If the person decides to place an order, it will be registered as your sale. (This can happen as long as one month later—the life of the cookie.)

You will then earn a commission of up to 25 percent for that referral and receive payment via PayPal four weeks after each purchase. But you can also log in to your affiliate account to check how many sales you’re making during the month too.

How to Get Started

Joining our affiliate program is really simple:

1. Click the Join Now button at the top or bottom of this page.

2. Fill out the short form and apply to join our affiliate program.

3. Once we’ve reviewed your application for approval you’ll get access to affiliate links so you can start promoting our services and products.

A Couple of Caveats

We’re not able to accept any websites or blogs that aren’t relevant to screenwriting or are still under construction

If you join our affiliate program you won’t be able to refer yourself. If you use an affiliate link to purchase something for personal gain, you won’t receive a commission

Sound good? Get started by hitting the button below.

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