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Without needing to spend a small fortune on screenwriting books, take a class in dialogue writing or get mentored by Quentin Tarantino.

are you…


Don’t worry, we know how you feel, as learning how to write dialogue can often be one of the hardest aspects of screenwriting to master.

Here’s the deal…

    • You want to write screenplay dialogue that SHINES and “leaps off the page.” You know—all the things they tell you screenplay dialogue should do in all those screenwriting books you’ve read.
    • You want to give your characters a VOICE and make each one stand out as an individual through what they say and how they say it.
    • You want to learn how to write dialogue that builds conflict, increases tension, pushes the story forward and reveals character and theme.
    • You want your characters’ conversations to feel elevated and heightened, and yet at the same time feel completely natural, just like in real life.
    • You want script readers, agents, managers and producers to be BLOWN AWAY by your screenplay dialogue—its verve, wit and sharpness.

Too much to ask?

how to write dialogue

Here’s the problem…

    • You’ve been writing for years, read a million screenwriting books, taken courses on dialogue writing and yet still find learning how to write dialogue that ROCKS the single hardest aspect of screenwriting to get to grips with.
    • Or you’re confused by all the advice out there on how to write dialogue. Advice like “show don’t tell,” “cut on-the-nose dialogue,” “give each character a voice,” makes sense intellectually, but actually implementing it in your script is another matter.
    • Or you often get NEGATIVE FEEDBACK on your screenplay’s dialogue that it’s too “on-the-nose,” “overwritten” and/or “lacking emotion.” And if that weren’t bad enough, apparently “every character sounds the same.”

So, you’re left with a few options: 

Struggle on with trying to learn how to write dialogue by writing more scripts but keep getting the same comments from script readers that the dialogue doesn’t have enough subtext, lacks emotion or fails to “sing.”

how to write dialogue



This is the first book on writing dialogue of its kind: full of theory hacks, practical exercises and resources that will get your script’s dialogue up where it needs to be.

how to write dialogue

Theory Hacks. This book contains a set of three theory hacks that dispel many of the myths when it comes to writing dialogue and make it that much easier to craft conversations that sound authentic and engaging.

Practical Exercises. Inside are three super hands-on, rarely discussed practical exercises used by professional screenwriters. Add these to your writing routine and watch your dialogue writing improve 100 percent.

Resources Toolkit. Also included is a set of resources and worksheets that complement the previous two sections, plus suggested further reading.


Think of the book a 3 step plan to dialogue mastery

1. Identify the reasons why your dialogue isn’t working. One of the biggest problems aspiring screenwriters face is being able to RECOGNIZE poorly written dialogue in their own work. It can be hard to step back and look at the dialogue objectively when you’re deep in the story, and so in the book, we show you some practical methods you can use to do just that.

2. Eliminate the main problems holding your dialogue back. We break down the three most common mistakes aspiring screenwriters make when it comes to dialogue: 1. It’s too on-the-nose, 2. There’s too much of it, 3. All the characters sound the same and show you how to identify and combat each one.

3. Improve your dialogue with a new weekly writing practice. Not only will the theory hacks and practical exercises help you identify and eliminate bad dialogue, they’ll also provide a solid GAME PLAN on how to write interesting, effective dialogue going forward. Implement these exercises into your weekly writing routine and learn how to master dialogue.


Hands-on Practical Exercises


Super Demystifying Theory Hacks


Hours Saved Learning How To Write Dialogue


High Fives We've Received For Writing This Book

OK, but what will I REALLY get out of it? 

In the book will learn…

    • How to give each one of your characters a VOICE that makes them stand out as individuals through what they say and how they say it.
    • How to write dialogue by using examples from poorly written scripts to IMPROVE your own.
    • How to write VISUALLY and use the dialogue to support a scene rather than drive it.
    • Conversely, how to craft conversations full of subtext and layers that subtly reveal character and/or drive the scene and plot.
    • How to know what dialogue to leave in and what to cut.
    • How to recognize poorly written screenplay dialogue within your own script BEFORE you send it anywhere important.
    • How to format screenplay dialogue using our definitive, no-nonsense guide.

how to write dialogue


Granted, this book on how to write dialogue may not be for everyone, but if you answer YES to any of the following examples, it most definitely is.

    • The novice screenwriter. You’ve recently taken up screenwriting and want to hit the ground running—learning as much as you can about how to write dialogue in the easiest, best way possible.
    • The experienced but lost screenwriter. You’ve been writing for a while but are struggling to write GREAT dialogue. You’ve read a ton of books, taken dialogue writing seminars and had script coverage, but it all adds up to one thing: frustration!
    • The not quite there yet screenwriter. You’ve placed highly in a few contests, had some great feedback and produced a short that’s done well on the festival circuit. BUT, there’s something holding back your writing from breaking through to the next level. And you suspect it may partly be down to the dialogue.

Proofreading and formatting service

If you want to start crafting screenplay dialogue that works FOR your screenplay rather than against, this book will show you how. For just twenty-nine bucks…

how to write dialogue

Here are a few FAQs

Will this book elevate my dialogue overnight? Well, it probably won’t elevate your screenplay dialogue to a level found in Casablanca overnight. What it will do, however, is give you the tools necessary to do so through a series of theory hacks and practical exercises.

Just what are these “practical exercises” that pro writers use? You’ll have to buy the book to find out, but they are a vital part of the process in learning how to write dialogue. We’re big advocates at Script Reader Pro of learning by doing rather than just reading various theories.

But aren’t the “theory hacks” just theories? Yes, but they’re also hacks! Rather than the dry, slightly waffling theories you’ll find in books such as Story by Robert McKee, we break down the concept of how to write dialogue into easily digestible chunks and show you how to reframe your approach in a clear and practical way.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the book? Absolutely. If you feel you already know everything we have to say, or it isn’t for you, we’ll give you a no-questions asked full refund.

How much does it cost? We’re getting to that right below, but less than the price of a cheap night out 🙂

how to write dialogue

What have you got to lose?

We’ve put all our COMBINED YEARS of knowledge on how to write dialogue into this book—the only one on the market we’re aware of that combines theory hacks with practical, hands-on exercises designed to cut through all the waffle and get to the heart of how to write good dialogue.

The truth is this: If you want to make it as a screenwriter, a complete knowledge of how to write good dialogue is essential. That’s why we decided to write this book, as we felt this crucial information is really ABSENT from most screenwriting books and courses.

If you want to join the ranks of screenwriters who have used our methods to REALLY up their game when it comes to writing dialogue, you won’t be to write dialogue

screenwriting book

The book comes in PDF, Mobi and ePub files. You will be taken to a 100% secure direct download area where you can pay quickly and easily by either Credit Card or PayPal and have our dialogue book on your computer or phone in under a minute.

thanks for reading!

Don’t forget, you can email us anytime—we’d love to answer any questions you might have about our book on screenplay dialogue.