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Are You a Pro or Semi-Pro Screenwriter?

We’re looking for a pro or semi-pro screenwriter to join our team as a freelance script consultant.

The Ideal Candidate Will:

♦  Have some form of screenwriting success and real professional credits. We only employ people who have written or co-written screenplays that have then been sold to a major or minor studio, made into movies, or secured paid writing assignments.

♦  Have extensive experience consulting on other writers’ scripts. We’re looking for someone with experience not just writing one-page studio coverage, but with consulting: development notes, line edits, margin notes, proofreading, one-on-one sessions, etc.

 Know how to get to the heart of a script’s problems and come up with ways to fix them. Being a great writer is one thing, but knowing how to communicate your ideas to other writers in a clear and encouraging way is an art form in itself.

♦  Is based in Los Angeles (or at least the US.) This one isn’t as important as the others, but it helps if you understand Hollywood on an intimate level.

Interested? Please send the following to hello[at]scriptreaderpro[dot]com.

♦  Resume

♦  Sample coverage report

♦  Your personal backstory on what you can bring to the table (300-400 words)
See our  About Us page for examples

Payment is per script and varies depending on the project.

Thanks for your interest!