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Many top screenwriters only turned pro thanks to the help they received from a mentor. Follow their example by getting the guidance you need to make it happen for you.



Because we’ve been in your shoes, we know what it takes to go from aspiring screenwriter to professional screenwriter.

To help you get there, we built this twelve-week mentorship, tailored to your needs as a creative writer. We did this because we know just how painful it can be working alone, trying to improve your craft and start a career as a screenwriter.

screenwriting mentorship

We’ve heard the same struggles from aspiring screenwriters time and again:

  • “How do I make my protagonist more believable?
  • “How do I write scenes that excite and really push the story forward?
  • “How do I get my script in front of the right people?”
  • “How do I get an agent? Or do I need a manager?”
  • “How do I know when my script is good enough to send out?”
  • How am I supposed to find the time to write amid kids, work and watching the latest episode of Big Little Lies?”

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Our sole purpose is to help you get from where you are now, to writing scripts that not only excite you but also the “right people” who’ll read it. We can show you who these people are, and also make sure they’ll want to buy your script, represent you as a writer and so on.

screenwriting mentorship


Now you can follow their example by buddying up with a pro screenwriter and get the guidance you need to also start getting paid to write.  

Greatness rarely appears out of a vacuum

Often the most successful people in any given field didn’t reach the top of their game by battling away on their own. They got there with the help of a mentor.

screenwriting mentorship

Many of the best performers in creative fields—from screenwriters to musicians, and from scientists to ice skaters—had a mentor to be inspired by, to learn from and to help cultivate their future greatness.

  • Steven Spielberg was mentored by George Lucas
  • Bob Dylan was mentored by Woody Guthrie
  • Woody Allen was mentored by Sid Caesar
  • Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg was mentored by Larry Page
  • Edward Burns was mentored by Steven Spielberg

The Script Reader Pro Screenwriting Mentorship Program is designed in the same way: to take you by the hand and show you exactly what steps you need to take to improve your craft and learn the strategies necessary to breaking in.

Screenplay structure


Each of us has personally gone from barely knowing what a screenplay is, to writing them for a living. And now we can show you how.

We achieved this after years of self-study and experiencing multiple failures and knock-backs. Individually, it took us years to figure all this stuff out.

screenwriting mentorship
But now we’re here to try and save you some of these years of trial and error and get you where you want to be much faster. All of the techniques and hacks we use can be learned and even mastered relatively quickly, so you don’t have to spend years “paying your dues” as a screenwriter.

(You can find out all about us here.)

We’re not saying it’s easy, but it’s also not rocket science either. Sometimes you just need someone who’s already reached the destination you want to reach to show you exactly how you can do it too.

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Try our customizable twelve-week Screenwriting Mentorship Program that will help you build a career doing what you love: write!

We can offer mentoring based on whatever area of screenwriting you want to focus on—from the craft of screenwriting, to how to break into the industry, to getting feedback on a particular script.

script reader

Let’s take a look inside…

You can ultimately decide the direction of the mentorship, but let’s take a look at some typical content:

Feedback on pages. Submit script pages on a weekly basis for a mentor to go over and give feedback on at the next Skype session. Make a plan on what to tackle and what sections you should work on first. (This works best by being broken down into acts: weeks 1 to 4 on Act, weeks 5 to 8 on Act 2, weeks 9 to 12 on Act 3.)

Craft tutoring. Before each weekly Skype session, you could send over some scenes to your mentor and ask them to critique one specific skill you would like to improve, for example,  dialogue. Then, receive feedback on the script’s dialogue during the call, revise and send back in time for the next session.

Career mentoring. Our mentorship program can help by partnering you with an industry professional who knows what it takes to succeed as a screenwriter. Draw up an action plan with them for how you’re going to approach marketing your scripts and dispel the mystery surrounding how to become a screenwriter.

Motivation and inspiration. Apart from their ability to help with a specific script or aspect of screenwriting, being able to talk to a professional screenwriter every week about your script, writing craft, career whatever you like will keep you motivated, help you stick to a schedule, and make this happen.

