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Feel like you’ve taken your script as far as you can on your own?

Still getting negative feedback and struggling to fix it? Don’t worry, as pro screenwriters we know exactly what you mean.
Here’s how we can help:

    1. Start with a 30-min consultation call with the pro screenwriter of your choice
    2. They will find ALL your script’s weak spots
    3. Either execute these notes yourself, or hire your pro to do it for you

It couldn’t be simpler. Click the link below to get started by purchasing a Rewrite Proposal at just 95 bucks.

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Script Reader Pro Reviews

(Rule #1: Never purchase a screenplay service without reading reviews. But you knew that already.)

script doctor services

Proofread And Formatting

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The top 3 problems stopping you from selling your script…

Could you do with help from a pro writer/script doctor? If you’re like a lot of aspiring writers and recognize yourself in some (or all) the scenarios below…

script doctor

1. You can write, but lack experience nailing down a sellable script. You’ve worked on your script for months. A new, better draft is within reach. The problem? It’s not quite ready to send out into the industry. With decades of industry experience, a script doctor from our team can clarify your script’s path so you can finally complete a draft that’s good enough to send out and get noticed.

2. You just don’t have the time to do the necessary deep work. You want to write but you spend what little free time with your friends and family. Sound familiar? We can help. Our team of script doctors can save you time by detailing exactly what you need to do to finalize your script as fast as possible. Our script doctors will talk you through a detailed proposal on what’s needed to get your script ready, all for under $100.

3. A story-teller’s brain, rather than a screenwriter’s. Being a great story-teller with great ideas isn’t necessarily the same thing as being a great screenwriter. Formatting isn’t your thing? No problem. Find it hard to write visually? No biggie. Got a great idea, but don’t know how to put it into a script? We got you covered. Our team of premium script doctors has the experience you need to solve all these problems, and more.

Match your script’s genre with the
pro screenwriter of your choice.

Meet the team and discover who will be helping you get your script over the finish line.

But your script is your baby. You worked long hours to complete it. Our  team can help you take it across the finish line, faster.

How? Because great scripts don’t get written in a vacuum… That’s why we provide access to an easy-to-hire and easier-to-afford team of industry pros. For less than $100 you can take your script from frustrating to final draft in a fraction of the time it’d take to do it by yourself.

Our writers have experience in every genre. 

Need help hammering home the horror in your haunted house script? Our writers can help. Your cozy romance not steaming up windows like it should? Our team can help. That twist ending is too easy to spot?

Yep, they can help.

Our team includes pro screenwriters/script doctors with experience in every genre. We guarantee you’ll find genre specific help you need to finalize your script.

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How the script rewrite process works. 

Ready to get your script rewritten by a pro? Here’s how it works:

1. Purchase a Rewrite Proposal. During checkout, once you click “Add to Cart,” you’ll be able to choose your turnaround time, make a $95 payment (or Rush payment), choose your pro writer and upload your script.

2. Have a 30-min call with your chosen pro. Pick the script doctor who jives the most with you and your script’s genre. On the call, discuss your script and your vision for the direction you’d like it to take.

3. Assess your Rewrite Proposal. Your script doctor will then write up a Rewrite Proposal for you, confirming their suggested fixes, why they made them, and what steps you need to take next. (The proposal will include a turnaround time and quote for the project.)

Then, you can either…

4. Go it alone. You’re free to use your script doctor’s rewrite proposal to perform the rewrite yourself.


5. Hire us! If you prefer, we can do the rewrite for you. Simply finalize the brief via email or on another call, and we’ll make sure everyone’s happy and on the same page. (Copyright will, of course, remain 100 percent with you, the writer.)

Click the link below to get started by purchasing a Rewrite Proposal at just 95 bucks.

script doctor services


#1: This service is NOT script coverage. i.e. pages of written feedback notes. You’ll get about a 1-page brief on how your pro will approach the rewrite.

#2. The Rewrite Proposal is for scripts up to 125 pages. If yours is longer, you’ll be able to purchase extra pages during checkout, at $2 per page over 125.

Got questions? Please contact us here.

Our rewrite service (and others) have garnered 400+ 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google.

To see more uncensored, bursting-into-song testimonials, check out our reviews page.

Wonderful! Cleaned my script beautifully and added just the right amount of exposition. I am very pleased! Working with Script Reader Pro a joy!

Salem Mohammed

I usually do not leave reviews, but this company is THE TRUTH!! Al is beyond fantastic and his staff are definitely the top in the industry. I recommend this service to all writers!!! You will not be disappointed! I look forward to doing more business with you~~!!!!! SCRIPT READER PRO IS TRULY NUMBER 1.

Tosh Homme

My bloated 123-page screenplay is going to transform soon to a 100- to 105-page lean, mean, fighting machine which I truly believe is going to be my foot into the door of this crazy business called screenwriting.

