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Top 6 FAQs.

Q1. I’d like feedback on my script. How do I get started?

Great! It depends what service you’re looking for, but here are some quick links:

• Script coverage services. You’ll find all of our coverage services for feature screenplays, TV pilots, short films, Treatments/TV series bibles and more on our script coverage services page.

• Script doctor services. If you’re interested in a script rewrite and/or polish, you’ll find those services on our script doctor services page. (Please note: We’re unable to give you a quote on a rewrite or polish without an Initial Assessment, which you can purchase on the page)

• Mentorship program. We also offer a weekly craft and career mentoring for screenwriters which you can check out at our screenwriting mentorship page.

Q2. What’s the turnaround time on your services?

Here are the turnaround times for each service. All times are Pacific Standard Time and counted in calendar days. Scripts received after 5 pm PST will be processed the following morning.

• Script coverage services have a standard turnaround time of up to 14 days (approx). If you purchase a 3-Day Rush or 7-Day Rush service you’ll get your notes back within that timeframe (including public holidays and weekends.)

• Script doctor services have a variable turnaround time depending on the project that’s agreed on between us and the writer—usually between 4 and 12 weeks. (No Rush service is available.)

• Mentorship program. This also has a turnaround time of 14 days approx before you’ll receive your first session.

(Please note: If you’ve already purchased one of our services, we’re unable to keep you updated on its progress during the 14 days. Thanks for understanding!)

Q3. My script’s page count is over the limit. What do I do?

Here are the page counts for each service:

• Feature screenplays. 125 pages

• TV pilots. 65 pages

• Short films. 20 pages

Extra pages are charged at $2 per page. Please contact us using the form below stating your page count and the service you’re looking to purchase and we’ll send you a customized button.

If you want to purchase a Synopsis/Treatment Coverage (for treatments/TV series bibles/synopses, etc.) we go by word count and the limit is 4000 words.

If yours is over 4000, get in touch stating your word count and the fact you’re buying a Story Analysis and we’ll shoot over a customized button.

Q4. How can I get an agent or manager? 

There best route is to try and get a manager first as they’re more about making connections than agents who are there when you want to sign a deal. We have a few blog posts on the subject that will tell you all you need to know:

Screenwriting Managers List

How To Get A Screenwriting Agent: The Ultimate Guide

How To Sell A Screenplay

We may be able to hook you up with an agent, manager or producer, but you have to have received a “Recommend” rating from one of our script coverage services.

If so, we may ask if you’d like us to pass your screenplay on to the reader’s contacts (as long as it’s also a good fit.)

Q5. Do you want to buy my script? 

We’re not a production company and so would suggest you try gaining representation if you don’t have it already and querying producers.

Bear in mind that producers generally don’t buy ideas, they’ll want to buy the whole script if they like it.

Q6. Can I join your team as a script reader? 

We’re currently doing okay for readers but if you have professional screenwriting credits, please send in your resume and a sample script coverage report to hello[at]scriptreaderpro.com.

(Please note: we don’t take on anyone without an impressive resume of professional writing credits, such as interns, recent graduates or studio script readers.)

Still got questions? 

No problem, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Our fastest support hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm PST but we do get a ton of emails every day.

So, depending on the size of our email mountain and the urgency of your message, it may take more than a day or so to get back to you.

We’ll do our best, though, to reply to you asap. We appreciate it 🙂


Alex + the Script Reader Pro team

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