Screenwriting Jobs: Best 14 Sites for Screenwriters to Get Paid in 2024.

Apply for screenwriting jobs, script reader gigs, internships and other related industry positions today.

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May 12, 2015 89 comments
screenwriting jobs

14 essential screenwriting jobs sites for the savvy screenwriter in 2024.

Before accepting a writing gig and spending hours of your time working on someone else’s project, always remember: not all screenwriting jobs are worth doing.

There are many people who seem to think newbie writers are there to be taken advantage of. In other words, to write for them for free.

If someone promises payment “down the line,” or that they’ve got “a big star attached to direct,” proceed with extreme caution. This is not what we mean by great screenwriting jobs.

Always remember: if it seems to be good to be true, it probably is.

The truth is, there is no one, easy, quick-fix way to get screenwriting jobs. Answering an ad on one of these sites is highly unlikely to land you a gig writing the next Hollywood blockbuster. But, if you’re lucky they can turn up some very interesting opportunities.

Our top 14 scriptwriting jobs websites. 

If nothing else, applying to screenwriting jobs on the sites listed below can be a great way to meet fellow writers and make connections. Some of which may bear fruit later on down the line. (The list is in alphabetical order. )

screenwriting jobs1. Craigslist screenwriting jobs.

We get that this may seem a strange addition to the list, but it is possible to land some good writing gigs on this site.

The link will take you to Craigslist screenwriting jobs based in Los Angeles, but you can edit this to anywhere in the world, paid and unpaid.
Check out Craigslist >>

screenwriting jobs2. Entertainment Careers production jobs.

Entertainment Careers have been operating for over twenty-two years and boast a very impressive roster of companies who advertize with them, including HBO, Lionsgate, Sony, etc.

Their focus is on production but follow the link below and you’ll find a couple of pages of freelance screenwriting jobs and ones that require a knowledge of screenwriting.
Check out Entertainment Careers >>

 scriptwriting jobs3. Hubstaff writing jobs.

Most ads on Hubstaff are in the copywriting/content writing sphere, but you can also browse freelance screenwriting jobs as well as screenwriting assistant jobs.

Getting one of these gigs could be a great little side-earner while you work on your screenplays.
Check out Hubstaff Talent >>

 scriptwriting jobs4. InkTip screenwriting jobs.

Over 200 films have been made by producers from scripts and writers found on InkTip. In fact, they average thirty films produced each year, in addition to helping countless writers find representation or options on their script.

They also work with a mix of independent producers and larger companies including ABC, HBO Films, ICM and 20th Century Fox. Check out InkTip >>

scriptwriting jobs5. ISA screenwriting jobs.

Sign up for $10 per month at the ISA and you’ll be free to explore the hundreds of ads seeking screenwriters for features, TV, web series, etc. as well as submit your resume and screenplay for consideration.

The ISA’s Development Slate, for example, promotes the best writers among their network to managers, agents and producers.
Check out the ISA >>

screenwriting jobs6. Jooble entertainment jobs.

Jooble’s jobs listings are more “entertainment” focused, such as “Entertainment Writer,” and “Entertainment Editor,” rather than traditional screenwriting.

Might still be worth checking out, though, as they list many remote gigs and internships so you can potentially work from home while also writing your script.
Check out Jooble >>

writing jobs7. LinkedIn.

An obvious addition to this list is, of course, LinkedIn. Search for a wealth of screenwriting jobs and production jobs filtered by location, on-site/remote, date posted, etc. for free.

There’s also the option to upgrade to their Premium subscription in which you can browse anonymously, DM recruiters and see who’s viewed your profile.
Check out LinkedIn >>

screenwriting jobs8. ProductionHUB production jobs.

This website is the place to go if you’re also interested in working in production. They list countless jobs covering all areas behind the camera: Rigger, AV Technician, Animator, Production Designer, Producer, and so on.

It’s free to join and also a great place to find the crew if you’re shooting your own short film or feature.
Check out ProductionHUB >>

best scriptwriting vacancies9. Simply Hired entertainment jobs.

On this well-respected site, you’ll find a long list of jobs covering every aspect of the film industry, from screenwriting jobs to lecturing vacancies and work in art departments and production.

The link below will take you to screenwriting jobs in Los Angeles but it’s easy to get lost in the sheer volume of opportunities on offer. Check out Simply Hired >>

screenwriting jobs 10. Screenwriting Staffing writing gigs.

