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How To Sell A Screenplay

Take The Mystery Out Of Selling Scripts To Hollywood By Following These 6 Steps


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August 30, 2018 68 comments
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Finished Writing And Now Wondering How To Sell A Screenplay?

So, you’ve finally finished a script you’re proud of. Congrats. But are you now trying to figure out how to sell a screenplay? In this post, we’re going to take a look at the very best six options to help you do just that.

We’re not saying that selling scripts is “easy”—there are no guarantees attached to any of the steps in this post—but if you apply yourself rigorously to each of them (for as long as it takes) selling a movie script should become that much easier.

Before learning how to sell a script to Hollywood…

To get the maximum benefit out of this post, remember that you should first be writing screenplays that sell. Once you know how, get together a portfolio including at least two stellar screenplays, synopses and query letters ready to go.

You can read more about how to get together a portfolio in our post on How To Become A Screenwriter.)

Once you have a portfolio together that’s received a glowing review from a friend in the industry, or a “Recommend” grade from a script coverage service, the real work when it comes to selling scripts begins…

So without further ado, here are the six best options regarding how to sell a movie script that you should know about.

How To Sell A Screenplay Without An Agent

How To Sell A Screenplay - Selling Scripts

Agents have become something of an enigma because of the Catch-22 situation that your script won’t be read unless you have an agent, but you can’t get an agent until you sell a screenplay.

So somehow getting an agent has become a kind of holy grail among aspiring screenwriters. But this approach is all wrong. In reality, agents only exist so that a deal can be made and processed between you the screenwriter, and a producer, production company or studio.

An agent’s job is to make deals happen. And most of the time, this is only going to happen when a screenplay is seen as commercially strong and marketable. Since screenplay agents only get 10 percent of whatever deals they put in place, they will only make any money if the deal is big enough.

Screenwriting agents only make enough money to have a career on mid to high level deals. Doing a deal on a script sale of a hundred grand is lucrative as long as they do a lot of them. And most will only represent screenplays and writers if they find a script they can easily sell.

Stop chasing agents, start chasing managers

Screenwriting managers, however, are a different entity altogether. They will—the good ones, that is—help you become a better writer, develop your scripts, offer feedback, work with you, build your network, name drop you around town, etc. Most managers will even help you get an agent—but only, of course, if they think the agent will know how to sell your screenplay.

If you want to break into Hollywood, then seeking out screenwriting agents may be a necessary step in doing so, but only later on. Rather than spending all your energy trying to find an agent who you think can “launch your career,” focus on getting a literary manager instead.

We have put together a list of the top 130+ screenwriting managers currently working in Hollywood who you should be querying. You can read about and find the list here: Screenwriting Managers To Download.

How To Sell A Script By Seeking Out Producers & Execs

How To Sell A Screenplay - Selling Scripts

Another smart option when it comes to selling scripts is to find a producer. If you can get your script into the hands of one and it has something with a quality they don’t often come across—then they may want to get involved with raising money.

A development executive (also called creative executive) will often be approached by a producer with a script and it is then their job to persuade the studio to back it. However, because they work so closely with screenplays and help develop them, they’re obviously well worth targeting also.

How to contact them

So, where do you find producers and execs who you may be able to sell your script? There was a time when searching for them used to be done using hard copies of the Hollywood Representation Directory and Hollywood Creative Directory, but this method has been rendered obsolete by the internet.

The best way to find people is by signing up to IMDb Pro. It costs $20 a month (or $150 a year) but you do get a free trial to test it out. Once you’re on there, you’ll have access to the contact details all of the production companies, studios and execs in Hollywood.

The idea then is to seek out those who work on similar projects to your own who you may be able to sell your script. Keep in mind what genre (or mix of genres) best describes your script and target like-minded people. If you have a great music-based Drama screenplay, for example, check out who financed and developed Sing Street and Whiplash and focus your queries on them.

Create a spreadsheet

Take all of the information from IMDb Pro and put it into one giant spreadsheet, listing the names of all the managers, producers, companies and execs you want to approach.

Create columns for outcomes, follow-up actions and results. It’s often a good idea, however, to not go for the actual person you want to make contact with, but their assistant or someone lower down the food chain who may be more open to dialogue.

