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get 1-on-1 marketing coaching from a pro writer and learn how to sell your script.

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You’ve written a great script.
Now what? 

How do you get it front of the “right” people? Here’s the thing: 8 out of 10 writers don’t know what to do with their script
once they’ve finished it.

They spend months or even years sweating over writing the “perfect” script. But then don’t know where to send it or who to contact, which leads to:

1. Getting dazed and confused reading and hearing contradictory, vague and unhelpful advice on how to market a script in blogs, books, seminars and writers’ groups, etc.

2. Marketing their script the wrong way due to step 1—querying the wrong people, sending out poorly presented query letters, sending out scripts that aren’t ready, bad networking techniques, being too pushy, and so on.

3. Feeling frustrated and resentful due to step 2—when said query letters and scripts fail to spark the interest of agents and managers they often blame “the closed-shop industry.” So the writer returns to step 1 and starts the cycle all over again.

Or worse yet, gives up.

In short, trying to market a script by going it alone without knowing what you’re doing often results in only minuscule gains being made. Despite investing everything—time, money and patience—they can’t seem to get the results they want.

Not to mention the two kinda big elephants in the room:

1. Writing a great script is only half the battle. The other half is equally important: MARKETING IT.


2. Most aspiring screenwriters HATE marketing and self-promotion. Mention the word “networking” to an aspiring writer and it’ll likely make them want to throw up.

But, it needn’t be as tough or as unpalatable as you may think.

If you’re wondering how to market your script, if you’re confused about how to get an agent or manager, if you’ve tried networking at festivals and conferences, if you’ve sent dozens of query letters out to people, and your script STILL hasn’t any kind of ripple in the industry, then you’re about to discover the answer you’ve been waiting for all your writing life…

This is the only mentorship of its kind—built by pro screenwriters for aspiring screenwriters. It focuses on one simple goal: to show you step-by-step how to market your script, get a manager/agent
and sell it.

The program is designed for writers who have a rock-solid script that’s ready to be marketed, NOT for those whose script still needs work.

If you’ve already received glowing feedback on your script from an industry professional you stand a good chance of being eligible to join the Script Marketing Mentorship. (We ask that all writers purchase an Initial Assessment first to assess their eligibility, but more on this later.)

We will then help you focus, step-by-step, on the marketing strategies that actually work. We will show you whichever aspect of how to successfully market your script that you need the most help with, whether that’s coming up with a strategy, querying, pitching, networking, or all of the above.

The Script Marketing Mentorship is a 3-week program, and by the end, our goal is that you walk away feeling 100x more confident in how to position your script in the market place and be that much closer to actually selling it.

We know just how painful and frustrating it can be working alone, trying to market, network and start a career as a screenwriter.

On the Script Marketing Mentorship, however, you won’t be alone any longer. You’ll be able to talk and get a structured marketing strategy from the pro screenwriter of your choice, 1-on-1, once a week.

Get help from a professional screenwriter who’s written movies and TV shows like the ones below instead:

Choose your script marketing mentor from our team of pro writers.

…and you can even pick one depending on their genre specialty so it compliments the genre of your script.

You can read their full bios and credits here.

Each of us has personally gone from not knowing how to write and having zero connections to writing for a living.

And now we can show you how.

We managed to break into the industry after experiencing multiple failures and knock-backs. Individually, it took us years to figure all this stuff out.

But now we’re here to try and save you some of these years of trial and error and get you where you want to be that much faster. We understand how important this is to you and so have designed the perfect support system for you.

We’re not saying it’s easy, but learning how to market a script and gain representation is not rocket science either. Sometimes you just need someone who’s already reached the destination you want to reach to show you exactly how you can do it too.

Most top writers were once where you are right now: not knowing how to get the attention of the industry.

But often the most successful people in any given field didn’t reach the top of their game by battling away on their own…

They got there with the help of a MENTOR.

Many of the best performers in creative fields—from screenwriters to musicians, and from scientists to ice skaters—had a mentor to be inspired by, to learn from and to help cultivate their future greatness.

 Steven Spielberg was mentored by George Lucas.

 Bob Dylan was mentored by Woody Guthrie.

 Thomas Sowell was mentored by Milton Friedman.

