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Choose 4+ or 12+ pages of professional feedback on your movie script

No more flimsy sets of notes from an anonymous pair of initials. Get a real set of hands-on advice from a working Hollywood screenwriter.

(Please note: This price is for scripts up to 125 pages. If yours is longer, you’ll be able to purchase extra pages during checkout, at $2 per page over 125.)

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How our feature script coverage
process works. 

Vague, cliche-filled notes from an anonymous pair of initials don’t help anyone. Get a DIY action plan on how to upgrade your script instead from a pro screenwriter.

1. Decide on “Classic” or “Deluxe” script coverage. Our standard script coverage service is the “Classic” option. Classic Feature Coverage will give you at least 4+ pages of written notes from a pro. Deluxe Feature Coverage will give you a whopping 12+ pages of intensive development notes, covering every aspect of your script in detail.

2. Choose a pro screenwriter. Before heading to checkout, you can check which pros are available for which services on our About page.

3. Choose a turnaround time. Once you’re in checkout, choose between our standard turnaround 14-Day (approx) turnaround or a faster 3- or 7-Day Rush service.

4. Send us your script. After checking out you’ll be able to upload your feature script (up to 125 pages) and leave any notes you might have for your chosen pro.

5. Kick back and relax. You’ll receive an email letting you know we’ve successfully received your script and to confirm your chosen turnaround time.

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Match your script’s genre with the
pro screenwriter of your choice.

Pick one of our pro screenwriters to review your movie script depending on their genre specialty.

Below are the pros who do Feature Script Coverage (All except Jenna Mattison).You can check out their full bios and credits here.

Does your script make the grade? If so, it could get passed on to our industry contacts.

Get a “Recommend” rating and your chosen writer may ask if you’d like your movie script passed on to his/her manager, agent or other industry contacts for consideration.

Check out a feature script coverage example.

You can view a sample Classic Feature Coverage below or download it here.

You can also see more script coverage examples on this page.

Feature script coverage FAQs. 

You can find the answers to most questions on our contact page but here are some answers to popular questions about our script coverage services below.

Q1. How do I know this won’t be a waste of my money?

Script Reader Pro was born out of its CEO, Al Bloom’s, frustrations at receiving vague, unhelpful script coverage from anonymous readers on his own scripts. That’s why we do the exact opposite! Every set of notes or edit we deliver to our customers come with a rock solid promise: you won’t be disappointed. See our testimonials page for feedback on our services from writers just like you.

Q2. Why should I choose Script Reader Pro over anyone else?

You should absolutely check out our competitors’ script coverage services before purchasing. You’ll find that none of them use professional screenwriters. You won’t know their names, just their initials. You won’t know what their experience is, other than something vague about “working at top agencies.” You won’t be able to choose a reader unless you pay extra, and so on.

Q3. But Company X offers 6 pages of notes in 24 hours for $80! Sounds better than you, right?

Hmm… Yes, it’s true other consultancies do offer script coverage services at lightning speeds. We prefer to get things right by only offering a rush turnaround time of 3 days. It’s also true that some companies may be cheaper. It all depends whether you want to pay that little bit extra for higher quality feedback from a pro writer, or not.

Q4. But why do I even need script coverage? I know how great my script is better than anyone. 

You don’t need coverage. But the thing is, even professional screenwriters get feedback on their scripts from other writers, their managers, friends, etc. before showing them to other people. When you’re “in the weeds” of your own script, it can be super hard to know if it’s working or not. An outsider’s perspective can be invaluable in determining just how good it is and what it needs to make it better. Especially if that person is a pro screenwriter themselves.

Q5. Can you guarantee that I’ll break in after using your editing or script coverage services?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in this business as it’s super subjective. Therefore, we’re unable to guarantee any level of success after completion of the work, such as securing an agent, manager or making a sale or winning a contest. If you find a script consultancy that does guarantee these things, we recommend you proceed with extreme caution.

Q6. I’m not paying you to just feed this into an A.I. software am I?

This is a smart question in this day and age. Look, A.I. can do a lot of things, but it can’t tell a writer how to write a great script (not yet anyway). But we can. And our successes reflect that. Don’t forget, if you prefer a cheaper option, we can also provide a 30-min Script Audit call with you so you can talk to the pro of your choice face-to-face about your script and get more info on next steps.

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Choose 4+ or 12+ pages of Feature Script Coverage and get your career rollin’.

No more flimsy sets of notes from an anonymous pair of initials. Get a real set of hands-on advice from a working Hollywood screenwriter.

(Please note: This price is for scripts up to 125 pages. If yours is longer, you’ll be able to purchase extra pages during checkout, at $2 per page over 125.)

If you have a question we haven’t covered, please email us here. We look forward to working with you!