Screenwriting Staffing offers a free and paid premium membership. The free one provides you with screenwriting leads (script searches, jobs, collaboration, partnerships) in a weekly email.

The paid version is fairly pricey, but will connect you to their database of film and TV industry professionals who are actively looking to buy scripts.
Check out Screenwriting Staffing >>

screenwriting jobs11. ShowbizJobs writing jobs.

This site contains a variety of paid screenwriting jobs as well as internships. Recent positions include writers for video games, screenwriting assistant jobs and for a product writer at Netflix.

You can search and apply for jobs for free, but a paid membership will get you custom saved searches, daily notifications and a heads-up on new listings.
Check out ShowbizJobs >>

screenplay jobs12. Stage 32 screenwriting jobs.

As well as containing hundreds of freelance screenwriting jobs, this site is probably the go-to place for writers looking to network online.

Be sure to also check out their “screenwriters’ lounge” while you’re there and start making real connections with real writers.
Check out Stage32 >>

scriptwriting jobs13. Tracking Board writing jobs.

Head on over to this comprehensive site and you’ll find a ton of screenplay writer jobs as well as other industry jobs.

Companies such as Warner Bros. Netflix and Studio Canal look for assistants and interns on here, which can be a great way to get a foot in the door. Check out Tracking Board >>

screenwriting jobs14. Upwork writing gigs.

It can also be a good idea to keep an eye on some of the more traditional job notice boards, such as Upwork, which has a pretty good selection of screenwriter, production and screenwriting assistant jobs too.
Check out Upwork >>

Frequently asked questions about screenwriting jobs. 

Q. Is screenwriting a realistic career?
A. Yes, of course. If you’re willing to put in the work, that is. It’s a myth to think that you need connections, or some kind of innate mystical talent in order to succeed. Put in the work to become the best screenwriter you can be and you stand a chance. Read our post 5 Proven Paths to a Screenwriter Career for more info.

Q. How do I get a screenwriting job?
A. Learn how to write a script. But not just any script, one that’s unlike any other and will out from the rest. Then, learn how to become a screenwriter by getting hired or repped. These jobs sites are just a small part of that process. If something comes from one of them, great. But most of your energy should go into building portfolio and marketing your scripts yourself.

Q. What is the average salary of a screenwriter? 
A. The truth is, there’s no such thing as a fixed salary for screenwriters. Whether a writer has zero credits or a hundred, they’re essentially in the same position: looking for the next paycheck. Established writers do have a distinct advantage in the form of a track record and being in the WGA, though. Read more about the WGA and writer salaries once you’re in, here: Screenwriter Salary Average Earnings.

Q. What qualifications do you need to be a screenwriter? 
A. None. That’s the beauty of writing: you can become a screenwriter for free and without possessing a single formal qualification. Sure, many professional screenwriters did get into the business after graduating with a MFA, but it’s far from required. If you’re interested in screenwriting courses, though, you should check out this post: Best Screenwriting Courses in the USA and Beyond.


Good luck in your research and please let us know in the comments section below if you think we’ve missed out any great websites for TV and movie script writing jobs.

You should also check out our screenwriting resources and our post on how to get a screenwriting agent which lays out step by step exactly how you can find the right people to represent you and nurture your career.

Before sending your script out, make sure it’s in the best shape it can be and check out our script coverage services by clicking the image below.

script coverage services

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  1. Cannon Rosenau says:

    I’ve landed a couple good screenwriting contracts on Mandy. Add that to the list. Or don’t…less competition 😉

  2. Zac says:

    Tracking Board is more for positions like PA, Interns, etc. I’m surprised you don’t have Screenwriting Staffing on there. Similar to ISA, it’s a subscription service, with regular email blasts. Also, yes, CL *does* work. About half of my gigs have come from CL LA or NY – and I live in New Zealand!

  3. JOYCE says:

    Good evening I HV through what you guys wrote.
    Am good in writing movie script,I will be glad if you guys help me out with your WhatsApp number, for more information and communication.
    Am super interested to work with you guys

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Thanks, Joyce! If you’d like to contact us at hello[at]scriptreaderpro[dot] come we’d love to see how we can work together.