Take the first fifty names on your spreadsheet and, as with our Screenwriting Managers list, find out what their company’s submission policy is before submitting your query.

You may also wish to give them a call instead of emailing in order to establish more of a personal connection. Selling scripts, however, is much like selling anything else, and so if you’re not all that confident on the phone it may be best to stick to email.

Selling Scripts Through Networking

How To Sell A Screenplay - Selling Scripts

If you want to learn how to sell a screenplay, you also need to learn how to network. It’s just a part of the business that every aspiring screenwriter needs to get to grips with, no matter how unappealing it may seem at first.

While a screenwriting manager may be able to open doors for you, and directly targeting producers and execs may yield some positive results, you’re also going to have to create your own opportunities. This means getting out there and meeting people.

Start by creating a list of everyone you know who’s somehow connected to the industry. Or, at best, someone you know who knows someone connected to someone in the industry. The amount of scripts sold over the water cooler each year are a testament to the fact that Hollywood is built on relationships.

Move to Los Angeles

If you don’t already live in Los Angeles, consider a move. It’s not do-able for everyone, but in LA you’ll find it much easier to meet industry people and give selling a screenplay a real shot.

You’ll be able to easily attend conferences, screenings, writing groups and festivals and easily make connections. Not to mention hang in the same coffee shops as managers, execs, producers, actors and other writers every day as you work on your latest screenplay.

Getting to know actors can also be extremely beneficial. They don’t have to be Emma Stone or Ryan Gosling, but if you can get a moderately well-known actor to read the script, they may be interested in playing a role. Once they’re attached, it’ll then be that much easier to attach other parties, such as a producer.

Yes, you may be able to hit people up on Skype nowadays, but face-to-face contact is often the very best way to get your career moving. Here are four bad reasons screenwriters give for not moving to LA (and why you should ignore them.)

How To Sell Scripts Online Via Pitch Sites

As well as going the more traditional route when it comes to selling your screenplay, the websites below can help you sell scripts online. (The list is in alphabetical order not in order of merit.)

How To Sell A Screenplay - Selling ScriptsThe Black List

If you want to know how to sell your screenplay online, the Black List is as good a place as any to start. The site began as a survey in 2005 when Franklin Leonard surveyed around 100 hundred film industry development execs about their favorite scripts from that year that had not been made.

Now screenwriters are able (for a fee) to upload their scripts to their database and monitor the volume of interest it receives from industry executives. As we said, a great starting point in figuring out how to sell a screenplay online. Check out The Black List >>

How To Sell A Screenplay - Selling ScriptsIMDb Pro

Signing up to this site has become an industry standard procedure for any writer wanting to know how to sell a screenplay.

It costs $20 a month (or $150 a year) to do so and then you’ll have full access to a huge database of managers, producers, execs and actors who you may be able to interest with a query letter or phone call in your script. Check out IMDb Pro >>

How To Sell A Screenplay - Selling ScriptsInkTip

Over 200 films have been made by producers from scripts and writers found on InkTip. In fact, they average 30 films produced each year, in addition to helping countless writers find representation or options on their script.

They also work with a mix of independent producers and larger companies including ABC, HBO Films, ICM and 20th Century Fox. Check out InkTip >>

How To Sell A Screenplay - Selling ScriptsInternational Screenwriters’ Association 

This site is packed full of ads seeking screenwriters for sitcoms, web series, sci-fi movies and everything in-between.

All you need to do is sign up for membership with the ISA and then start submitting your resumes to the gigs. Check out the International Screenwriters’ Association >>

How To Sell A Screenplay - Selling ScriptsLee Jessup

Selling a screenplay with a personal touch. Lee has established herself as the go-to-gal when it comes to figuring out how to sell a script to Hollywood.

As a former head of ScriptShark she knows this business inside out and as she says on her website, being a great writer isn’t enough—you need a strategy. And there’s no better person to devise one with you than Lee. Check out Lee Jessup >>

How To Sell A Screenplay - Selling ScriptsScriptFest

If you’re wondering how to sell a screenplay, what makes this pitchfest better than most is that there is no sign-up process; you simply meet with however many companies you want for one price.