Mentorship specifics

The Mentorship Program lasts for 12 weeks and each session lasts for one hour, although you don’t have to have one session a week if you don’t want to. You could, for example, have one a fortnight or once a month, it’s totally up to you and we always aim to work around your schedule. Once you’ve signed up, you can use the twelve sessions whenever you like.

Each hour-long session is conducted via Skype, phone or any other device you prefer such as Apple FaceTime, Google Hangout or Facebook video chat.

The kind of things you’ll learn: 

  • How to write movie dialogue that pops and yet feels believable at the same time
  • How to create three-dimensional characters with real motivations, flaws, fears and goals
  • How to structure a screenplay so the reader is taken on a roller-coaster ride of emotions
  • How to get a manager, agent, exec or producer to read your script
  • How to make sure when you send your script out it’s got the best possible chance to get the reader excited
  • How to stay motivated and instill a sense of self-belief
  • How to find the time to write amid a busy schedule, create writing goals and become a writing machine

screenwriting mentorship


If you answer yes to any of the archetypal screenwriter examples below, then this Mentorship Program is definitely up your alley.

film dialogue

The Newbie Screenwriter. You’re spinning your wheels and getting frustrated wondering how to improve as a writer. You’ve received a dozen PASS grades on script coverage, entered contests and not placed anywhere near the top ten and struggle to come up with good ideas.

No longer. The Mentorship Program will help you see the wood for the trees and get your writing chops up to speed in no time.

The Almost There Screenwriter. You’ve had some minor success as a writer, placed highly in a few contests and the general feedback you get on your scripts is that you’re a great writer—you just need to write that one script that will change things around for you.

The Screenwriting Mentorship Program will help identify your core strengths and weaknesses and bring your craft up a level to where it’s good enough to start really making things happen.

The Semi-Pro Screenwriter Who Needs a Push. You’ve done pretty well so far as a writer, gained a manager, agent and lawyer and sold several scripts but, lately, you’ve hit a plateau.

Don’t worry, our Mentorship Program will reinvigorate that passion you had for screenwriting when you first started out and get you working on your next masterpiece.

Let’s face it: this is your dream

You want to make it as a screenwriter more than anything else in the world. Maybe you’ve even had some success, but your career’s stalled and now you’re not sure how to revive that buzz.

Or maybe you have the skills but you’re having trouble staying motivated and need someone there to keep pushing you forward. This is the Mentorship Program to help you whatever your screenwriting aspirations, so you can begin building a career doing what you love.

Or rather than sign up you could… 

  • Keep going it alone, reading dozens of screenwriting books, blog posts and screenplays, without really knowing if you’re on the right track…
  • Attend seminars, festivals, etc. and spending thousands of dollars just to be one of hundreds of other screenwriters in an audience…
  • Enroll on a BFA or MFA in screenwriting and spend upward of $100,000, while also committing one to three years of your life…
  • Hire a career coach (who more than likely knows nothing about screenwriting) to help you through the process, spending around $1000+ per month…

While some of these options may well help, they’re often expensive, time-consuming and based on passive solo learning, rather than an active collaborative learning.

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If you wanted to hire a professional screenwriter to mentor you, it would probably cost at least $10,000. And you more than likely don’t have the access to other Hollywood pros anyway.

Here’s the thing:
We wanted to make this super affordable for you because the world deserves more amazing screenwriters like you to come through the ranks and give us all the entertainment we deserve!

Follow the instructions below to get started with your screenwriting mentorship.

1. Pay assessment fee. The screenwriting mentorship service costs $1100, but the first step is to pay $59 so we can assess your work and what you’d like to get out of it. Note: This amount will be deducted from the overall cost of the screenwriting mentorship should you decide to go ahead. Here’s the button:

script doctor

2. Fill out the initial assessment form. After purchasing you’ll be directed to fill out a form, from which we can review your goals and expectations regarding the script mentorship service. Be as detailed as possible, letting us know what you think is currently working in the script and what’s not, or if you’re interested in career or craft mentoring. You will be prompted to attach your screenplay as a PDF (if you have one).

3. Review our feedback. Once our script doctor has read the screenplay and your initial assessment form, we will send you a page of feedback on how they would approach the mentorship.

4. Pay screenwriting mentorship fee. If everything sounds good, we’ll send you a customized purchase button to pay for the screenwriting mentorship service which costs $1100 (minus the initial assessment fee.) Or, if you still have questions, fire away! 