Elizabeth Taylor was mentored by Audrey Hepburn.

• Edward Burns was mentored by Steven Spielberg.

And the list goes on.

There’s a reason the top performers in any given field—from business to entertainment to sports—hire coaches and trainers.

They could’ve said “I want to keep going at it alone” and simply continued sending out query letters and scripts off to contests. Not to mention networking. But they didn’t…

They invested in themselves.

Rather than relying on their innate talent (or, worse yet, “fate”) and hoping their script would be noticed, they took control of their destiny by finding someone who could help set them on the path to greatness.

And now you can do the same…

Please note: We don’t accept all writers onto the Script Marketing Mentorship as not all writers’ scripts are ready.

We only accept writers whose work is good enough to be sent out into the industry and stands a chance of being optioned and/or securing representation.

This is determined by first purchasing an Initial Assessment at $69 to see if your script’s ready for the market.

The Initial Assessment will give you over a page of notes on your script’s marketability and will let you know whether you’re ready for the mentorship or will suggest alternative options.

This program is only for serious writers who are ready for BIG changes in their screenwriting career.

If that sounds like you, click the button below. And if your script makes the grade we’ll send you a link to purchase the Script Marketing Mentorship for the sign-up fee of $499 for 3x 1-hour sessions.

Please note: You’ll receive an email letting you know we’ve successfully received your script and you will receive your Initial Assessment back in approximately 14 days from the date of purchase. Or within your chosen Rush service turnaround time.

Got questions? Please check out the How the Process Works section and FAQs near the bottom of this page.

And remember: This price is for scripts up to 125 pages. If yours is longer, you’ll be able to purchase extra pages during checkout, at $2 per page over 125.

300+ 5-star Facebook and Google reviews (and counting).

To see more uncensored, bursting-into-song testimonials, check out our reviews page.

One of the best consulting agencies you can get your hands on! Great service! No more words needed. Stop searching, hire them!

Anton Teichmann

The Mentorship is the best thing I could have done. Having such a professional talking you through really helps you having a better understanding of what works and what works only in your head… It opened my eyes.

Veronica Mortarino

This is the best script services I’ve ever used. Alex, the owner, is fantastic and really cares that writers are serviced well. They went above and beyond on my script. Couldn’t be happier.

Brad Lubin

We know how much writing means to you because we’re writers too.

We’ve been in your shoes and understand what it feels like to be on the outside looking in. If you’re ready to let a pro writer show you how you can break in too, we’re the team for you.

Check out a sample Marketing Initial Assessment below
or download it here.

Imagine being able to discuss your breaking-in strategy with a pro screenwriter once a week…

We offer mentoring based on whatever area of marketing your script you want to focus on—from getting feedback on your pitch, to knowing who to query and how—and everything in-between.

You can ultimately decide the direction of the Script Marketing Mentorship, but let’s take a look at some typical content:

• Feedback on your portfolio. Submit your query letter, synopsis or treatment and script so your mentor can make sure everything’s presented as professionally as possible. (Note: The mentorship does NOT include story notes—just feedback on your pitch and portfolio’s presentation.)

• Brainstorming your marketing strategy. Many aspiring writers who come to us have great material but no idea how to sell it. Or how to get an agent or manager. The mentorship will give you the opportunity to discuss how to best position yourself and your script in order to achieve both.

• Feedback on your approach. Work on your pitch with your mentor via video chat, get feedback and advice on your networking and people skills and hone your query letter strategy. Making mistakes in any of these areas could be why you haven’t had any interest in your script yet.

• 1-on-1 tutoring on how to set up a bullet-proof strategy. Rather than flailing around in the dark, randomly emailing and calling different execs, agents and managers, learn how to develop and execute a step-by-step marketing strategy. Identify who’s looking for material like yours and how best to approach them.

• Motivation and inspiration. Why go it alone when you could get help from a professional screenwriter every week on how to break in? It will help keep you motivated, on schedule and focused on making your creative dreams happen.

And if your mentor REALLY likes your script, it could get passed on to their industry contacts.

If your chosen writer thinks you and your portfolio are ready, they may ask if you’d like it passed on to his/her manager, agent or other industry contacts for consideration.

Here are some specifics about the mentorship.