Also, the event makes sure all the companies who attend are credible and seriously looking for material and writers. Check out ScriptFest >>

How To Sell A Screenplay Via Screenwriting Contests

How To Sell A Screenplay - Selling Scripts
The market has become kind of swamped with contests, but be discerning and create a list of those three to five you think are the best fit for your script. Placing highly in one of the top screenwriting contests out there can really help you with selling a screenplay and do wonders for your career overall.

Follow the link to read our recommendations for the best screenwriting contests out there. We also have a screenwriters’ calendar that will help you keep up to date with all the contests happening during the year.

How To Sell A Screenplay By Applying For Screenwriting Jobs

How To Sell A Screenplay - Selling Scripts

Tread carefully here, but sometimes selling scripts can be as simple as reply to an ad on a screenwriting bulletin board. You can find some very interesting (and legitimate) ads on sites looking for screenwriters and screenplays.

We’ve already put in the work for you and collected together these screenwriting jobs sites, but as we say in the post, be wary of any posting asking for your money or time without any recompense.

How To Sell A Screenplay: Conclusion

As you probably know, no one really has a definitive answer on how to sell a screenplay. Every professional writer has a different angle on selling scripts and a different story of how they broke in. But the options in this post will hopefully set you off in the right direction.

When it comes to selling a screenplay, resist the temptation to fire off an email three days later enquiring if they’ve read your script. If you don’t hear back, give it three weeks before following up with a short and polite email.

If you do hear back… It’ll probably be with one of five responses:

  • “Can you send in the script?”
  • “Can you send in a synopsis?”
  • “This isn’t for me, but what else do you have?”
  • “Sorry, I’m not interested. Good luck.”
  • Tumbleweeds…

If you receive any of the first three responses, send off your work and again give it a few weeks before following up. If nothing comes of the leads you’ve created, it usually means there’s a problem with (a) the initial query, (b) your script or synopsis (c) your follow-up.

Ask for feedback and get back to work. Keep writing and repeat. There’s no point sitting around waiting for one of these people to give you your “big break.” In the meantime, keep writing new material, honing your skills, networking, broadening your range and expanding your portfolio. Then repeat the process of how to sell a script listed here all over again.

Selling a movie script is really a mix of sticking with it for the long haul and pure luck. It really depends how much you want it. If this is something you feel born to do, stick with it and the chances are you will succeed. After all, many writers took decades before they finally started selling scripts.

Learning how to sell a screenplay is not an exact science but, if your work is good, and you diligently test these options, you will do it.

On the other hand, not everyone is cut out to ever begin writing screenplays that sell. If you give selling a screenplay your best shot and years later still haven’t gotten anywhere, plus most importantly—aren’t having fun anymore—maybe your time would be better spent on other pursuits.


What do you think of our recommendations on how to sell a screenplay? Or have you already started selling scripts? What’s your breaking in story? How did you go about selling your first screenplay? Let us know in the comments section below.

How To Sell A Screenplay - Selling Scripts

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  1. maike says:

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      Unfortunately when it comes to animation, companies like Pixar don’t accept short or feature length submissions from aspiring screenwriters – they have their own in-house team who develop the stories. My recommendation would be to either make the animation yourself or partner with someone who can do it, and then put up online and try and get some interest in it. Or alternatively go the more traditional feature live-action screenplay route.

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        Congrats on the books, hope you start selling scripts soon too.

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    I truly appreciate those websites post above. I am familiar with “InkTip”. — I am currently revising my script and when its done within a few weeks, I am going all out for Readers and BigGuns to read; re-entering screenplay competitions and beyond.– I see people leaving links to e-mails, treatment post, etc. — As a serious screenwriter, you should definitely create your own website. Try “” or “”. Attend Final Draft annuals in New York or California. Network and converse with everyone; don’t forget to smile. My best advice to those who read this, is to believe in yourself and never give up; dreams come true everyday. God Bless. Amen.

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    4. Roshni
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    5. Hiralal
    He is one of the villain of the story. He is simple and average looking but very cunning, deceitful man. By profession he is a bhelpuri vendor.

    6. Dilavar
    He is a strong and sturdy man with fierce eyes. He is cruel, cunning and arrogant. He is aristocratic and belongs to a royal family. He is one of the villain who has tortured Laxmi and her family.

