Best Screenwriting Podcasts: 35 Shows Every Writer Should Be Listening To.

The finest screenwriting podcasts to learn about the craft and business of writing for the screen.

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best screenwriting podcasts

Best screenwriting podcasts: 35 shows every writer should be listening to.

If you’re looking for the best screenwriting podcasts to enhance your understanding of the craft and business of writing, here’s our choice of the top 35.

After the list, we round up some episodes from these screenwriting podcasts according to subject matter—giving you the best screenwriting podcasts on dialogue, character, structure and so on.

Best screenwriting podcasts for interviews with other industry players.

best screenwriting podcasts3rd & Fairfax
w/ the WGA West.

This is the official screenwriting podcast of the Writers’ Guild of America West.

Each week Steve Trautmann, Aaron Fullerton and Brian Gary interview the cream of Hollywood’s writers, producers, directors and actors as well as give important information and updates about the Guild itself. Subscribe to 3rd & Fairfax podcast >>

best screenwriting podcast The Bulletproof Screenwriting Podcast
w/ Alex Ferrari.

This screenwriting podcast continues to hit the ball out the park with its weekly guests talking about subjects as diverse as writing your first blockbuster screenplay to starting a career as an indie filmmaker.

Past guests include screenwriters such as Eric Roth, to showrunners such as Marta Kaufman. Subscribe to The Bulletproof Screenwriting Podcast >>

best screenwriting podcasts Curious About Screenwriting
w/ Joe Penna.

Affiliated with the fantastic ISA Network, this is a screenwriting podcast that brings you regular updates on the film industry, trends, WGA, spec market as well as interviews with emerging screenwriters like yourself and their breaking-in stories.

They don’t have a website so we’ve included a link where you can subscribe via Podbay, but the show is also available in all the usual places such as Apple and Stitcher, etc. Subscribe to Curious About Screenwriting podcast >>

top screenwriting podcasts Inside the Screenwriter’s Mind
w/ Alex Ferrari.

In-depth interviews on the craft of screenwriting with some of the best script consultants, agents, execs and screenwriters in the business.

Recent guests have included authors of some of the best screenwriting books of all time, like Jill Chamberlin, Michael Hague and Linda Seger. Well worth a listen. Subscribe to Inside the Screenwriter’s Mind >>

top screenwriting podcasts OnWriting
w/ Jordan Carlos.

Brought to you by the WGA East, this is a screenwriting podcast that provides plenty of inspiration and tips on how to break into the industry via interviews with Hollywood’s top movers and shakers.

Recent guests have included Noah Baumbach, Amy Schumer and Rian Johnson who have offered their advice on everything from writing that first draft to pitching. Subscribe to OnWriting screenwriting podcast >>

best screenwriting podcastsOn the Page
w/ Pilar Alessandra.

In Pilar Alessandra’s screenplay podcast, she interviews a different guest each week from the world of writing, directing, acting and producing.

Definitely one of the best screenwriting podcasts on the market that you’d be a fool to miss. Subscribe to On the Page podcast >>

best screenwriting podcastsOn Story
w/ the Austin Film Festival.

Recorded live at the Austin Film Festival, this screenwriting podcast brings you an insider’s perspective on the process of writing and getting a screenplay financed and made.

Previous guests in the chair include top screenwriters such as Ed Solomon, Scott Frank, Judd Apatow, the Duplass Brothers, Shane Black and many more. Subscribe to On Story podcast >>

best screenwriting podcastsThe Q&A
w/ Jeff Goldsmith.

Picking up where the Creative Screenwriting podcast left off, this is journalist Jeff Goldsmith’s podcast in which he conducts lengthy interviews with top screenwriters.

He asks them questions about how they got into the business, their writing habit, writing process and much more. Unmissable. Subscribe to the Q&A podcast >>

best screenwriting podcasts Scripts and Scribes
w/ Kevin Fukunaga.

Kevin Fukunaga is a film industry jack of all trades who’s worked in a variety of roles in the industry. He also hosts this great screenwriting podcast in which he interviews agents, managers, execs, showrunners, actors, film, TV, video game and comic book writers and everyone in-between.

