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Sometimes as a writer struggling to break into the business, it’s helpful to have a pro screenwriter, who knows how to get where you want to be, get hands-on with your script.



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You Want This Script To Be “the One.” We Can Help 

Don’t worry, we understand that this is your baby. But as professional screenwriters and script doctors, we can help polish it to industry standard. Or, if you’ve hit a creative block, perform a rewrite.

Our Margin Notes, TV and Feature script coverage services are all about giving feedback to help you improve your script.

This “script doctor” service, however, involves one of our pro screenwriters actually digging in and rewriting and/or polishing your script in order to help it achieve its full potential.

script doctor

Choose a Pro Screenwriter/Script Doctor to Work On Your Script

Let us help remove some of the trial and error out of the process of breaking into the screenwriting business.

Pick someone from our team of professional script doctors and screenwriters who you think would be the best fit for your script rewrite and/or polish depending on their genre specialty.

♦  Drama. Peter Briggs, Dash Finley, Jenna Mattison, Shaina Steinberg

♦  ComedyJohn McClain, Shaina Steinberg, Scott Parisien

♦  Action/Adventure. Peter Briggs, Kate Murdoch, Scott Parisien

♦  Thriller. Dash Finley, John McClain, Jenna Mattison, Kate Murdoch, 

♦  Horror. Dash Finley, John McClain, Jenna Mattison, Scott Parisien

To find out more about each of our genre specialists, check out our About Us page.

script coverage services

[Note: Please contact us if you’d like to see a script rewrite or polish sample from a specific script doctor or in a specific genre.]

script doctor

Everything our Script Doctor Service May Include (Depending on the Project)

  • Adding/cutting scenes, characters and plotlines. Creating new areas of conflict and amping up the stakes by introducing new characters and story beats, or cutting them. Introducing new thematic questions and character arcs, etc. Melding two or more characters together in order to streamline and focus the story.
  • Polishing the dialogue. Adding more subtext and humor and/or making it sound more natural. Making sure each character’s dialogue sounds individual and specific to them. Reworking flat Q&A-style conversations and converting to “verbal battles” where needed.
  • Enhancing scenes. Creating more conflict, suspense and surprises. Making sure each scene ends on a “button” that pushes the story forward. Elevating individual beats by adding humor and drama. Creating more visual and cinematic moments and looking for ways to make transitions smoother and more creative.
  • Polishing characters. Adding character beats to enhance personalities and amp up dialogue. Providing or suggesting more emotional beats in order to amp up the connection between reader and character. Making sure all the character’s arcs are properly resolved and reflect the theme.
  • Guaranteed five-star service. Our average client rating on Google+ and Facebook is five out of five stars. You can read what other writers just like yourself have been saying about our script doctor services on our Reviews page.
  • We can also perform a specific script doctor service. Let’s say your writing style and description is fantastic, but you struggle a bit with writing effective dialogue. We would then go in and give the script a “dialogue polish,” concentrating only on elevating the characters’ conversations to a professional level.

script doctor services

Step-by-Step Purchasing Instructions

1. Pay assessment fee. If you’d like to go ahead with our script doctor service, the first step is to pay $69 so we can assess your work. Note: This amount will be deducted from the overall cost of the script doctor service should you decide to go ahead. The button is below.

2. Fill out the initial assessment form. After purchasing you’ll be directed to fill out a form, from which we can review your goals and expectations regarding the script doctor service. Be as detailed as possible, letting us know what you think is currently working in the script and what’s not.

3. Review our feedback and quote. Once our script doctor has read the script and your assessment form notes, we will send you a page of feedback on the work that needs doing, along with a projected timescale and quote. If everything sounds good, we’ll send you a customized purchase button to pay for the script doctor service. If you still have questions, fire away! 

4. Book a Skype call. Whether you’re happy with the proposed script doctor work and have already paid, or need more information, it’s often a good idea to book a 1-Hour Skype Call with the script doctor of your choice. Either way, this is a good opportunity to discuss the project in more detail face-to-face. (The fee is waived if you’ve already paid for the script doctor service.)

5. Sit back and relax. Our script doctor will complete the new draft within the agreed turnaround time. It rarely happens but, if after receiving the script you’d like further changes made, we may need to negotiate a small fee for the rewrite.

script doctor services

script doctor

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll probably find the answer to any question you may have about our script doctor services below, but if not you can find more answers in our knowledge base.

  • Q1. How much does a script rewrite or polish cost? We tailor and price our script doctor services on a script-by-script basis and aim to make them as affordable as possible. That said, hiring a script doctor to perform a script rewrite or polish is going to be more considerably more expensive than purchasing script coverage. Our prices are very competitive, however, and we can give you a quote once we’ve read the script during an Initial Assessment.
  • Q2. When will I get my rewritten/polished script back? Turnaround time is usually between one and three months, but it very much depends on the scope of work required.
  • Q3. My script is over 125 pages. Is this the same price? If your script is over 125 pages, please email us, quoting the page count, and that you’re looking to purchase extra pages for a Script Doctor Initial Assessment. We’ll then get back to you with a customized button with each extra page charged at $2. 
  • Q4. What format should I send in my screenplay to you? Please attach your script as a PDF, or in a professional screenplay software, such as Final Draft, Movie Magic, Fade In, WriterDuet, etc. Please contact us first if you have a script written using a non-professional format, such as MS Word. 
  • Q5. How do I pick my preferred script doctor? When you purchase an Initial Assessment, you’ll be asked to fill out a form after checkout which asks which script doctor you’d like to review your script. Nine times out of ten we’ll be able to assign the script to your preferred first or second choice script doctor. In the rare instance neither are available, we’ll email you with other options.
  • Q6. Can you guarantee that my script will sell after I purchase a rewrite/polish service? Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in this business. A script doctor could rewrite and/or polish the script to vastly improve it but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a Recommend or that anyone in the industry will want to read or buy it. That depends very much on the standard of the screenplay we’re given to work with. We highly doubt you’ll find any company out there who says they can guarantee that the script will be a success—and if they do, we recommend you proceed with caution as more than likely they’re promising things just to take your money.
  • Q7. Can I send my script doctor other things along with my script? We don’t pass anything on to the reader other than the screenplay, such as treatments, character breakdowns, research notes or photos. However, if you’d like us to read something extra, please choose from one of our other script coverage services. Thanks for understanding 🙂

script doctor services

Phew! You Made It to the Bottom of the Page… 

If you have a query not answered above, we have a dedicated knowledge base where you’ll find the answers to even more questions. We hope to work with you soon!

thanks for reading