  4. Holly Lancaster says:

    I think is helpful as well. They send you job alerts and let you have a free profile so that industry professionals can view it. They even vet your credits (if you have any) to highlight legitimate industry experience. Because I’m a Standard member (free), I was sent a coupon code that took 20% off a Stage32 class. Loved the class and loved the discount!

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Awesome update – thanks Holly. 🙂

  5. Matt Williams says:

    This is such a great resource for us writers, LOVE all that you do. Keep it up

  6. oscar julian lopez rincon says:

    amazing screenwriting-jobs. so, good. very interesting…

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Thanks again, Oscar!

  7. William Whiteford says:


    In spite of some pro-gress still on the other side of the “slash pipe.”

    CUT TO:

    1. Lister says:

      l am proud to have this jod oooooo yaah
      Thank you for working with me

  8. Jamel king says:

    Hey I am Jamel King from Alabama. I am a beginner in writing screenplays but I have a couple of good movies and television series ideals that pop up every now and again. I just need to focus and sit down and write them out. I was wondering when I do what are the best places to go for to have my work looked over. Thanks:)

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Hi Jamel – thanks for reaching out. If you’d like one of our pro screenwriters to give you feedback you can check out our coverage services here. Cheers

  9. Julius Wynton says:

    Thank you. Perhaps you could write subsequent articles with more job sites for screenwriters?

  10. William Whiteford says:

    Thank you very much for your eight highly valuable fishing poles,
    along with my Greetings to you from the other side of “slush tunnel.”

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      You’ll be out of it soon 🙂

  11. Kelvin says:

    Hey guys, name is Kelvin. Been writing a movie for about 7years now. Yeah. Lol
    I just finished it this year. It’s titled “mask of Hades” I think and have a feeling it’s gonna be the best thing ever. I just need a serious honest interested producer to have a good look at it. Cheers.

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      If it scores a Strong Consider or Recommend in our script coverage services we may be able to pass it on to our contacts.

  12. Kat says:

    I have ideas and need to market them. Pitch them and have investors Patten

    I’m broke

  13. Karl says:

    Fantastic list. Been looking for something like this forever.

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Thanks, Karl.

  14. Kharidne Ramanand Singh says:

    I can write film script highly creative box office sensation to sure as I can observe film by film script deepness as well whatever I write will not be controversal and highly visualization film script and based on saving time, money and energy. God bless us all in life.

  15. Gwen Alexis says:

    I’ m a professional screenwriter and if you need help expanding your ideas or proofreading and editing your script I will for a small fee!

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Hi, Gwen. You can find out Proofread service here, and Line Edit service here. Cheers!

  16. Mustafa Şahin says:

    Did you know?. Thousands of km away from you, where European and Asian cultures is a beautiful city, living in İstanbul and interesting stories is a Screenwriter?
    The roots of Mesopotamia, the Middle East and Middle Asia, based on the mystical, exotic and interesting history of the Turkish race in researching stories, written by a screenwriter.
    That’s what happened in the stories their own screenwriter geography to announce to the whole world and to show interest in him thinks you can work together.
    What do you say?. He is wrong?.

  17. Gruman says:

    How is TrackingB at the bottom of this list???

  18. Fabian says:

    Thanks for these screenwriting jobs sites SRP!

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      No problem, Fabian!

  19. Bill says:

    Hi Janice,
    Believe it or not there are a few very good screenwriters who advertise on Craigs;ist. I know, I’m one. Also, always request samples of a writer’s original works, either a script or a review, before entering into any agreements and try to stay away from sites that list prices. Every script is different, just as every assignment is different. Good Luck

  20. Paul G says:

    Finally I have found something that helped me find jobs for screenwriters. Thanks!

  21. Martyna says:

    Why are people applying for a job in the comment section? Isn’t it a bit counter-intuitive that you apply for a strictly writing position yet don’t take time to even read what the article is about?
    btw the article is awesome, I’ll definitely use those links.

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Thanks, Martyna – good luck with your search.

  22. Lionel says:

    Hey there, just wanted to let you know I got a killer screenwriting job through InkTip after reading this post. Thank you!

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      That’s great, congratulations, Lionel!


    I love the sites and i hope help will come to support my Marvel movie script that i am writing.

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Thanks – good luck with the script!

  24. Anis says:

    My name is Anis and about 6 years as I write scripts for humorous programs. At the moment I’m writing script for feature films. Now, I finished writing a script for a full-length political film about George Soros called “MOW Manager for the Organization of War.” The script of the film is very interesting in it is a comedy, melodrama, drama and action movie and about the life of students in the tragic events in Libya. If you are interested, I will continue to work with you.

