20 Best Christmas Gifts for Writers In 2023 [UPDATED].

These gift ideas will make christmas shopping for that writer in your life 100x easier.

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December 8, 2023 16 comments
best christmas gifts for writers

Struggling to think of Christmas gifts for writers? (or for yourself?)

Stumped on what to buy a fellow writer this Christmas? Look no further than this curated list of Christmas gifts for writers. Whether you need ideas for gifts for other writers, or to tell other people what you’d like from Santa, we’re pretty confident you’ll find something below.

These best gifts for screenwriters (and Christmas presents for writers of all forms) are in no particular order but range from cheap to expensive, so there’s plenty of ideas in here whatever your budget.

(Please note: some of the items below may include affiliate links, meaning if you purchase using that link, we’ll get a small commission but you won’t pay a penny extra.)

Best Christmas gifts for writers #1:
Screenwriting software.

Know someone who still writes using MS Word (or similar non-screenwriting program)? This is the perfect gift for writers who haven’t yet taken the leap to purchasing proper screenwriting software, because the hard truth is that no one in the industry takes a script seriously that’s been written in Word.

Get them up to speed by purchasing one of the best screenwriting software on the market from this list. Final Draft is kinda the industry standard and probably the easiest to use but there are also great alternatives on there, such as Movie Magic and Fade In.

best screenwriting software

Check out the 7 best screenwriting software >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #2:
Ergonomic desk set-up.

As a writer yourself you no doubt are all too familiar with all the aches and pains that can come from sitting at a desk for too long.

They say you should get up and move around at least once an hour but even if you do, the pain’s still there. Help that writer friend (or yourself) get comfortable with a foot rest, back support or cushion this Christmas. They’ll thank you for it now and forever more.

best gifts for writers

Check out this support cushion >>
Check out this ergonomic foot rest >>
Check out this lumbar back support >>
Check out this ergonomic wrist support >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #3:
Inspirational quote poster.

Imagine if every time you sat down to write, you had an inspirational quote right there in front of you on the wall? It’s amazing how much effect words can have on our subconscious, especially if you’re reading the same ones over and over every day.

Buy this for a writer friend or for yourself this Christmas. It’s simple, cheap and has to be one of the very best gifts for writers.

best gifts for writers

Buy a “Chances of Success” inspirational poster >>
Buy a Zero Talent” inspirational poster >>
Buy a “You Are a Writer” inspirational quote poster >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #4:
Rewrite proposal.

Has your friend hit a roadblock while writing their movie or TV script? Maybe they’re a few drafts in but things just aren’t quite working, but they don’t know how to fix them? Or maybe they have an idea or story but don’t know how to adapt it into a screenplay?

One great idea for a Christmas gift might be a Rewrite Proposal from a professional screenwriter. One of our team will jump on a 30-min call with them to discuss their script and they’ll also receive a written Rewrite Proposal outlining just how their chosen pro might approach rewriting their script for them. All for just 95 bucks. best gifts for writers Check out our Script Doctor service and gift a Rewrite Proposal >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #5:
Blue light blocking glasses.

As writers we spend a lot of time staring at screens that emit damaging blue light. This can be a health problem for our eyes, but luckily there are a few things us writers can do to mitigate its effect. One is to buy a pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Popping a pair of these on will filter out blue light and help minimize its negative impact. They also look pretty good and are super cheap, so make a very good candidate as one of the best gifts for writers out there.

best gifts for writers

Buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses >>

Best gifts for writers #6:
Writer’s website.

Every screenwriter should have a website in order to showcase their work, and so if your friend doesn’t have one, how about helping them get one? WordPress is the most popular website builder on Earth but it’s also free and so maybe doesn’t count as a gift.

There are other platforms out there that are also super popular and that make it easier in many ways to set up a great-looking website from scratch. WebFlow, Squarespace and Wix are all fantastic options for writers who are looking to set up a website without the hassle.

best gifts for writers

Check out WebFlow >>
Check out Squarespace >>
Check out Wix >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #7: Screenwriting book.

Everyone knows some of the best gifts for screenwriters are books. The question is, which ones? We’ve made a list of the best screenwriting books every screenwriter should read and any one of them would make a perfect Christmas gift for you or another writer.

best screenwriting books

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Best Christmas gifts for writers #8:
Writer’s t-shirt.

How about gift ideas for screenwriters you can wear? These simple, iconic t-shirts, tank tops and sweaters will let the world know you’re a writer and, who knows, maybe spark some profitable conversations while sitting in a coffee shop, writing.

christmas gift ideas for screenwriters

Buy a “Life Is a Blank Page Start Writing” t-shirt >>
Buy a “Typewriter Weapon of Choice” tank top >>
Buy a “Steal Like An Artist” t-shirt or sweatshirt >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #9:
Writer’s business card.

Another cool stocking filler idea for that screenwriter in your life is an old-fashioned but stylish business card. There are a ton of different designs out there, but here are a few of our favorites.

christmas gifts for screenwriters
Buy a “Vintage Typewriter” business card >>
Buy a “Screenplay” business card >>
Buy a “Minimalist Retro” business card >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #10:
Writing prompts.

A pack of writing prompts is one of the best gifts for screenwriters out there for those who suffer from writer’s block. For example, the Writer Emergency Pack, created by John August, contains 26 illustrated cards with questions on story, character and conflict to help you rethink plot holes, freshen up boring characters and generally get those creative juices humming.