Well worth checking out to get an inside look at the industry from multiple perspectives. Subscribe to Scripts and Scribes podcast >>

best screenwriting podcasts The Successful Screenwriter
w/ Geoffrey D. Calhoun.

This is another interview-based screenwriting podcast with guests from various areas of the industry giving their insider tips on how to “make it.”

Learn how to become a freelance TV writer with Katie White, capture a global audience with Weiko Lin and monetize your writing with Michaelbrent Collings and much more. Subscribe to The Successful Screenwriter podcast >>

the treatment podcastThe Treatment
w/ Elvis Mitchell.

Another weekly interview show in which Mitchell sits down with some of the industry’s best screenwriters and gets them to talk about their careers and the craft of screenwriting.

Recent highlights include conversations with Lynne Ramsay and Joaquin Phoenix on You Were Never Really Here and John Daley and Johnathan Goldstein discussing the art of comedy in their movie Game Night.
Subscribe to The Treatment podcast >>

best screenwriting podcasts UK Scriptwriters
w/ Danny Stack & Tim Clague.

There haven’t been any new episodes of this screenwriting podcast for a while, but there are over seventy in the archive from writers Danny Stack and Tim Clague.

As given away by the title, it’s geared toward UK-based writers and some of the best episodes are chats with agent, Jean Kitson, sitcom writer, James Cary and Paul Pimenta on moving to LA. Subscribe to UK Scriptwriters podcast >>

final draft podcastWrite On  
w/ Final Draft.

This Final Draft produced screenwriting podcast invites writers on to the show to talk about writing, how they broke in, the craft and sustaining a career in the industry.

Previous guests include Scott Neustadter, Julie Delpy and Nick Hornby. The podcast also includes interviews with Final Draft Big Break contest finalists and judges which are equally illuminating.
Subscribe to Write On podcast >>

Best screenwriting podcasts in which the host(s) discuss writing and the industry.

So let’s dive on in with a look at the first screenwriting podcast on our (alphabetically ordered) list…

best screenwriting podcastsDraft Zero
w/ Chas Fisher & Stu Willis.

This monthly screenwriting podcast is hosted by two Australian screenwriters.

In any given episode you’ll hear them riffing on subjects such as MacGuffins, creating compelling characters and plot vs. character driven movies. Probably one of the best screenwriting podcasts available if you’re looking for specific discussions on the craft. Subscribe to Draft Zero podcast >>

best screenwriting podcastsSam & Jim Go to Hollywood
w/ Sam Ernst & Jim Dunn.

Now defunct, but the forty or so episodes of this screenwriting podcast here are well worth a listen. Two regular thirty-something guys pack up their successful careers in the restaurant industry and move to LA to try and make it as screenwriters.

While not heavy on the craft side of writing, this podcast’s get-up-and-go attitude is pretty damn inspiring. Subscribe to Sam & Jim Go To Hollywood podcast >>

scriptwriting podcasts Screenwriting: From the Trenches
w/ Rob Hagens & Kay Tuxford.

The subjects covered in this entertaining screenwriting podcast are varied and always interesting. Want to know what the “The Musts of Act 1” are? Or how to write for Independent TV? Or how to forge a career outside of Hollywood?

Tune in every week for these questions and much much more to be answered by writers and co-hosts Rob Hagans and Kay Tuxford. Subscribe to Screenwriting: From the Trenches podcast >>

best screenwriting podcastsScriptnotes
w/ John August & Craig Mazin.

Professional screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin talk shop about all areas of screenwriting: from the craft of writing to legal questions, to Hollywood news.

You need to pay $1.99 per month in order to access the back catalog as only the last twenty episodes are available for free. Even so, this is definitely one of the very best screenwriting podcasts out there and not to be missed. Subscribe to Scriptnotes podcast >>

best screenwriting podcasts Scriptcake
w/ Lovinder Gill.

Voted by Feedspot as one of the best screenwriting podcasts to follow in 2022, Scriptcake delivers some super helpful advice on the craft of screenwriting along with occasional interviews with various industry players.