    7. Lakha
    This goon is tall, well built and dreadful looking man. Khanna’s Right Hand. He is very cruel union leader of a factory and bullies the labours/workers of the factory.

    8. Khanna
    This middle aged, fat Manager of Vikram’s factory and is always seen in formal attire with spectacles on his cunning eyes. He is the one who tries to swindle all the property and possessions of Vikram.

    B/ Regards,
    9920 747 737
    9773 402 654

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Thanks for posting, good luck!

  38. b.d.maheshwari says:

    i have many idea for big budget movie i am belong very small city from india

    for example

    story in my mind
    1. some person i mean 10 to 20 person who going to find TREASURE that location in maunt Everest its story about adventure drama action negative and positive thinking fight in that location its very beutiful adventure drama

    and that TREASURE is UFO TREASURE mystery

    2. this story about two brother belong who both are blind but they have special power of god

    they always know what will done next but they 2 bros dont wana tell any one i mean that blind bro know about future but both bro want change future so they find way to going in future

    3. this story about alone girl who need love of family in childhood her lost all family but reson are her uncle who killed her family and in farm that girl in hostage of her uncle her uncle need her property and her big 1000 akr area farm that way uncle need as per written will when her 18 age …. in between that girl in dark room very change nature like very to much wild one day her out of that room and escape from that hostage house but many years that girl in dark room so very change like animal type after that in city start killed peoples by that girl very wildly that story around about that

    4. other story about bandit lover boy

    5 and one story about find new planet likes earth but there also killed all alien who live before there

    earth helps them to find who killed them

    like that many story idea i have if any interested contact me

    mail me and call me

    my Email id : [email protected]

    contact no. india – +919825727645

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Hope you find success soon.

  39. Wayne Hoss says:

    I have a script that Roger Lua at PARAMOUNT PICTURES liked so much that he and his crew spent a week and a half trying to decide between mine and one other to make a movie out of. Roger picked the other in the end, he said that he liked mine better, but he does not understand Christianity (his religion is different) going on to say that if he understood my religion he would have picked it.
    Roger said “Your book will be an awesome movie! My crew and I really loved your airplane scene, we have never scene it done like that in all of our years in this business”
    The script is not just another faith-based film, but an awesome, frightening, Horror Film

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Good luck with the script, Wayne.

  40. Chris Risingberry says:

    Its interesting all the aspiring people here who want to sell something. The irony of taking your dreams and selling them. Ideas are the cornerstone of any great cinematic movement now. So many dreams, only a few will wake. Hopefully some to better opportunities and projects that might inspire us to be human again, oh, were we ever? I think we were. Remember when people used to applaud at the end of a movie or during a scene? I MISS that. I miss the crowd interaction. I miss rooting for the players, hoping against hope that they will endure even if a little bad has to take place along the way. I miss morals and standards and values. I miss class. I miss consistency. I miss the difference between movies stars and actors, true actors, the kind of acting that inspires writers to write with that presence in mind. I miss standing in line at the moves filled with anticipation for something I just knew was going to be good, no matter what. I miss the long conversations and philosophical debates I would get into with people about the characters and why they reacted that way. But most of all, I miss the impact of a great story. Something that makes you believe again. Not just in movies. With so much respect to these people here, I know you have come a long way. The pieces will come together. Don’t give up no matter what. You can. You will. The audience is waiting.

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Thanks, Chris – wise words.

  41. Adelaid says:

    I’ve written 3 amazing screenplays and they are only waiting to be sold. Please email me if you’re looking for a good romance/comedy script.

  42. Naomi says:

    Apparently, what you ask the universe, the universe will give you:

  43. Dallas says:

    Thanks for putting this information together. Really insightful.

  44. Yang says:

    I don’t live in the US, but I want to sell my screenplay to producers in Hollywood. I’m planning a trip to Los Angeles next month – so fingers crossed hopefully I’ll make some great connections to sell my script.

  45. Nadja Wrenson says:

    My biggest dream would be to sell one of my screenplays. I can’t wait to see my ideas come to life on the big screen <3

  46. Heribert says:

    Best guide on how to sell a screenplay ever written! Love you guys!!

  47. Uma K. says:

    Selling scripts is sooo hard. I really feel like giving up some days… 🙁

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