  25. Nancy Argiro says:

    Video games can be serious naturally with the primary focus on mastering rather than entertainment. Although, there is an entertainment feature to keep your children engaged, every game will likely be designed to work towards a specific group of skills or curriculum, such as math or scientific research. Thanks for your publication.

  26. Annette says:

    Nice roundup. I have work to do now.

  27. God'swill egbo says:

    My name is God’swill egbo i’am a script writer and i write both foerign and local movies and i want to sell my script if interested call08171613503

  28. John Marley CC says:

    Hi my name is John Marley CC. I’m from Nigeria and i am a script writter. I have four scripts already. I write adventure, horror, comedy, romance and action. All i need is a good producer to do the job. You can reach me through this email. . It’s a chance you never want to miss.

  29. Mark Fredricks says:

    I would never apply to screenwriting job online. too many sharks!

  30. Franz Wolf says:

    You can’t send a screenplay to any production company without involve an agency, that’s well known.
    But what to do if screenplay agencies won’t answer? If you as a foreigner write to dozens of agencies without any reaction? If you have written several novels, and German publishing houses deny to give at least a cursory glance?
    Then resignation is current.
    The only concern I found is in people – well famous people!! – who are willing to take money to read a screenplay…
    That should be the wrong way.
    Maybe there is an agency who is curious about new things.

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Hi Franz, I’d say if you’re not getting anywhere have someone else read your email/cover letter/logline/script as maybe there’s something that’s holding you back that you’re not aware of. We’d be happy to take a look if you’d like to contact us to talk it over.

  31. Robert Dunbar says:

    I used craigslist and had to pay to write a script for a production company.

  32. Diana says:

    Hello! AYUSHI! i would like it if you help me with the script am currently working on . thank you

  33. Diana says:

    hello !!please i need help with the script I am currently Woking on , it’s titled “blood race” if you want to help me , you can contact me through email.

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      You can check out our coverage services here.

  34. Antonio Alvaro says:

    Coolio thank you for the share Script reader Pro.

  35. Ayesha Mohammed says:

    where can i get job so i can come to america? I am from Pakistan

  36. Chris Osborne says:

    No screenwriting jobs? I blame Brexit.

  37. Kristopher says:

    Very nice write-up. I definitely appreciate this site.

    Keep writing!

  38. George mathu says:

    be patience with your work.

  39. Ned says:

    Any sites you can recommend off the top of your head for someone starting out as a freelance essay writer?

  40. Grant says:

    I am moving to la in six weeks and can’t wait ..

  41. Chaitanya says:

    Hi..This is Chaitanya from India.I have been looking for a script writing website like this. Greatings and thank you!

  42. Thomas Stone says:

    Great post! Thanks Script reader 🙂

  43. Joseph Owusu Mensah says:

    I am Joseph , a Script writer and movie director from Ghana whose inspiration comes from heaven thus in dreams and nature.I write captivating and mind blowing stories.

    There are 2 types of writers those that makes you think and those that makes you wonder, I believe I am both

    whatsApp contact: +233547838781

  44. Michael Eshun says:

    Hi, am a script writer in Accra, Ghana and i have losts of interesting African stories and i nees producers who will be interested in doing business with me. Just experience moat abolished cutural practices that maked Africa what it truly is. Am very good at my job and i take everything seriously

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Thanks for your comment, Michael, and good luck.

  45. Arastoo says:

    Hi, I’m looking for someone to read my short screenplay which is called “Tuesday’s club”. I have adapted it from an Agatha christie short story.

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Hi Arastoo, we have a short film coverage service which you can find details about here:


    2. Ayushi says:

      Dear Arastoo

      I am happy to help you with your short screenplay Tuesday’s club. I have read a lot of Agatha Christie hence was interested in your story. Let me know if you’d like me on the job!

      Keep well and best Regards
      Ayushi Malani

  46. Taiwo says:

    I want someone to read my script “bad reincorporation” a sci-fi and horror movie script.

    1. Script Reader Pro says:

      Hi Taiwo, we have a range of script coverage services you can choose from:


  47. Mariano says:

    I will check this recommendations out. Thanks SRP!