Topics range from rewriting to coming up with ideas, to taking feedback and much, much more. Subscribe to Scriptcake screenwriting podcast >>

best screenwriting podcasts Shoot From the Heart
w/ Diane Bell.

Diane Bell is on a mission: to share her knowledge of how she overcame her fear of failure to write her first screenplay in 2009, sell it within a year and soon afterward get hired by an A-list director for a rewrite.

It’s truly inspiring stuff and definitely one of the best screenwriting podcasts to subscribe to if you want to take your career to the next level. Subscribe to Shoot From the Heart podcast >>

best screenwriting podcasts Write Your Screenplay
w/ Jacob Krueger.

Get a one-on-one masterclass on what makes a great screenplay from Award-winning screenwriter, Jacob Krueger.

The show focuses on straightforward lessons on the industry and craft of writing, but also includes analyses of films and TV shows and occasional interviews with fellow industry players. Unmissable. Subscribe to Write Your Screenplay podcast >>

Best screenwriting podcasts for studying screenplays and films.

best screenplay podcasts Beyond the Screenplay
w/ Michael Tucker.

How does the Lost In Translation screenplay set up its characters’ relationships and stakes? What’s unique about the Dark Knight’s structure? What was Eternal Sunshine’s development like from script to screen?

All of these questions and more are answered in this excellent screenwriting podcast from Michael Tucker and the LFTS (Lessons From the Screenplay) team. Subscribe to Beyond the Screenplay podcast >>

best screenwriting podcasts Popcraft: Screenwriting
w/ Carl Albert.

Fancy dropping in on a conversation on how the scripts to some of your favorite film and TV shows made them great? Then this is the screenwriting podcast for you.

Recent episodes are “Shutter Island: Open With Your Twist,” “Halloween (1978) Slasher Structure and Stakes,” and “Everything Everywhere All At Once: 3 Act Structure and Unlikeable Protagonists.” Great stuff. Subscribe to Popcraft: Screenwriting podcast >>

best screenwriting podcasts Screenwriters Rewatch
w/ Marcus Armstrong.

Hosted by members of the Script Department this UK-based screenwriting podcast takes one movie from IMDb’s Top 200 each episode and breaks it down.

How is the Matrix driven by the choices Neo makes? What’s the theme of The Shining? Do any of these film not deserve to be on the list? Subscribe to Screenwriters Rewatch podcast >>

best screenwriting podcasts Script Apart
w/ Al Horner.

The premise here is simple but original. Take the first draft of a produced screenplay, sit down with its writer, and discuss how it changed on its journey to the big screen.

Recent guests have included Paul Feig, David Koepp, and Kristy Wilson-Cairns. Fascinating stuff. Subscribe to Script Apart screenwriting podcast >>

Best screenwriting podcasts for TV writers. 

screenwriting podcasts Children of Tendu
w/ Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Jose Molina.

This is a screenwriting podcast specifically aimed at television writers.

The show is hosted by two veterans of the TV industry, Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Jose Molina, who have over forty years of experience between them writing and producing shows such as Lost, Sleepy Hollow, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the show tackles everything you need to know to be successful in television. Subscribe to Children of Tendu screenwriting podcast >>

best writing podcasts Paper Team
w/ Alex Freedman & Nick Watson.

How do you become an assistant on a TV show? Where are the best places to network? How do you write a great TV spec? These are just some of the questions answered by co-hosts, Alex Freedman and Nick Watson, in one of the best screenwriting podcasts out there for TV writers.

They split their time fairly evenly between industry and craft tips giving the show a nice balance. Subscribe to Paper Team screenwriting podcast >>

the writers panel podcastThe Writers’ Panel
w/ Ben Blacker.

This isn’t a screenplay podcast as such but one that focuses on the craft and business of writing TV.

The show is hosted by Ben Blacker—a professional TV writer and producer of the Nerdist Writers Panel—and each week he delivers discussions from writers’ panels as well as in-studio interviews with top writers, showrunners and producers. Subscribe to The Writers Panel podcast >>

Best screenwriting podcasts for horror writers. 

best screenwriting podcasts The Movie Crypt
w/ Adam Green & Joe Lynch.

