Best Screenwriting Podcasts: 10 Shows Every Writer Should Be Listening To.

The finest screenwriting podcasts to learn about the craft and business of writing for the screen.

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June 25, 2018 12 comments

Best screenwriting podcasts: 10 shows every writer should be listening to.

If you’re looking for the best screenwriting podcasts to enhance your understanding of the craft and business of writing, here’s our choice of the top 10.

After the list, we round up some episodes from these screenwriting podcasts according to subject matter—giving you the best screenwriting podcasts on dialogue, character, structure and so on.

Top 10 best screenwriting podcasts.

So let’s dive on in with a look at the first screenwriting podcast on our (alphabetically ordered) list…

3rd & Fairfax podcast3rd & Fairfax
w/ the WGA West.

This is the official screenwriting podcast of the Writers’ Guild of America West.

Each week Steve Trautmann, Aaron Fullerton and Brian Gary interview the cream of Hollywood’s writers, producers, directors and actors as well as give important information and updates about the Guild itself. Subscribe to 3rd & Fairfax podcast >>

draft zero podcastDraft Zero
w/ Chas Fisher & Stu Willis.

This monthly screenwriting podcast is hosted by two Australian screenwriters in which they break down pro screenplays and try to figure out what makes them work.

In any given episode you’ll hear them riffing on subjects such as MacGuffins, creating compelling characters and plot vs. character driven movies. Probably one of the best screenwriting podcasts available if you’re looking for specific discussions on the craft. Subscribe to Draft Zero podcast >>

on the page podcastOn the Page
w/ Pilar Alessandra.

In Pilar Alessandra’s screenplay podcast, she interviews a different guest each week from the world of writing, directing, acting and producing.

Definitely one of the best screenwriting podcasts on the market that you’d be a fool to miss. Subscribe to On the Page podcast >>

on story podcastOn Story
w/ the Austin Film Festival.

Recorded live at the Austin Film Festival, this screenwriting podcast brings you an insider’s perspective on the process of writing and getting a screenplay financed and made.

Previous guests in the chair include top screenwriters such as Ed Solomon, Scott Frank, Judd Apatow, the Duplass Brothers, Shane Black and many more. Subscribe to On Story podcast >>

the q&a podcastThe Q&A
w/ Jeff Goldsmith.

Picking up where the Creative Screenwriting podcast left off, this is journalist Jeff Goldsmith’s podcast in which he conducts lengthy interviews with top screenwriters.

He asks them questions about how they got into the business, their writing habit, writing process and much more. Unmissable. Subscribe to the Q&A podcast >>

sam and jim podcastSam & Jim Go to Hollywood
w/ Sam Ernst & Jim Dunn.

Now defunct, but the forty or so episodes of this screenwriting podcast here are well worth a listen. Two regular thirty-something guys pack up their successful careers in the restaurant industry and move to LA to try and make it as screenwriters.

While not heavy on the craft side of writing, this podcast’s get-up-and-go attitude is pretty damn inspiring. Subscribe to Sam & Jim Go To Hollywood podcast >>

scriptnotes podcastScriptnotes
w/ John August & Craig Mazin.

Professional screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin talk shop about all areas of screenwriting: from the craft of writing to legal questions, to Hollywood news.

You need to pay $1.99 per month in order to access the back catalog as only the last twenty episodes are available for free. Even so, this is definitely one of the very best screenwriting podcasts out there and not to be missed. Subscribe to Scriptnotes podcast >>

the treatment podcastThe Treatment
w/ Elvis Mitchell.

Another weekly interview show in which Mitchell sits down with some of the industry’s best screenwriters and gets them to talk about their careers and the craft of screenwriting.

Recent highlights include conversations with Lynne Ramsay and Joaquin Phoenix on You Were Never Really Here and John Daley and Johnathan Goldstein discussing the art of comedy in their movie Game Night.
Subscribe to The Treatment podcast >>

final draft podcastWrite On  
w/ Final Draft.

This Final Draft produced screenwriting podcast invites writers on to the show to talk about writing, how they broke in, the craft and sustaining a career in the industry.

Previous guests include Scott Neustadter, Julie Delpy and Nick Hornby. The podcast also includes interviews with Final Draft Big Break contest finalists and judges which are equally illuminating.
Subscribe to Write On podcast >>

the writers panel podcastThe Writers’ Panel
w/ Ben Blacker.

This isn’t a screenplay podcast as such but one that focuses on the craft and business of writing TV.

The show is hosted by Ben Blacker—a professional TV writer and producer of the Nerdist Writers Panel—and each week he delivers discussions from writers’ panels as well as in-studio interviews with top writers, showrunners and producers. Subscribe to The Writers Panel podcast >>

Best screenwriting podcasts: honorable mentions.

Here are ten more of the best screenwriting podcasts you should check out if you have the time:

 The BAFTA Lectures

The Business w/ Kim Masters

Children of Tendu

The Moment w/ Brian Koppleman

The Movie Crypt

Paper Team

Scripts & Scribes w/ Kevin Fukunaga

Script vs. Screen

Writers Guild Foundation

Best screenwriting podcasts by subject.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best screenwriting podcasts broken down into subject matter:

Career strategy





 Scene description

Best screenwriting podcasts on career strategy.

On Story Ep. 70 (how to break in).

No direct link for this specific screenwriting podcast episode, so scroll down to the 24th entry to listen to a panel of writers discuss how they broke in via the Austin Film Festival and Nicholl contest.

Listen now >>

Scripts & Scribes Ep. 89 (Franklin Leonard).