William Parsons

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We’re happy to work with most writers on their scripts, but we’re unable to help writers who:

Expect guaranteed industry success after receiving their rewrite. As we are working with the material we are given and have no control over who it will be sent to, how it will be sent, or what each personal reaction will be. Therefore, we cannot guarantee writers that they will definitely be able to win a contest, gain representation or sell their script afterward. And you should probably run a mile from companies that do.

Expect their chosen pro to automatically pass their script on to industry contacts. This service aren’t a one-way ticket to getting your work read by our writers’ contacts. It does happen, but we make absolutely no guarantees on this front.

Want contact with their pro 24/7. If you’re looking for a situation where you can email your chosen writer or jump on a call with them whenever inspiration strikes, this isn’t the service for you as contact is limited to the initial 30-min call(s) before signing up. Instead, we’d highly recommend a 12- or 6-Week Screenwriting Mentorship. (But then you’d be doing the writing yourself.)

On the other hand, if you answered “not me!” to the above then this could be just the service for you. 

In just a few days, your script doctor could deliver a blueprint in your hands for a newly rewritten version of your script.

Ready to get started? You can do so by purchasing a Script Rewrite Proposal for $95 below.

You’ll receive an email letting you know we’ve successfully received your script and you will be able to have your 30-min call in approximately 14 days from the date of purchase. Or within your chosen Rush service turnaround time.

Script Coverage Services

Script Rewrite FAQs. 

You can find the answers to most questions on our contact page but here are some answers to popular questions about our rewrite service below.

Q1. How do I know this won’t be a waste of my money?

Script Reader Pro was born out of its CEO, Al Bloom’s, frustrations at receiving vague, unhelpful script coverage from anonymous readers on his own scripts. That’s why we do the exact opposite! Every rewritten script we deliver back to our customers come with a rock solid promise: you won’t be disappointed. See our testimonials page for feedback on our services from writers just like you.

Q2. Why should I choose Script Reader Pro over anyone else?

You should absolutely check out our competitors’ rewrite services before purchasing. The problem is that we’re about the only consultancy out there who offer them. Apart from this, you’ll find that none of the other companies use professional screenwriters for any of their services. You won’t know their names, just their initials. You won’t know what their experience is, other than something vague about “working at top agencies.” You won’t be able to choose a reader unless you pay extra, and on and on.

Q3. But Company X offers a sure-fire route to the big-time within a month for $300! Sounds better than this rewrite thing, right?

Hmm… Yes, it’s true other consultancies do offer “routes into the industry”-type services at lightning speeds but, to be honest, they often sound a little far-fetched. Besides, we’re the only company who will actually rewrite your script for you. None of the other company’s claims about helping you break into the industry will work if you don’t have a great script in the first place. And that’s what we can help you with.

Q4. But why do I even need a script rewrite from someone else? I know it better than anyone. 

You don’t need a pro to rewrite your script, but imagine how much better it could be if you let them? The thing is, even professional screenwriters get feedback on and have their scripts rewritten by other writers. When you’re “in the weeds” of your own script, it can be super hard to know what’s working and what’s not. An outsider rewriting things that aren’t gelling can make the difference between breaking in and not breaking in, getting a manager or not getting a manager, winning a contest or not winning a contest, etc. Especially if that person is a pro screenwriter themselves.

Q5. Can you guarantee that I’ll break in after using your rewrite service?

We don’t make any promises or guarantees of success, such as securing an agent, manager or making a sale or winning a contest. But we do  guarantee that you’ll have a much better script on your hands than when you gave it to us. It’s up to you to market it and start making things in your writing career happen. The thing is, there are no guarantees in this business as it’s super subjective. So if you find a script consultancy or rewrite service that does guarantee these things, we recommend you proceed with extreme caution. (In other words, don’t do it!)

Q6. I’m not paying you to just feed my script into an A.I. software am I?

This is a smart question in this day and age. Look, A.I. can do a lot of things, but it can’t write a great script (not yet anyway). But we can. And our successes reflect that.

script reader

Why keep struggling on alone chasing your own tail when you could give your script a revamp and take it to the next level?

You may realize by now that you have two choices:

1. Keep going at it alone, trying to start or finish your script by yourself, getting frustrated and not knowing how to solve its story, character or structural problems.


2. Get serious and invest in your writing career by hiring professional help.

Script Coverage Services


#1: This service is NOT script coverage. i.e. pages of written feedback on how you can rewrite your script. The 1+ pages of notes will be on how your chosen script doctor will rewrite the script for you.

#2: Unfortunately we’re unable to give cost estimates or ranges for script rewrites without first reading your script via a Rewrite Proposal.

#3: The Rewrite Proposal is for scripts up to 125 pages. If yours is longer, you’ll be able to purchase extra pages during checkout, at $2 per page over 125.

If you have any questions we haven’t covered, please email us here.

We look forward to working with you!