4. Book your first Skype call. Once you’re happy with the proposed screenwriting mentorship and have paid, we’ll arrange a time between you and your mentor to have your first session.

Click the button below to get started with your screenwriting mentorship initial assessment.

script doctor

Proofreading and formatting service

Here are some answers to common questions we get about the Script Reader Pro Mentorship Program.

“When does the Mentorship Program start and finish?” There’s no specific start date. Once you’ve signed up, you can use the twelve sessions whenever you like.

“Will I be able to sell my screenplay after completing the mentorship?” The idea is during the twelve sessions you’ll come out the other side with all the skills, tools and knowledge ready to market and sell your amazing script. With that said, the program does not guarantee you’ll sell a screenplay soon after completion. If your main immediate goal is to “sell a screenplay to Hollywood for six-figures,” then this probably isn’t the program for you. There are no quick wins when it comes to becoming a screenwriter. You’ll need to put in the effort and work required potentially over many years until you finally “break in,” but this is what our Mentorship Program aims to help you achieve.

“If I implement some recommended story changes, do I still own all the rights to my script?” Of course! Every idea we suggest or piece of feedback that you take on board and add to your script is completely 100 percent your own.

“Will this program help me if I live outside the US and want to break into my home country’s film industry?” Yes, the Mentorship Program will help you. Our clients have found success from all corners of the world. While there are differences between, say, the European film industry and Hollywood, the techniques you’ll learn about how to write a screenplay that’s capable of winning contests, gaining attention, getting sold, etc. are universal. You’ll be learning from writers who’ve already broken in and can tell you how to apply the same strategies yourself, even if there may be some differences across various film industries. What matters most is writing a great screenplay. Getting the right people to read it is the easy part.

“Can I get access to my mentor outside of a regular session?” You’ll be able to email your mentor at any time to set up your next session, and they’ll also be able to answer any short questions you may have too. If you have a big question, however, it’s best to wait until your next session so they can give it the proper attention it requires.

“I haven’t written a script yet. Can I still benefit from the Mentorship Program?” The program is designed to be the fastest path to becoming a successful screenwriter, no matter where you’re at. If you’re just starting out there’s a good chance you’re in the “where the hell do I start” phase. Don’t worry, we know exactly how this feels as most screenwriting advice out there tends to be overly complicated, theoretical, and focused on passively thinking about writing rather than actively doing exercises that improve a writer’s craft. So we know how incredibly frustrating it can be and that’s why we created this program so that both experienced and newbie screenwriters can gain the help they need from a pro to succeed.

“I’m already a screenwriter with years of experience. Is this program right for me?” This Mentorship Program isn’t just for beginners. If you’ve already learned how to write from blogs, books and courses or had a ton of script coverage or just through writing alone churning out script after script, or even if you’ve been hired to write scripts for years, the Mentorship Program can help you stay motivated and elevate your game. Our team know all the proven strategies, hands-on tactics and little-known screenwriting hacks that usually take years to develop, and they’re ready to pass them on to you, no matter what your background or experience.

“Will I need any special equipment to complete the mentorship?” Other than a computer, internet access, email account and a notepad.

“What if life happens and I can’t complete the twelve weeks right away?” Not a problem. Once you’ve signed up you get access to the Mentorship Program to complete in your own time. If something comes up that takes you away for six months or a year, simply shoot us an email when you’re ready and we’ll pick up where you left off.

“Can I pay in installments?” Unfortunately, we don’t offer installments at this stage.

“Can I be mentored if I’m a novelist/filmmaker/graphic novelist?” The Mentorship Program has been developed for screenwriters but there is, of course, quite a bit of crossover with other niches. If you’ve written a novel, stage play, manga comic, etc. please get in touch first to check if we have someone suitable to help.

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Eight out of ten aspiring screenwriters don’t have a solid action plan on how to break into the industry. Don’t be one of them.

Stop making the same mistakes as 90 percent of other aspiring screenwriters. Get some guidance from a working professional on the craft of writing and breaking in.

script doctor

And don’t forget you can contact us at any time with any questions you may have about our Screenwriting Mentorship Program.