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introducing… the affordable solution to getting a pro to critique your TV script

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Get feedback from a professional screenwriter who’s written movies and TV shows like the ones below instead:

No more cliched notes from a pair of anonymous initials. Pick a real TV writer who’s got experience in writers’ rooms and knows the current market inside out to analyze your script.

Match your script’s genre with the pro screenwriter of your choice

Pick one of our pro screenwriters to review your TV pilot depending on their genre specialty.

You can check out their full bios and credits here.

We know how much writing means to you because we’re writers too.

We’ve been in your shoes and understand how hard it can seem to “break in.” If you’re ready to stop playing in the little leagues and get a Hollywood insider’s perspective on your script, we can help.

Check out a sample Classic TV Coverage below or download it here:

300+ 5-star Facebook and Google reviews (and counting).

To see more uncensored, bursting-into-song testimonials, check out our reviews page.

[The] notes were so incredibly helpful and encouraging, at a time I was getting so many passes, that it actually helped me open the script to an entirely new angle…one which helped me set it up with Imagine’s new indie division.

Gabriela Lugo

Absolutely worth the money! Had notes back within 2 weeks and the level of detail shocked me. I couldn’t be more thrilled and now have great direction on where to take my story for the next draft. You have a customer for life.

Sean LaFollette

Fantastic advice that helps me revisualize my T.V. pilot and the series as a whole. The analysis perfectly highlighted what I was good at and needed to work on. Thank you so much! Will definitely use [their] script coverage again!

Michael Campitiello

Does your script make the grade? If so, it could get passed on to our industry contacts.

Get a “Recommend” rating and your chosen writer may ask if you’d like your script passed on to his/her manager, agent or other industry contacts for consideration.

Everything you’ll get with your
TV Script Coverage.

• 4+ or 12+ pages of in-depth feedback and practical suggestions on how to strengthen your pilot by a pro screenwriter. No waffle. No unhelpful cliches. Just a solid action plan on how to elevate the script above the ordinary. (PS: With Deluxe TV Coverage you’ll also get a synopsis.)

• Coverage extras. A logline, a 17-point Ratings Grid that rates story, characters, dialogue, scenes, theme, etc. and overall “Development Needed” “Consider” or “Recommend” grade.

• Industry connections. If our reader really likes your TV script and gives it a “Recommend” grade, we may ask you if you’d like them to pass it on to their manager or agent or other industry contacts.

• Free follow-up email service. And we won’t just send you your feedback and leave it at that. You can email us after receiving your coverage with one or two short questions you may have. (Within reason! One or two short questions are welcome but if you want to ask more we may need to charge a small fee to cover the time taken.)

• Guaranteed five-star service. Our average client rating on Google and Facebook is 5/5 stars. You can read what other writers just like yourself have been saying about our script coverage services on our Reviews page.

• Super-fast turnaround time. We strive to return our TV script coverage to writers as fast as possible. The standard turnaround time is up to 14 days approx, but if you need your notes back sooner you can choose a 3-Day or 7-Day Rush service at checkout.

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Step-by-step purchasing instructions.

Ready to get a pro’s feedback on your TV script? Get started by following the simple instructions below:

1. Choose either Classic or Deluxe TV coverage and add an additional service during checkout if required, such as a 3-Day or 7-Day Rush or 2-Reader service. (Our standard turnaround time is 14 days approx.)

2. Make a payment. Before purchasing, please check that your script isn’t over the 65-page limit. You’ll be transferred to a secure payment gateway to complete the purchase via credit card, debit card, ApplePay or PayPal.

3. Choose your preferred pro writer. At this stage, you’ll be able to pick who you would like to complete your TV coverage. Then, upload your script and you’re good to go!

4. Sit back and relax. You’ll receive an email letting you know we’ve successfully received your script and are assigning it to a pro writer. (Note: Scripts received after
5 pm PST will be processed the following morning.)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This service is for TV scripts up to 65 pages.

If yours is over, please contact us at hello[at] quoting your page count, AND that you’re looking to purchase extra pages for TV Coverage. (Each extra page is charged at $2.)

Why pick an anonymous “script reader” with no experience of writing and selling TV scripts when you could pick one of our pros who do?


Please email us at hello[at] quoting your script’s page count AND that you’re looking to purchase either a Classic or Deluxe TV Script Coverage. Each extra page will then be charged at $2.

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The standard turnaround time is up to 14 days approx. If you order a 3-Day or 7-Day Rush, however, you’ll get your script back within that timeframe.

All times are Pacific Standard Time.

Scripts received after 5 pm PST will be processed the following morning.

No need to email us for an update if the 3, 7 or 14 days aren’t up yet—your chosen pro either has your script on their to-do list or are working on it. 🙂

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Here’s the 2-step plan to picking the pro of your choice:

1. If you haven’t already, check out our writers’ profiles on our About Us page. There you’ll find their mini-bios and genre specialties.

2. During checkout, you’ll be asked for your first and second choice. If your first choice isn’t available your script will go to your second choice. In the unlikely event your second choice isn’t available, we’ll contact you.

Please note: If you leave your second choice as “I don’t mind” we’ll send your script to who’s available and best suited to your script’s genre.

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Yes! We won’t claim any copyright over your work at all during the process. Every idea we suggest or piece of feedback that you take on board and add to your script will be completely 100 percent your own.

Every script that’s sent to us remains completely the author’s intellectual property, and we will under no circumstances release, or let your script be viewed, by any third party without your prior consent.

We also never accept royalties. We’re just here to help you make it as a screenwriter and all we ask is that you invite us to the premiere.

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Unfortunately, no, we don’t offer payment by installment plan for coverage, consultancy calls, Margin Notes, Line Edits or Proofreads.

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If you have a synopsis, treatment or outline and would like your chosen pro to read it too, you can purchase Synopsis/Treatment Coverage here.

For character breakdowns, research notes, photos, videos, etc. please contact us at hello[at] and we will give you a quote.

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If you have any questions we haven’t covered, check out our knowledge base or feel free to email.