Remember: once you’ve signed up, you can use the three sessions whenever you like. You don’t have to have one session a week—we’re happy to work to your schedule.

Here’s what’s included in the mentorship:

• Three 1-hour video conference calls with the professional screenwriter of your choice. It’s totally flexible, though. You could, for example, have one call a fortnight or once a month. We’re happy to work around your schedule. Sessions are conducted via the platform of your choice too: Zoom, Skype, Apple FaceTime, Google Hangout, Facebook video chat, etc.

• Choice of pro screenwriter to mentor you. We have writers from Europe and Canada too, so you’re not restricted to picking a pro who only knows about the US market.

• Industry connections. If our reader really likes your script they may ask you if you’d like them to pass it on to their manager or agent or other industry contacts.

• Free follow-up email service. We won’t just send you away after the mentorship and leave it at that. You can email us afterward with any questions you may have. (Within reason! One or two short questions are welcome but if you want to ask more we may need to charge a small fee to cover the time taken.)

• Guaranteed five-star service. Our average client rating on Google and Facebook is 5/5 stars. You can read what other writers just like yourself have to say about our services on our Reviews page.

This is our proven step-by-step system for teaching writers how to gain representation and market their scripts to the industry, from start to finish. Remember that old quote: “The best way to walk through a minefield…is in someone else’s footsteps”? For years, Script Reader Pro clients have been asking us for a more hands-on marketing solution. Now, we’re finally ready to offer it to you.

Find out if your script makes the grade by getting a page of notes on its marketability from your chosen pro.

If you’re a writer who’s serious about the craft of screenwriting and breaking into the industry, click the button below.

If your script is up to standard, we’ll send you a link to purchase the Script Marketing Mentorship for the sign-up fee of $499 for 3x 1-hour sessions.

Got questions? Please check out the How the Process Works section and FAQs near the bottom of this page.

And remember: This price is for scripts up to 125 pages. If yours is longer, you’ll be able to purchase extra pages during checkout, at $2 per page over 125.

Another snippet of our many 5-star Facebook and Google reviews…

To see more wonderful messages from our previous clients, here’s our reviews page.

Loved working with the awesome script doctors at Script Reader Pro. The feedback was incredibly thorough and thoughtful. Will be back again!

Rachel Finninger

All the roads don’t lead to Rome, all roads lead to Script Reader Pro! It’s not only the great corrections, the great job, etc, etc it’s that these guys they love what they are doing and that is very difficult to find!! I am not only recommending Script Reader Pro, I am saying “ stop looking, stop searching… you have just found what you were looking for.”

Dinos Stylianou

I promise you won’t regret using Script Reader Pro if you’re serious about taking your writing to the next level.

Zach Appio

Now, you could always keep going
at it alone.

Let’s take a look at a few of your other options other than signing up for our Script Marketing Mentorship:

Keep trying to find out more information, reading dozens of books and blog posts, talking to other aspiring writers in groups and forums but without really knowing if you’re on the right track.

Keep sending out query letters, handing out your card at networking events, meeting other aspiring writers, sending out your script but without really getting anywhere.

Enroll on a screenwriting MFA in the hope of making the industry connections promised in the brochure. Not to mention spending upward of $100,000, while also committing one to three years of your life to it.

Hire a career coach (who more than likely knows nothing about screenwriting) to help you try and come up with a marketing strategy while spending at least $1000+ per month.

Try to persuade a different pro screenwriter to mentor you. You may even be able to get them to do this for the price of lunch once a week but it would probably take a huge amount of time and effort to find someone.

While some of these options may well be achievable, they’re often expensive and time-consuming. BUT this is what 95 percent of all aspiring screenwriters end up doing. As a result they:

• Keep making the same mistakes over and over by not being focused in their strategy, querying the wrong people and/or in the wrong way. Then they get frustrated and feel like giving up when no-one’s interested in their work.

• Feel lost and alone, like they’ve got the will but not the way. Writing’s a lonely business, but it needn’t be that lonely. As we said earlier, even the best sometimes need a hand.

• Lose the motivation (and time) to write while juggling work, family, friends, etc. When things aren’t going well writing-wise it becomes even harder to stay motivated to write. And a downward spiral of inactivity ensues…

Sound familiar? Maybe right now you’re thinking…

Am I ever going to get where I want to be as a writer?