The Writer’s Toolbox is another great gift for a writer. It contains a 64-page booklet of exercises and instructions—such spinner palettes to generate unexpected plot twists—designed to get that “right side brain” responsible for creativity into gear. One of those fun little Christmas gifts for screenwriters you should definitely check out.

Christmas gifts for screenwriters
Buy a Writer Emergency Pack >>
Buy a Writer’s Toolbox >>
Buy 5-Minute Daily Writing Prompts >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #11:
Laptop tray for writing in bed.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do… Writers aren’t always at desks, siting upright with perfect posture. So for those moments when we find ourselves writing while propped up in bed or reclined on the couch, this is the perfect gift.

There are many on the market, but this one from Huanuo does the job better than most. It comes with a storage pocket, anti-slip wrist pad and tablet holder in case you want to write via that and a wireless keyboard instead of a laptop.

best gifts for writers

Buy a Laptop Tray >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #12:
Writing app.

Some writers can’t live without note-taking/organizing apps like Evernote. Others just don’t get what all the fuss is about. In either case, maybe Evernote or a similar writing app would make a great Christmas gift. Evernote is fairly pricey, though, so we’ve included a couple of cheaper options in the links below too.

Christmas gifts for writers

Check out Evernote Premium >>
Check out Notejoy >>
Check out Bear >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #13:
Writer-themed mug.

If you’re a writer, no doubt you manage to consume quite a few coffees (or other hot beverages) during the day. Here are some great mugs that will remind you what you should be doing while hitting play on another episode of The Bachelor. One of those simple gift ideas for screenwriters where you can’t go too far wrong.

gifts for screenwriters

Buy a “I Write. What’s Your Super Power?” Mug >>
Buy a “Go Away, I’m Writing” Mug >>
Buy a “Coffee Shop Scene” Mug >>

Best gifts for writers #14:
Waterproof notepad.

No “best Christmas gifts for writers” list would be complete without a trusty notebook. But have you ever been in the middle of a shower and had a fantastic idea for your script? Only to realize you’ve got no way of writing it down before you forget?

That’s where this handy waterproof notepad comes in… Never worry about forgetting another cliffhanger ending to Act 2 ever again. Or, a regular writer-themed notebook is also a fantastic gift for a writer (see links below). The “Screenwriter’s Notebook,” for example, even contains storyboard and idea sections to fill out.

gifts for screenwriters

Buy an Aqua Pad >>
Buy a Screenwriter’s notebook >>
Buy a Fade In notebook >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #15:
Screenwriting course.

If you’re stuck trying to think of aspiring writer gifts, how about helping out in some way with their admission to a screenwriting course? We list the best ones worldwide below and there are plenty of small fees you could cover, or help toward an apartment rental or the overall tuition fees.

If all this sounds too expensive, another great option is an online screenwriting course. Masterclass provide an excellent one with Aaron Sorkin. While we may not be able to match his level, we also have a great course put together by pro screenwriters. It’s called Script Hackr and contains hacks and exercises in order to nail story, structure, characters and more.

screenwriting online course

Buy the Script Hackr online screenwriting course >>
Check out the best screenwriting courses worldwide >>
Check out Aaron Sorkin’s Masterclass >>
Check out Script Hackr >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #16:
Writer-themed bag.

How about a writer-themed tote bag, makeup bag or backpack for Christmas? You’re unlikely to go wrong with one of these Christmas gifts for the one you love. It could even lead to them sparking up conversation with a fellow writer and making a connection while they’re out and about.

christmas gifts for screenwriters

Buy a “Write Shoot Edit Repeat” makeup bag >>
Buy a “Writer” backpack >>
Buy a “Writer’s Block” tote bag >>

12. Best gifts for screenwriters: #17:
Standing desk.

Yup, we’re back to the aches and pains… But only because it’s something us writers suffer from more than most people. The truth is that sitting down for long periods of time is bad for you. Really bad. That’s why this standing desk may be the answer to solving all your aches and pains and prevent serious posture issues down the road. Christmas presents for writers don’t get much more helpful than this.

gifts for screenwriters

Buy a Standing Desk >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #18:
Writer-themed jigsaw puzzle.

This is a 1000-piece puzzle that’s the perfect gift for that screenwriting jigsaw enthusiast.

christmas gifts for writers
Check out the “Words Have Power” jigsaw puzzle >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers #19:
Noise-canceling headphones.

Once you’re in Starbucks and want to really knuckle down and concentrate, you might need a pair of noise-canceling headphones to help you focus. The options below are the very best headphones on the market when it comes to blocking out external noise and helping you write while out in public8.

One of the more expensive Christmas gifts for writers on the list, but one you (or your writer friend) be eternally grateful for.  

gifts for screenwriters

Check out Bose noise-canceling headphones >>
Check out Sony noise-canceling headphones >>
Check out Beats noise-canceling headphones >>

Best gifts for screenwriters #20:
Professional feedback on a script.

Perhaps the best gifts for screenwriters involve actually improving their craft. Do you or someone you know have a screenplay that could do with a second pair of eyes? How about a second pair of eyes that belong to a professional screenwriter?

With our script coverage, you can choose a working screenwriter to read your or your friend’s script according to its genre.

Christmas gifts for screenwritersCheck out our Feature Script Coverage to receive professional feedback on a script >>

Best Christmas gifts for writers: conclusion.

Let us know what you think of these Christmas gifts for writers and gifts for screenwriters in the comments below. Hopefully, we just made your gift-buying experience that little bit easier, and have a very merry Christmas!

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