This interview with the founder of The Black List, Franklin Leonard, contains some useful info on how to break into the industry as a screenwriter.

Listen now >>

On the Page Ep. 291 (coming to LA).

This screenwriting podcast episode features an interview with aspiring screenwriter, Ryan Budds, on his first six months in Los Angeles and how to make the most of every opportunity.

Listen now >>

On the Page Ep. 340 (getting it right w/ Lee Jessup).

Pilar sits down with screenwriting career coach, Lee Jessup, to discuss how to break in and talk about her book Getting It Write: An Insider’s Guide to a Screenwriters’ Career. 

Listen now >>

On the Page Ep. 422 (10 ways to make LA work for you).

Listen in on the ten things writer, Alexandra Denye did when she came over to LA in order to further her career.

Listen now >>

On the Page Ep. 527 (screenplay development from the inside out).

Pilar discusses what to do with your script once you’ve written it with producer Rona Edwards and author of I Liked It, I Didn’t Love It: Screenplay Development from the Inside Out.

Listen now >>

Best screenwriting podcasts on creating characters.

Scriptnotes Ep. 151 (secrets and lies).

In this screenwriting podcast episode, John and Craig discuss why it’s essential your characters have secrets and lie to each other. They also talk about character names and how to pick them.

Listen now >>

Scriptnotes Ep. 307 (teaching your heroes to drive).

Learn how stories are developed from the synthesis of character and plot and how you should continually shift your frames of reference between “inside” and “outside” the experience of your protagonist.

Listen now >>

On the Page Ep. 421 (character epiphanies).

Pilar Alessandra gets together with author Elise Ballard to discuss character epiphanies and the major role they often have to play in shaping stories.

Listen now >>

On the Page Ep. 513 (character arc).

On this episode of Pilar’s screenwriting podcast, she chats to Michael Hauge, author of Writing Screenplays That Sell  about how to successfully craft a character arc from the Inciting Incident through to the Climax.

Listen now >>

Best screenwriting podcasts on plot and structure.

Scriptnotes Ep. 39 (littlest plot shop).

John and Craig draw an important distinction between plot (which answers the “what” questions) and story (which answers the “why” questions) and how to match both with your protagonist’s motivation.

Listen now >>

Scriptnotes Ep. 154 (making things better by making things worse).

In this episode of the Scriptnotes podcast, John and Craig talk about how to structure a screenplay so the plot continually causes escalating problems for your protagonist, from which they can eventually learn and grow.

Listen now >>

On the Page Ep. 521 (Christopher Vogler).

Pilar is joined in this episode of her screenwriting podcast by legendary writer, Christopher Vogler, author of The Writer’s Journey to discuss the mythic structure of movies and more.

Listen now >>

Best scriptwriting podcasts on dialogue.

Scriptnotes Ep. 37 (let’s talk about dialogue).

In this episode of the Scriptnotes podcast, John and Craig come up with some dialogue tests to see if it’s working in your screenplay as well as it could, such as, Do all the characters sound the same?

Listen now >>

Scriptnotes Ep. 286 (script doctors and dialogue).

This dialogue-focused episode of the Scriptnotes podcast looks at how characters really talk in movies and just why dialogue is so important.

Listen now >> 

On the Page Ep. 551 (talk talk bam).

Pilar and Jim Rash, writer of The Way Way Back and The Descendants, discuss all things dialogue in this Scriptnotes podcast.

Listen now >>

Best scriptwriting podcasts on concept.

On the Page Ep. 287 & 288 (logline contest 2013).

Every year Pilar sits down with a couple of co-hosts to go through listeners’ loglines,  assess each one and pick a winner at the end. Really helpful way of getting some insider knowledge on what makes a rocking concept.

Listen now >>

On the Page Ep. 470 (logline contest 2016).

There was no logline contest in 2015 and so here’s the one from 2016. Listening to this screenwriting podcast will not only help you craft better loglines but also come up with great concepts of your own.

Listen now >>

On the Page Ep. 535 (logline contest 2017).

Another round-up of listeners’ loglines that’s just as instructive and entertaining as the rest. One of the best screenwriting podcasts out there if you want to get inspired and also learn how to write effective loglines.

Listen now >>

Best screenwriting podcasts on scene description.

Scriptnotes Ep. 53 (action is more than just gunfights).

Getting the reader to clearly visualize what your characters are doing is a super important skill to master, and this is what John and Craig take an in-depth look at in this episode of the Scriptnotes podcast.

Listen now >>

Scriptnotes Ep. 206 (everything but the dialogue).

In this screenplay podcast, John and Craig take a look at the scene description of seven well-known screenplays: Oceans 11, Erin Brockovich, Whip It, Aliens, Wall-E,  Wanted and Unforgiven.

Listen now >>

On the Page Ep. 322 & 323 (scene direction contest: parts 1 & 2).

Listen to Pilar and her guests read out listeners’ scene descriptions and offer advice on how to best rewrite them. Much like with her logline contest episodes, this is such an effective way of learning what not to do by learning from the mistakes of others.

Listen now >> 

Frequently Asked Questions on scriptwriting podcasts. 


Best screenwriting podcasts: conclusion.

There you have it: our list of the best screenwriting podcasts on the web. It’s amazing what you can learn on a half hour walk with the dog, so it’s time to get downloading.

Which one do you think is the best screenwriting podcast? Are there are any candidates for the best screenwriting podcasts you think we’ve missed out? We’d love to hear your thoughts so let us know in the comments section below.

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    I definitely think you should add this one to your list!

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

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