But there’s no need to.

Because we’ve been in your shoes, we know what it takes to go from aspiring screenwriter to professional screenwriter. That means we can show you how you can do it too.

While we could just take anyone and everyone on board
the Script Marketing Mentorship is NOT for writers who:

Don’t yet have a good enough script. We only accept writers on to the program whose work is ready to send out into the industry. In order to be accepted, the first stage is to purchase and complete an Initial Assessment. This involves your chosen pro writing up a report on whether your script’s ready to be marketed.

Believe you can succeed by passively absorbing information. Some aspiring writers sign up, listen to the advice but then don’t put it into practice. Then they complain that their screenwriting career hasn’t taken off… If this sounds like you, the mentorship probably isn’t a good fit.

Expect a guarantee they’ll be able to gain representation or sell their script after completing it. No service will be able to guarantee this outcome and we advise you to take any that do with a large grain of salt.

Expect their mentor to automatically pass their work on to industry contacts. The mentorship isn’t a one-way ticket to getting a script read by our writers’ contacts. It does happen, but we make absolutely no guarantees on this front.

Want 24/7 contact with their mentor. If you’re looking for a situation where you can email your mentor or jump on a call with them whenever inspiration strikes, this isn’t the mentorship for you. Contact is strictly limited to the 1-hour long sessions (apart from arranging the call).

On the other hand, we’re super excited to work with you if:

You’re tired of “going it alone” and not seeing any results. You’re struggling to get anyone important to read your script. Or gain representation. Or are simply confused about what strategy to adopt and want some solid feedback from an industry professional.

You’re eager and willing to learn. You’ve put in a hell of a lot of work into your work and aren’t about to give up now. You’re ready to invest in yourself and work hard to get your scripts noticed.

Maybe you’ve even had some success, but your career’s stalled and now you’re not sure how to revive that buzz.

Or maybe you have a marketing strategy but are simply having trouble staying motivated and need someone there to keep pushing you forward.

If any of the above rings true, this the mentorship can help you—whatever your screenwriting aspirations may be so you can begin building a career doing what you love.

“We all need fuel. Without the assistance, advice, and inspiration of others, the gears of our mind grind to a halt, and we’re stuck with nowhere to go. I have been blessed to find mentors and idols at every step of my life, and I’ve been lucky to meet many of them. From Mikhail Gorbachev to Muhammad Ali, from Andy Warhol to George H.W. Bush, I have never been shy about seeking wisdom from others to pour fuel on my fire.”
— Arnold Schwarzenegger

How the process works

Ready to buddy up with a pro screenwriter and get your screenwriting career off the ground?
Get started by following the instructions below:

1. Click Add to Cart button. You’ll be transferred to a secure checkout form. Don’t worry, it’s all very quick and easy.

2. Choose turnaround time. Our standard turnaround time is approximately 14 days. If you need your notes back by a specific date, we recommend our 3- or 7-Day Rush service.

3. Make payment. When you’re ready to purchase you can do so via credit card, debit card, PayPal, ApplePay or Google Pay.

4. Upload script, synopsis or TV bible, etc. Please attach your work as a PDF file.

5. Choose your preferred pro writer(s). Pick who you would like to complete the Initial Assessment and possibly be your mentor. You will have the option here to leave any notes for them too.

6. Sit back and relax. You’ll receive an email letting you know we’ve successfully received your script and to confirm your chosen turnaround time. If your script qualifies, you’ll then be given the chance to purchase the 3-week Script Marketing Mentorship ($499). You’ll then be officially assigned to the mentor of your choice and will be able to book your first session.

Get started by clicking the button below to purchase your Initial Assessment.

Please note: This price is for scripts up to 125 pages. If yours is over, you’ll be able to pay $2 per page over 125 during checkout.


Yes, the mentorship is totally flexible. If you reach the end of your mentorship and wish to extend, you’re free to add another six or twelve sessions as desired.

No, the Initial Assessment is simply a page or so of notes on your script to make sure it’s a good fit for the mentorship program.

If it is, you’ll then be free either purchase the mentorship program or not. It’s up to you!

Every script that’s sent to us remains 100 percent the author’s copyright.