Horror writer/directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch talk shop with fellow horror screenwriters about how they got into writing, started their careers and navigated them so far.

This is essential listening for all aspiring horror writers and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and other podcast outlets. Subscribe to The Movie Crypt screenwriting podcast >>

Best screenwriting podcasts on creativity and life as an artist. 

top screenwriting podcasts Happier In Hollywood
w/ Liz Craft & Sarah Fain.

The title gives it away—this is a podcast that’ll help you not only with your TV writing but also your overall productivity, health and happiness.

Co-hosted by television writers, Liz Craft & Sarah Fain (Vampire Diaries, Lie To Me, The Shield), they a wide variety of discuss topics and every week reveal a “Hollywood Hack.” Subscribe to Happier In Hollywood screenwriting podcast >>

best scriptwriting podcast Notes On Your Notes
w/ Adam Lesser & Joshua Townshend.

The “real world” of 9-5 jobs can be a daunting place for creative artistic types who want to make a living writing screenplays, acting, or directing, etc.

Adam Lesser is a writer who, along with Joshua Townshend, started this podcast to help creative types just like you navigate a world that’s so heavily focused on traditional jobs rather than artistic ones. Inspirational and informative. Subscribe to Notes On Your Notes screenwriting podcast >>

best scriptwriting podcasts The Screenwriting Life
w/ Meg LeFauve & Lorien McKenna.

Meg LeFauve is a screenwriter who was nominated for an Oscar for her work on, Inside Out.

Her co-host, Lorien McKenna has been nominated for an Emmy and between them they’ve created one of the best screenwriting podcasts you can find if you’re looking not only for industry and craft advice but also how to navigate the ups and downs of life as a screenwriter. Subscribe to The Screenwriting Life podcast >>

best scriptwriting podcast Script Blast
w/ Hudson Phillips.

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do apart from screenwriting? Who doesn’t?

Hudson Phillips is a screenwriter and producer who hosts this podcasts that mixes tips on the craft with tips on goal-setting, mindset, work/life balance and more. If you’re into productivity like we are, this could just be the podcast for you. Subscribe to Script Blast podcast >>

Best screenwriting podcast for indie filmmakers.

best scriptwriting podcast Indie Film Hustle
w/ Alex Ferrari.

Start each week with a Monday Motivation episode, with titles such as Stop Making Excuses, Make Your Film! and “The One Secret to Success In the Film Business.”

Then dive into an interview with an indie filmmaker or A-list screenwriter—such as Ed Burns, Marta Kauffman, Jason Blum—and learn how to truly succeed in this business. Subscribe to Indie Film Hustle podcast >>

best screenwriting podcast No Film School
w/ Gigi Hawkins.

If you’re not just a writer but also a filmmaker, or someone working in film or TV, this is the podcast for you. The show breaks down not only how to get ahead in screenwriting, but also editing, directing, producing and cinematography via interviews with leaders in the field.

They also discuss industry news and opportunities, equipment and will answer your questions. Subscribe to No Film School podcast >>

best screenwriting podcast Storylanes
w/ Joe Dzikiewicz.

If you’re writing a screenplay that you plan to shoot yourself, the Storylanes Podcast is a great place to gain some insight on how it all works—from table reads and getting script feedback, to more traditional filmmaking things like producing and directing.

Host Joe Dzikiewicz bases some episodes on the trials and tribulations on his actual experiences of producing a feature film called Domicidal, and some on deep dives of produced screenplays. Subscribe to Storylanes screenwriting podcast >>

Best screenwriting podcasts: conclusion.

There you have it: our list of the best screenwriting podcasts on the web. It’s amazing what you can learn on a half hour walk with the dog, so it’s time to get downloading.

Which one do you think is the best screenwriting podcast? Are there are any candidates for the best screenwriting podcasts you think we’ve missed out? We’d love to hear your thoughts so let us know in the comments section below.

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