  48. Esther45 says:

    Thanks for this list. It’s so hard trying to get a job as a screen writer.

  49. Pauline Hetrick says:

    Janice Rawlings, I would like to read your script.

  50. Aries says:

    Thank you for this fantastic list!! I find most of my job opportunities on upwork, but I will definitely check out the other sites, too.

  51. Andy Essiet says:

    Alive Screenwriters Consort invites you to order for your Screenwriting ranging from Drama, Comedy, Horror, War and Christian Film Scripts.

    Contact us for more information.

    1. Tarek AlDuaij says:

      Im a screen writer. I specialize in horror yet Im flexible. In the past I wrote 3 musicals, a crime film, and many horror/twilight zone shorts and a feature. Bachelor Degree in film (London, UK) and got accepted into the masters program in Directing USC (California).

  52. Mercy Matthew says:

    Hi. I have been looking for someone to help me with my script, it is finished.I wrote about three years ago. It’s called ‘Beast And The Hunters’

    1. SRP says:

      Hi Mercy, we’d love to help. You can see all our script coverage services here: Let me know if you have any questions get in touch on our contact us form.

    2. Ayushi says:

      Dear Mercy

      I am happy to help you with your script ‘Beast and The Hunters’.
      I write for Maxx Walker Bolton so you can contact him if you would like to check my reference.
      How long is your script? Do you need help with the ideas or the correction of the script itself?
      Do let me know if you need my help and perhaps we can work together over email.

      Best Regards

  53. Janice Rawlins says:

    Hello. I have been looking for a person to help me with my script, it is finished. I have been praying to find an honest person to read it and who knows maybe we both can change a few things in the script. I wrote this during cancer. However, it is called Majestic Tattoo.

    1. SRP says:

      Hi Janice, we’d love to help you with your screenplay – sounds like an interesting project. Here’s our readers page: and coverage page where you can choose a service: Feel free to reach out with any questions. Alex

    2. Yonnie O'Chieng says:

      I’m junnior from kenya. i do movie for documentaries,feature and series script writings. Thank for sharing the job site list.

    3. Ayushi says:

      Dear Janice
      I am currently working on a script for Maxx Walker Bolton on Cherubs. I normally just give ideas, make corrections and give opinons as well as change scripts here and there for the better.

      If you need help with yours I am more than happy to help you and we can discuss it further over email.

      Keep me posted and I wish you a safe recovery!
      All the best

    4. Ayushi says:

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Dear Janice
      I am currently working on a script for Maxx Walker Bolton on Cherubs. I normally just give ideas, make corrections and give opinons as well as change scripts here and there for the better.
      If you need help with yours I am more than happy to help you and we can discuss it further over email. I like to keep things simple and be honest.

      Keep me posted and I wish you a safe recovery!
      All the best

    5. Irene Holmes says:

      I’m interested in getting a real screenwriting job. I’m in my 4th year at SNHU and my major is creative writing, English; Screenwriting.
      You can check my writing @

    6. Elorm says:

      Hi Janice
      I suppose this is not too late and hopefully you have found someone to help you with your script. If not, I am more than happy to link up and talk more about how best to help you with your project, and possibly other future projects.
      Let me know.

  54. Gwen says:

    Real jobs for screenwriters.

    1. Tarek AlDuaij says:

      Im a screen writer. I specialize in horror yet Im flexible. In the past I wrote 3 musicals, a crime film, and many horror/twilight zone shorts and a feature. Bachelor Degree in film (London, UK) and got accepted into the masters program in Directing USC (California).

      1. George mathu says:

        i am george God believer am also a scriptwriter i have 3 script and i am searching for producer who will be interested with my work.

    2. Ayushi says:


    3. Irene Holmes says:

      I’m interested in getting a real screenwriting job. I’m in my 4th year at SNHU and my major is creative writing, English; Screenwriting.
      You can check my writing

    4. florence nahon says:

      Hi I’m a Screenwriter with several scripts: Romance, Thriller, Action, Erothic etc

    5. Renea Chafe says:

      I am a movie screenwriter. Currently, I am working on movie scripts for one drama movie, and two comedy movies. I am in search of a producer who is interested in my work.

      1. Jolanta Young says:

        Hi Renea,
        Hopefully I’m not to late. I’m a Director/Producer. My team is always looking for something to do produce. I would be interested in reading what you have written. Feel free to get in touch with me.

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