We will under no circumstances release, or let your script be viewed, by any third party without your prior consent. Not only that, but every idea we suggest or piece of feedback that you take on board and add to your script will be completely your own.

We also never accept royalties. We’re just here to help you make it as a screenwriter and all we ask is that you invite us to the premiere. 🙂

With that in mind, we don’t sign writers’ own NDAs.

We—and to be honest, 99 percent of people and companies out there—have zero interest in “stealing screenplays.” Managers, execs, producers, etc. will be interested in hiring you as a writer, not running off with one script.

And script consultancies like ourselves have no desire to do this either. We have our own careers and reputations to take care of and simply want to help you succeed too.

If you’re still worried, however, here’s the legal angle:

We recommend all screenwriters register their screenplays at the US copyright office and/or WGA West before sending their work out. It’s cheap, easy, and will protect you against any copyright infringement by law if it ever came to that.

Here’s a blog post on the subject you may find useful: How to Copyright a Script the Smart Way and Avoid These 5 Legal Pitfalls.

We have two types of turnaround time available:

1. Standard 14 days (approximate). 

This means you will receive your Initial Assessment back roughly within two weeks. We cannot guarantee a return of your work exactly on Day 14—it could be a day or two later, so hang tight!

2. Rush.

If you order a 3- or 7-Day Rush service, you will receive your assessment back three or seven days later, starting from the day after purchase.

For example, if you purchase a 3-Day Rush at 4 pm on a Monday, Day #1 of the countdown will start on Tuesday as the first full day. So you can expect your notes back no later than midnight Thursday.

Rush orders received after 12 pm PST will be processed the following morning and the turnaround countdown will start from that day.

For example, if you purchase a 3-Day Rush at 6 pm on a Monday, it’ll count as a Tuesday purchase and so Day #1 will be Wednesday and you’ll receive your notes back no later than midnight Friday.

(All times are Pacific Standard Time.)

During checkout you will have the option to purchase extra pages for your script if it’s over 125, at $2 per page.

If you’d like to send in a synopsis/TV bible/treatment, etc. and it’s significantly over 4000 words, please email us at submissions[at] quoting the word count and that you’re looking to purchase extra pages for an Initial Assessment for a Script Marketing Mentorship.

Yes, our clients have found success from all corners of the world. While there are differences between, say, the European film industry and Hollywood, the techniques you’ll learn about how to write a screenplay that’s capable of winning contests, gaining attention, getting sold, etc. are universal.

You’ll be learning from writers who’ve already broken in and can tell you how to apply the same strategies yourself, even if there may be some small differences across various film industries.

We ask that you keep all discussions about your story and requests for feedback to your mentorship sessions.



Please attach your work as a PDF.

First you’ll need to have an Initial Assessment on your script, for which we have two types of turnaround time available:

1. Standard 14 days (approximate). 

This means you will receive an email from us to set up your first call roughly within two weeks. We cannot guarantee a return of your work exactly on Day 14—it could be a day or two later, so hang tight!

2. Rush.

If you order a 3- or 7-Day Rush service, you will hear back from us three or seven days later, starting from the day after purchase.

For example, if you purchase a 3-Day Rush at 4 pm on a Monday, Day #1 of the countdown will start on Tuesday as the first full day. So you can expect an email to set up the call no later than midnight Thursday.

Rush orders received after  12 pm PST will be processed the following morning and the turnaround countdown will start from that day.

For example, if you purchase a 3-Day Rush at 6 pm on a Monday, it’ll count as a Tuesday purchase and so Day #1 will be Wednesday and you’ll hear back from us no later than midnight Friday.

(All times are Pacific Standard Time.)

Then, if accepted on a mentorship, your chosen mentor will contact you within 7 days.

You’ll have access to professional advice from a professional screenwriter on how to break in—at your fingertips.

Stop making the same mistakes as 90 percent of other aspiring screenwriters. Get some guidance from a working professional on how to market and actually sell your script.

You may realize you have two choices:

1. Keep going at it alone, trying to learn by yourself, entering contests and not placing, querying agents and managers and not hearing anything back, and so on.


2. Get serious with your writing aspirations and get professional 1-on-1 help.

If you have any questions we haven’t covered, check out our knowledge base or feel free to email.

We look forward to working with you!